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AMPnet 2022. Message from the CEO

Hi AMPnet community. First of all - happy new years from everyone in the AMPnet team. We’re looking forward to what the new year will bring to the company, the project and our community.

In this message - I hope to address questions plaguing the community chats and ending up in my DMs very often 🙂 The AAPX token, which is the main connection most of you have with the projects has seen some very wild swings over the past nine months and it’s fair that we should address it. Beyond this, I will outline the new strategy for AAPX both long term and short to mid term. So, in no particular order of relevance, let me address the concerns:

Post mortem of things that have gone wrong in 2021.

At the point of beginning the token sale (October 2020), AMPnet had an active partnership with Greenpeace Greece and Greenpeace International. We have onboarded them on our old platform (AMPnet v1) - which was the culmination of a ~2 year partnership. In those two years we set up the legal model (cooperatives), expored the investment landscape for renewables and gained all approvals from Greenpace for the usage of logo and more.

However, once the delivery was final - it turned out that we have been receiving fraudulent promises form people representing Greenpeace. The promise was that of access to Greenpeace mailing lists to offer projects directly to people (4M people are on their lists), beyond that - the promise was to use the power of Greenpeace socials to push these proejcts for funding and use some of the investment gains to fund Greenpeace.

None of these statements became true. Together with them, we posted dozens of millions of dollars worth of vetted, high quality, good return renewable energy projects - but they remained unfunded. It turned out they never had access to the mailing lists and their marketing efforts had an exteremely limited scope of a few media outlets in Greece. We were financiers of this project and thus - even before the token sale, have sunk $100k+ into helping Genervest get started.

Without Greenpeace as a brand, we were forced to get on the tokenization market on out own. I cannot stress enough that this was never our plan - we were aware of the dangers of a smaller brand entering the tokenization market. However, business is business and things rarely go the way you want them to. We were commited to not allow this failure to stop us from our goals.

However, in the same time - our blockchain partner (and initial AMPnet investor from 2018) Aeternity - had severe limitations. There was basically no DeFi on there, no stablecoins, no connection to Ethereum and on the top of that - they had two 51% attacks on their network.

We made a very hard business decision (and legally a very dangerous one) to ditch Aeterntiy and rebuild the entire platform on Ethereum - the now known AMPnet v2.

Other clients who were waiting for the Greenpeace release were either put on hold or dropped us because of percieved failure of the Genervest platform.

Post-Genervest Clients

In parallel with the development of the AMPnet v2 platform - we went full steam ahead on sales and the search for new clients. We found a client in south America who was financing a gold prospect and opened the platform for them - their failed to raise the money.

We found WESPA Spaces - the biggest and best coworking space in the entire region. Their owners are really amazing people and took a shot to try and tokenize the space. However, the tokenization process - seems to be unsuccessful. Our worst fears have turned out to be true - without a big reputable brand backing you - there is very little chance in being successful in fundraising for real-estate or renewables.

Beyond these we have onboarded TokenizedRenewables (a $15M hydroplant in south America) and BizniSport (a utility token solution). We will be following the process of their tokenization.

New strategy
Our strategy has now shifted to finding a new partner - a large, reputable brand, with good standing in the real-estate or renewable energy space, and licensing our product to them. We are very far in talks with mutliple such partners, but it’s too early to tell whether this will be successful.

This strategy will most likely take time and effort - we’re talking at least six months and more realistically a year. When it is completed however - it will completely take over as the main revenue stream and a source of value for the AAPX token.

This includes PontoonDAO developements, integration of already offered projects into branded portfolios and all the other interesting things we’ve announced.

But we acknowledge that this is crypto space and one year might as well be a decade. So, moving onto….

Short to Mid Term Strategy of generating value for AAPX

We have realized that in building a tokenization platform, as a consequence we have built the most advanced token issuance and sales platform currently available on the market. We integrate onramps, KYC, allow multiple campaigns for the same token, whitelist importing, tax report generation, investor management and much much more - so why not use it where it’s the easiest to sell?

Thus - AMPnet is now branching out into areas of Sport Fan tokens and a more broad Loyalty Platform strategy. Once we have finalized the details of this - we will write a detailed post on Medium. There is an additional team now, developing the APIs and SDKs for this paltform to integrate into vendor legacy systems. On this front, we will be also the most advanced sport token platform that exists.

But beyond pretty development - the Sport Token platform already has an onboarded client, which we cannot wait to share with you. It’s one of the worlds most beloved sports brands and cumulatively has more than 200M followers (between all the players). Beyond just using our platform - AMPnet has become their main sponsor for the following seasons and will be heavily promoted in their games and tournaments. We will, of course, couple this with a more direct investment into marketing to make a clear connection between AMPnet, AAPX and the brand. I wish I could tell you more, but you’ll just have to wait for the official announcement.

The initial announcement was supposed to be on the 4th of January, but was moved about a week.

I am looking forward to the new year and all the oportunities it will bring us. In business, the best people are ones who can adapt in the face of adversity and I can say - we the team, and you the community have suffered a lot of adversity in the last year. It made us wiser, more disciplined and more hard working than ever.

Thank you for the trust, patience and see you on this amazing road ahead of us! 🎉
Promotions have started full steam, Ivan Rakitic promoting the project to his 17M followers on Instagram
Dear community, beginning next week - AMPnet will start $AAPX buybacks per the finished campaigns on the platform.
Dear AAPX community.

Today at 19:56 CET was the execution of an AAPX buyback triggered by two successfully funded campaigns. The details of the buyback are as follows:

💰 Amount
37000 USDC

🪙 AAPX Bought Back
123.300 AAPX

Technical details

Campaigns network: Polygon
Buyback network: ETH Mainnet

#️⃣ Buyback transaction hashes:

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Campaign fee manager mulitsig:

📇 Campaign #1 address:

📇 Campaign #2 address:

🔐 Funded asset address:
Dear AAPX community.

After a major restructuring of ampnet, a rebrading of our social media presence, new business model and new value accrual models for AAPX, we invite investors to read and comment on our new investor update and visit our new website to get more information.

New website:

Investor update:
Channel photo updated
Hi AAPX community! This is the first announcement in a series of new developments regarding AMPnet and AAPX. As you know from the latest investor update - AMPnet has pivoted towards making tools for builders in Web3/EVM/Eth space. The culmination of this is our new product called Dev3 ->

Learn more by reading our twitter thread:

How does AAPX interplay with Dev3? The AAPX token will enable you to use the Dev3 platform either 100% free or at a very heavy discount! We are planning on developing Dev3 throught the summer - with full launch sometime in Autumn. However, a feature-rich developer preview will be out in a few weeks.

We hope the wait was worthwhile and are looking forward to new directions in which we can take the products and the community!