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Our goal is to publish legit and valuable crypto airdrops.
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📢 Kronos DAO
💰 $10 - $500 in KRONOS

💡 Kronos DAO uses part of the treasury wallet to invest and support new projects in the Cronos chain & Binance Smart Chain
💡 The total airdrop pool is 20k USD in KRONOS tokens. There will be 1010 winners in total
📢 Faith Tribe
💰 $100 in FTRB for 50 lucky participants

💡 The mission of Faith Tribe is to develop a global creator ecosystem that fosters an inclusive and open environment for the successful creation, trading, distribution, and monetization of user-generated designs of fashion items
💡 50 lucky winners of $100 in FTRB
📢 Forward
💰 The total airdrop pool is 5M FORWARD tokens

💡 Forward is decentralized derivative exchange build on top of decentralized finance platform allow users to hedge their risk against price fluctuation and to anticipate on the price movement with automated market maker model
💡 Complete various social media tasks to earn airdrop entries
📢 Player Box
💰 20k PBOX per user

💡 Player Box is an online open gaming ecosystem consisting of playing casino-style games, poker, e-sports betting via the internet with advanced technology available (VR/distributed ledger)
💡 100 USD in PBOX tokens for various tasks
📢 Starlay Finance
💰 The total airdrop pool is 5M LAY tokens

💡 Starlay Finance is a protocol that enables users to quickly and easily deposit/borrow tokens on top of Astar Network
💡 Every airdrop participant will get an equal share of the total airdrop pool
📢 Findora airdrop
💰 The total airdrop pool is 1M in FRA coins

💡 Findora utilizes the latest breakthroughs in zero-knowledge proofs, Bulletproofs, and multi-party computation, to allow users transactional privacy with selective disclosure and audibility
💡 Complete various tasks to get up to $10 in FRA coins
📢 Paribus airdrop
💰 The total airdrop pool is $5k in PBX

💡 A cross-chain borrowing and lending protocol for NFTs, liquidity positions, and synthetic assets, building for the Cardano blockchain
💡 50 lucky winners. $100 in PBX per each winner
📢 DeFy Trends airdrop
💰 The total airdrop pool is 300k DEFY

💡 Defy Trends helps to bridge the gap with AI and data backed information so you can spend less time searching, and more time making informed cryptocurrency investment decisions
💡 300 lucky winners
📢 GOB airdrop
💰 The total airdrop pool is 100k GOB

💡 A blockchain-based trading card game is at the center of this universe, where players battle with wacky and quirky cards
💡 Complete various tasks and earn airdrop entries. 1000 winners will get 100 GOB each