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🚀 NUKlear ($NUK) 🚀
🎁 Reward : 75 NUK | Ref +25 NUK
💲 Remarks : Total supply 10,000,000

🌎 Airdrop Link 👉 NUKlear Bot 🚀

❇️ Verify your Email
❇️ Join @NUKlear_official, @NUKlear_announcements , @air_drop01
❇️ Join Us on Facebook
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❇️ Retweet our 📌 pinned Post

ℹ️ Additional Information about NUKlear:

The #1 Self-Destructing and Dividend Distribution Token. Whenever $NUK is transferred, 1.0% of the amount is burned and 1.0% is stacked to be distributed each month to the TOP100 Token holders.
NUKlear is based on the design of the common self-destructing tokens but with a new and further characteristic: Dividend Distribution!

➡️ Website 👉 NUKlear Official Website 🚀
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New airdrop : Skyrus Network(SKX)
Reward : 25($10)
Rate : 5/5 ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Remarks : Total supply is one billion.
Focus :Token will be distributed within 3 days.

Airdrop Link : airdrop page

🔹 Go to Skyrus Exchange airdrop page.
🔹 Join on Telegram group and channel.
🔹 Register on Skyrus Exchange website.
🔹 Follow on twitter and like this post.
🔹 Send account username and details.
🔹 You will receive 25 Skx tokens.
🔹 Refer users get up to 2,500 Skx.

Note:After completing all the above and completing the form below, SKX tokens will be sent directly to your Skyrus Exchange account.

Done ✅Done✅Done✅Done✅

Additional Information:
Skyrus Network is a crypto-financial hub housing a patented hybrid cryptocurrency exchange (HEx) platform that combines a centralized exchange platform to improve security and speed up processing by introducing the backend architecture of a decentralized exchange platform.
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🔊Welcome to Airdrop Center

🏗️Central channel broadcasting

💻Airdrop gathering in a single channel

💰Are you ready to win💰

🌍Welcome airdrop channel is serving as a center channel The aim is to select real current projects from other sharing channels and collect them in one place and present them to you.

🇹🇷Hoşgeldiniz kanal merkezi Airdrop kanalı olarak hizmet vermektedir amaç diğer paylaşım yapılan kanallardan gerçek güncel projeleri seçip tek bir yerde toplayıp size sunmaktadır.


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New airdrop & Recommended :
SocialBlock (SBK)
Reward : 100 SBK (~0.005ETH)
Referral : 100 SBK (~0.005ETH)
Market : MetaMorph, CryptloCEX, Bamboorelay, ForkDelta, Tokenjar
Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐ [4/5] (Recommended).

Step-by-Step Guide:
⭕ Start SocialBlock - Airdrop Bot
⭕ Pass The Human Verification
⭕ Submit your Email address
⭕ Join on - Telegram Group
⭕ Join on - Telegram Channel
⭕ Follow on - Twitter
⭕ Like on - Facebook
⭕ Signup on - SocialBlock Website
⭕ Submit your ERC20 wallet address

✴Note :
1. Token will be distributed after the end of the airdrop (End of October).

2. Total Supply is 10,000,000,000 SBK

Additional Information :
The social home of cryptocurrency, earn SBK for liking, commenting and creating posts. Find your friends, invite them and earn SBK together. Create pages and groups to earn a passive income. Spend your earned SBK on advertising placements around the website.
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Hello, Our Airdrop family.
QUUBE started their airdrop.
Don't late to join their airdrop.💥💥💥💥💥

Join The Airdrop Thorough This Bot: Click Here.

✅ Follow these simple tasks and earn up to 20 QRP tokens (~$ 10).

Please follow the Bot in all the steps that involves:
🔹 Human Control
🔹 Social tasks
🔹 Submit your ERC20 address
🔹 Submit your email

✅ Get an extra 4 QRP by using your referral link to invite your friends!

For more information, visit their channels.

🔹Telegram chat
🔹Telegram channel


QRP distribution means quantum safety distribution.
QRP is the blockchain of the blockchains — protocol recording logs of everything going on the STO exchange and Token lifecycle transactions if launched on the Quube platform. The blockchain differentiates by encapsulating the public key details and adopt LIBOQS coding preferences avoiding quantum attack. QRP Token is a collateral and tickets for the STO/IEO campaigns. QRP is fuel to maintain the ecosystem of exchange and the dedicated STO blockchain.
What does the cryptocurrency market really need?

🔹Check out the latest video insight from the QUUBE Exchange CEO

🔹Establishing a quantum-resistant ecosystem is a must. In our latest video, Enzo shares his thoughts regarding the solution modern blockchain market really needs.

🔹In circumstances of threat, where the Bitcoin can be easily disrupted with superior power of quantum computing, by adopting Shore and Grover’s algorithms, has been developed to close safe ecosystem of the blockchain and exchange protected from the imminent quantum attack!

🔹Quantum Resistant Token Issuance coming soon. Dont miss out and find out more at

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