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How I learned Japanese with the AJATT method, and what I used in the process.

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πŸ₯ͺ gd-tools update

The latest version of gd-tools shows card tags when the gd-ankisearch command is used.

You can update from the AUR as always.
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Cross Profile Search and Import γƒΌ Web search

The new version of Cross Profile Search and Import can search the Internet for subs2srs cards. To use the feature, switch to web search in the add-on's options. Importing is supported too.

🌟 Update: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1772763629
⭐️ Updated AJT Card Management

Added a button that lets you reset selected cards.

Remove scheduling and learning information from selected cards. Turn selected cards back into new cards and erase any recorded lapse and repetition counts. This feature is handy for dealing with leeches because you can reset a card, then change its contents to make sure that you won't forget it anymore, and then learn it again. Go into the card browser, select some cards, and choose "Cards" > "Reset selected cards."

⭐️ Updated AJT Merge Notes

Removed the limit on the number of notes that can be duplicated at once. Now thousands of notes can be duplicated in just a second. The previous limit was dictated by limitations in Anki itself, but in newer versions of Anki it is not an issue anymore.

πŸ₯― Going monolingual

Expanded the guide with another article. This time it's about going monolingual. It explains how to stop using bilingual dictionaries and transition to using monolingual dictionaries exclusively.

⌨️ Typing Different Characters with Fcitx

I've gathered together all questions that had come up previously regarding the use of Fcitx. I've also removed the old FAQ pages on this topic and combined all the questions on one page.

πŸ“„ Japanese subtitles

Starting today, we host our catalog of Japanese subtitles on GitHub. We used to have subtitles uploaded to Mega, but it proved to be completely unusable. Now you can clone and sync with our catalog using git.

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ζ°΅Learning Kanji Radicals

Published a follow-up article to the previous article about learning kanji. Although it's true that people shouldn't learn kanji radicals, things change once you already understand Japanese. Then it makes sense to learn how Japanese people refer to radicals.

πŸ–₯ Updated AJT Flexible Grading

Scroll without using the mouse with the new keyboard shortcuts (shown under "Scroll" in Options).

Updated Cross Profile Search and Import


Settings: Users can limit results by minimum and maximum sentence length.
Settings: Allow remapping of remote notes' fields.
Remote search: Added an option to filter search results by WaniKani level.
Note previews: Tags are now displayed at the bottom.

Link: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1772763629
πŸ“Updated AJT Japanese

In the latest version you can change the appearance of SVG pitch graphs. Appearance of pitch graphs can be configured in "AJT" -> "Japanese options" > "Pitch accent" > "SVG graphs". There are many different knobs, but you can play with them while looking at the previews on the right side if you want.
Note: these settings have no effect if you don't create at least one Profile where "Output format" is set to "svg".