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Just a friendly reminder that this is the last day to take advantage of this huge discount for the Law for Mankind Study Experience! Many in our community have taken this course (including AV crew) and have gained life-changing knowledge from it. Highly recommended!

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Mike Winner and Jason Crowe of QORTAL dropped in with Sayer Ji of GreenMedInfo and Unite.Live today to discuss the current fallout in mainstream crypto, plans for a centralized global digital currency and one amazing solution to counter it all… enjoy the conversation!
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Re'membering with the Soul Fam!
📸 by Steven DeTray 🥂

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RSV— An infectious, pathogenic virus, or more bulls***? Going LIVE tomorrow with the OG Amandha Dawn Vollmer (ADV) to discuss…

Watch live on youtube:

Watch live on Unite.Live:
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Hey beautiful M&S Fam! For those who missed Mike's set Fri night in the Speakeasy at the SFG '22, he just posted it on his Soundcloud page for all to enjoy. We will be posting all the sets, performances, talks and workshops from this year's Soul Family Gathering on our new community platform throughout the next few weeks so please keep an eye out and join us there if you haven't already! Thanks! xo
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Happy Thanksgiving AV Fam!

Gratitude is the key to Happiness, Harmonious Relationships & the long elusive Fountain of Youth.  So what are we waiting for?!
The AV team extends a heartfelt appreciation & wish for the health & prosperity to all of our friends that have made the Alfa Vedic vision a reality!  Our agricultural-based Co-operative has organically expanded in every facet of operations, but still retains the feeling of family.  The realization of an enlightened Realm is the resonance that binds us in the pursuit of the unconditional freedoms originally intended by our Creator.  We elected for a bye-week from our regular Thursday podcast to honor your time with family &

loved ones, and the Alfacast crew is taking time to enjoy the same. Join us at our regularly scheduled time next week with Jean Nolan of the Inspired Podcast and  thereafter with a stellar line-up of guests from an eclectic array of creative talents that comprise the most impactful voices within the proactive community.  
We will be live-streaming on Youtube, BeSovereign & Odysee next Thurs. December 1 at our usual 10AM PT.