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Binance China 🇨🇳 AMA with AERGO
Coming in TODAY Wednesday 6AM UTC / 3PM KST

Head over to to take part in our next AMA Series!
It is starting NOW!
See you there! 👋
Binance International AMA with AERGO
Coming in TODAY Wednesday 8AM UTC / 5PM KST

Head over to to take part in our next AMA Series!
It is starting NOW
See you there! 👋
As we finish off our Aergo x Binance Global Community AMA with some FANTASTIC Communities.. 💥

We're coming towards the final 3 communities, Shin Chan, CryptoDiffer, and CryptoDaku. ALL TODAY right after Binance International (RIGHT NOW)

Make sure to check out Aergo and give us a VOTE tomorrow for Binance ✌️

Head here on the 21st 4AM UTC (You have 24 Hours to vote)

Instructions on Voting

Your vote means everything to us!
Aergonauts get excited! Binance has announced the 3rd round of Binance Community Coin Vote!

It is AERGO (AERGO) vs Cortex (CTXC)

Voting Starts: 2019/11/21 4:00 AM (UTC)
Voting Ends: 2019/11/22 4:00 AM (UTC).
Duration: 24 Hours

For now, take a look the at below article to find more details: 👇🏻 We will keep you updated with latest happenings!

Binance Community Round 3

To make your vote count. Please head to

Voting ends in 24 hours.

Thank you for the support!
Interview with Allan Kim on AERGO GEM

AERGO GEM is a medium for points exchange between different points systems. Users can earn Aergo Gem and use them in other applications & external affiliated services and can be transferred via a smart contract such as on the Btree app as part of our Reward Infrastructure As A Service (RIaaS) initiative.

Check out our video if you want to learn more about the concept and usage. It's got some details you won't want to miss!

Have you seen our Binance Research Report? 👇

Do you want to see us on Binance? Cast your vote here 👇
Dear AERGO Community,

We would like to thank our community for your undying support and your vote in the Binance Community Vote: Round 3. This contest gave us an opportunity to conduct 18 AMA's globally. We've increased our social network channel members by thousands. Now more people know about AERGO. There's plenty of good news to come in the 4th Quarter. Stay tuned for the official news regarding Voting Rewards (address collection and distribution in progress) and AERGO 2.0 (Hardfork). Again, we thank you for your support and encouragement 🙌

Message to Binance

Thank you Binance for giving us the opportunity to participate in Binance Community Vote: Round 3. It was an exciting week leading up to the vote. We were able to present AERGO to all the Binance communities around the world. We congratulate Cortex for winning Round 3. We look forward to the day when AERGO will be listed in Binance. Again, sincere gratitude to all the Binance team members. You guys were awesome!! 💪

Message to Cortex

We would like to congratulate the winner of Binance Community Vote: Round 3, Cortex. It has been a great honor to have been in the contest. We wish much success and prosperity for the Cortex team. Go Cortex! 🎉
Our Vision: Aergo Connect Wallet 🔗

This is an excellent article by Paul Grau on the Aergo Connect Wallet. It covers the history of blockchain wallets and the conundrums existing with current Blockchain Wallet technology, Aergo's ultimate vision for dApp user experience, and the primary use cases of the Aergo Connect wallet.

In short, it's of paramount importance to cater towards Aergo token holders and service providers to access the Aergo blockchain as we roll out upgrades (keep your eye out this week!), and the Aergo Connect wallet plays a pivotal role in fulfilling our ecosystem buildout.

This is a must read to get a better picture on the state of wallets!
Get ready for Aergo's Mainnet 2.0 Hardfork🍴- Here's what's on our Menu for the week.

Thank you all for your patience while we release the much awaited upgrade to Mainnet 2.0.

The hardfork is now in complete and we will be releasing an article shortly which will explain some of these exciting features we have released.

This includes the following

1. Voting Rewards
2. Fee 2.0
3. DAO
4. Delegated fee

The main goal of upgrading to Mainnet 2.0 is to strengthen and bring the public network into maturity, bringing with it a wide range of features allowing more people to participate on the network.

Stay tuned as we get this prepared and shared with you all!
Official Release: Aergo Mainnet 2.0
A Voyage to the New World 🚢

Check out our latest article by Hun on our overview of Aergo Mainnet 2.0 - We'll be releasing our Voting Rewards (Staking) article and instructions very soon so keep your eyes peeled and get familiar with the upgrades coming up!

Read it here!
Aergo Network Voting Rewards
It's OUT! Check out our latest article on Aergo's Network Voting Rewards for Mainnet 2.0 - It covers Aergo's Token Model, Foundation's Donations, Expected Staking Rewards (ROI), a mini guide to Aergo Connect and voting at - and a complementary article coming up to go over DAO Voting is on it's way. Be sure to read carefully!

Read about it here

Total Staking = 2,199,058 #AERGO

Use our Swap Tool to convert your ERC-20 $AERGO to Mainnet to get started Staking at
Mainnet 2.0 DAO voting has arrived!

One of the most requested features from our community has been the ability to stake their tokens and have a say in how the AERGO network decides on important decisions.

Today is the maiden voyage of our DAO voting 🛥

Currently we have 5 available votes for you to choose from, while also choosing your preferred candidate.

The more tokens you stake, the more weight your vote holds, which in turn increases the probability of recieving a reward for your paticipation.

Head over to to get acquainted and place your first vote!

We have written a user friendly guide which will explain the voting process as well as setting up your wallet for converting your current tokens to AERGO mainnet tokens. 👇
Dear AERGO Community,

As stated in the 3Q QPU, we are in the process of releasing the lock up to our investors. To minimize market impact, we are releasing in increments from mid November to December. We will also be updating CoinMarketCap (CMC) Circulating Supply, once we complete the release. Detailed AERGO token metrics can be found in the latest 3Q QPU.

Thank you.
Introducing the Aergo Connect API 🔗

By Paul Grau, the Aergo Connect API is a lightweight method to enable websites to communicate with the Aergo Connect browser extension in a secure and privacy-preserving way.

This is an succinct article that covers the what, the who's, and the why's 🔨

Catch the team in our telegram AMA, right in Aergo Official!

Let's get things started - Submit your questions for the team to prioritize
We've just added a new feature to your Aergo Voting Page on under 'My Account'

You can now view your Voting Rewards History! 💪 Check it out!
DAO - Aergo’s Decentralized Autonomous Organisation

We’ve introduced a voting system which has been added to change the parameters of the Aergo blockchain. Previously, Aergo’s DAO could only change the number of Block Producer (BP) nodes through voting. With this new release, you can change additional parameters on a number of areas

You can find out more about this here

Aergo’s Fee 2.0
We have successfully implemented an improved fee algorithm on the Aergo Mainnet. We hope that this paints a better picture of what Fee 2.0 is, how it works, the gas limits, and delegated fee.

This is a significant update to the Aergo Mainnet from the previous fee algorithm.

Make sure to check it out
🚨Aergo Two Way Swap Notice & Reminder 🚨

This is a Reminder to ONLY use below mentioned Aergo 2-Way Native Token Swap to ERC-20 method:

Swap here 👇

Read our full article here 👇

Warning: Previously mentioned One-way swap method is now discontinued. If you use it, your swaps will not get processed. Kindly use for token swap only!