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Stake AION on the OAN with OANPOOL.ORG!!!
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Channel photo updated
Channel photo updated
Aion POS is coming
Please note we added a group for help t.me/oanstake and announcements t.me/aionstake
- Everything is running fine on testnet.
- Mainnet staking delegation will be announced Monday. Servers currently are online!
See AionPool.org for details.
Hi everyone!
Please visit https://aionpool.org/#instructions for help delegating!

Some important points
-> Ledger can be used to join a pool
-> AIWA can be used to join a pool
-> MAKKII Mobile or Tablet Wallet (Google / Apple)
-> keystore .json file from the aiondesktop wallet or full node wallet with the downloaded UPK

We have both pools active for delegation!

All pools show POOR performance and do not produce blocks as the Unity fork has not occured enabling signing and payments.

We appreciate you support!
Channel name was changed to «OANPool.org - Delegated Staking»
OANPool.org branding update

Blake2n originally registered both AionMine.org and AionPool.org May 24, 2018 with the intention of them being sister domains.

We received numerous complaints regarding the name being conflicting with another pool.

As AION has updated their branding for UNITY to theOAN.com we decided to update our Staking Branding to OANPool.org to solve this conflict.

Anyone who has staked prior to the update is already set up. Nothing has changed except the website!

Your stake is still properly delegated! There is no need to do anything!

Thank you!
OANPool.org welcomes Open App Network

As a measure of supporting the new Unity Consensus, this community is pleased to announce a promotional fee of 4% until May of 2020 on our Aion Staking Pools (AAA Angus and Chimera).

The 4% promotional fee takes effect at blockheight 4,736,200 or about Nov 21 2019

We appreciate your support!
Chimera pool now has a rate of 0.95% fee to attract new stakers to OANPool.org Staking Group

Thanks for your support!
We entering a hew phase of aion. We have increased our bond and capacity. Our performance is 119-120%.

Our fee is set to 8% offering the highest return rates at we block well above average.

The fee was recently adjusted to cover current infrastructure costs and expenditures.