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Shout Out To @Oxecho We Would Like To Formally Thank You for The Great Work.
Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day! @amolecoin
#bitcoin #decenteralization
Number of Blocks in our Blockchain 👏
እስካሁን ብሎክቼን ውስጥ ያለው የብሎክ ብዛት
Weekly Blocks increase 📈
የሳምንቱ ብሎኮች ንረት ወይም ጭማሪ
As expected, it is on the rise steadily
እንደታሰበው በቀስታ (በጥሩ ሁኔታ) እየጨመረ ይገኛል
Keep sharing the bot and keep getting AMC
ለወዳጅ ዘመድ ቦት በማጋራት አሞሌ ኮይን ይሰብስቡ
Happy Africa Day

United We Are Strong

Thank you guys for your suggestions, bug reports and comments.
To include user suggestions and improvements, the Bot is currently down for reconstruction.
You can still create a wallet using the apps.
Download the apps here 👉
🎲 Quiz 'Quiz 1'
ከዛሬ ጀምሮ ለተከታታይ 2 ሳምንታት ብቻ የሚቆይ እለታዊ የጥያቄና መልስ ውድድሮች እና ቀድመው ለመለሱም ሶስት አሸናፊዎች በመለሱት ጥያቄ መጠን እና እንደመለሱበት ስአት ከ10AMC እስከ 100 AMC ሽልማቶች ተዘጋጅተዋል::
🖊 6 questions · 15 sec
The Winners Are As Follows:

🥇 @Carryon1016 (11.7 sec)
🥈 @Bem1234566 (13.2 sec)
🥉 @Nabroleon6 (14.3 sec)

On Behalf Of The AmoleCoin Team Congrats Guys.
Forwarded from Cointelegraph
Blockchain Voting Will Determine Vladimir Putin’s Presidential Fate

Moscow citizens will be able to vote on Vladimir Putin’s Constitutional amendments via a blockchain-powered system.
The light is WATCHING you !!! (👁💡👁)

Experts demonstrate a new attack that could let nearby remote spies listen to full conversations happening in a room just by observing a LIGHT BULB hanging in there, visible from a window.

Read Details —
As Shega continue to unravel the fast changing tech and startup ecosystem, we are releasing the Ethiopian Fintech Map.

With the new regulation that allows telecos and non-financial companies to engage in digital finance service, the upcoming payment system operator directive, fintech platforms being allowed to connect to national switch for first time, and with many new players that are expected to join the scene, it will be interesting watch how Fintech ecosystem will evolve.

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The New Digital Gold.
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3000 users in just 30 days

We would like to announce that our testnet has been very successful and we have taken all feedbacks and optimized our system.

AMC version 2.0 coming very soon

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Greetings Our Fellow Followers & Supporters We Hope This Finds You And Your Family Well Due to Unforeseen Circumstances Our Systems Have Been Temporality Suspended,Till We Get that Sorted Out We Have Prepared A webinar For You to ask Questions So Please Send Us Topics You Want Discussed In This Webinar.
Stay Safe.
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