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Media is too big
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Max Spiers
Super Soldier Summit
Warsaw Poland
23 April 2016

Trauma Based Mind Comtrol,
Connection to Occult ritual.

The last lecture of Max Spiers in Poland prior to his death which was on 16 July 2016, nearly 3 months following this lecture at the age of 39. His death caused controversy among some members of the conspiracy theory community which made him the target of reports from BBC News and other news outlets.

Video is the extracted English component from his full presentation. The Polish interpreter statements are removed here for brevity.

Read full description from the FULL unedited lecture here:


This conveys the geopolitical situation the military is facing.
Forwarded from Majestic 12 Hub
Media is too big
#Documentary #CIA #MKULTRA

Mission Mind Control (1979)

In 1979, just two years after U.S. Senate hearings revealed disturbing information about a secret government mind control program code-named Project MKULTRA, ABC News produced an excellent, one-hour documentary covering some of the clandestine, illegal activities involved in this mind control project. One of the topics covered by this intriguing film is the bizarre activity of a man named George White, who operated outside of the law while directly under CIA direction.
At minute 47 in "Mission Mind Control," ABC News correspondent Paul Altmeyer states, "And what of George White, the man who helped the agency in so many of its programs. Shortly before his death, he wrote to his boss at the CIA, Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, and summed up his career by saying, 'It was fun, fun, fun. Where else could a red-blooded American boy lie, kill and cheat, steal, deceive, rape and pillage with the sanction and blessing of the all highest.'"

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Forwarded from Tarot By Janine Channel
I command the highest available timeline for the collective.  
I command more light to the collective from our source
I require more light from my star constellation and neighboring energy sources.
I am a sovereign being.
I revoke all consent to being governed in any way
All energy that does not belong to me I release.
All energy that belongs to me I call back.
I command all fractals of my energy to return to me
I choose the highest available timeline.
I revoke all consent to being controlled by the Matrices
I command all fractals of my soul to return to me
Say them out loud. Say them in multiples of three and revise to fit your own personal decree.
Remind yourself before bed and when you wake up and if possible.....during the day to say one or more of these to keep the mindset. focus on these intentions.