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How does AERGO differ from many other similar projects?

AERGO’s core technology is already being used by over 25 million users. The adaptability and production-proven quality-of-service of AERGO’s core technology in enterprise deployments demonstrates the level of technological sophistication in comparison to alternative protocols.

AERGO is not meant to be an experimental (or theroretical) playground for pushing the limits of blockchain technology, but a productive tool for everyday developers. For developers and IT system-level architects, it aims to provide a production-hardened development and deployment platform.

As a tool for writing apps, AERGO seeks to introduce the first platform with key features and concepts familiar to full-stack developers, such as SQL, reactivity, and isomorphic programming. A blockchain, which at its core has been designed to allow systematic branching and merging, AERGO’s development platform is proposed to be built to appeal to all developers and encourage collaborative development.

A new SAM software stack (SQL, AERGO, and Meteor) aims to allows developers to easily build and deploy dApps on the AERGO platform.

For more details, please refer our Whitepaper :
⚡️ For those of you who haven't seen it yet, catch the highlights of AERGO Seoul Debut Stage 2018 with ENG subtitle -

Exciting news—the wait is almost over!

Hello AERGO community,

Over the past few months, AERGO has seen significant interest from our supporters, fans, and enthusiasts from around the world. We’ve received extensive demand in the AERGO token generation event (TGE), with over $750m in allocation requests for our private round. This signifies extreme demand for the AERGO TGE, both from institutions and our valuable community members.

We understand that the community has been eagerly waiting for more information on what is to come for AERGO. Things have been a bit quiet, but rest assured, we are excited to announce that the wait will soon be over.

The AERGO team will inform the community on a number of things very shortly:
• An update on the private token sale for the AERGO TGE.
• An elaboration on the AERGO vision, our focus, our progress, our plans for the future, and some very elevating revelations that have taken place over the past few months.
And, most importantly, two very exciting programs for our community!

More information will be available soon. We thank each and every one of you for your time, consideration, and patience.

To make sure you are prepared for these programs, we suggest that you do the following:
1. Read the AERGO whitepaper (
2. Invite your friends to AERGO community channels and begin engaging in quality discussions regarding AERGO
3. Get ready to help us —help our future customers—to help you!

Look out for an announcement on Tuesday, August 28. These programs may be fast-paced, so it’s important to make sure you’re prepared!

Always make sure you’re viewing a pinned message from an AERGO associate dubbed ‘admin’ in the official AERGO Telegram group . If it is not pinned and is not in the official AERGO Telegram group, or the official AERGO Telegram channel, it is not real!

Watch this space!

- Team AERGO
In this interview on Token Tank, Phil gives some interesting insights to the AERGO project and a sneak peak on something to come. Thank you to the entire panel for a brilliant interview:
UPDATE: We are happy to announce that we are ready to begin the submissions process for our RewarDrop, where we grant up to $3,000,000 USD in AERGO tokens to our most valued community members.
The process will officially begin in the next 24 hours.

We have used our community vector analysis tool to select 150 early qualifying members and shortlist them. These early qualifying members have not only done exactly what we pictured when we designed this program; these members went above and beyond. The shortlist will include community members from all our offical channels as well as any external media communities ranging from unofficial Reddit pages to low-profile technology forums. Please note that all rewards are subject to the RewarDrop terms and conditions and completion of our KYC/AML process.

We are currently doing extensive manual due dilligence of each of these 150 members. Very shortly, these individuals will be contacted indicating that they have been given a Tier-2 reward in our RewarDrop. These individuals will be given priority in the selection process for the ambassador pool, in which they are potentially rewarded with $2,000 USD in AERGO tokens as well as potential future subsequent rewards should they choose to apply and continue their contributions to the project.

We will announce more information regarding submissions and some other exciting updates very shortly.
Get ready, and keep watching this space is all we'll say for now!
Drawing a Parallel Between Linux and Blockchain:
What the history of open-source tells us about the future of distributed networking.

In the first of a series of articles, Phil presents a central hypothesis on what it will take to achieve widespread adoption of blockchain technology. He gives a breakdown on the strategy behind AERGO and highlights key components of the innovative blockchain platform that Blocko is diligently working on. The core industry-contradicting philosophies behind the AERGO project are based on Linux's dominating open-source mantras. The major role Blocko will play as an established blockchain infrastructure provider has a strong similarity with Red Hat from its early days.
See Phil's latest interview with BlockchainBrad:

In this interview, Phil gives an overview of the pragmatic and execution-driven approach AERGO takes and the imperative role Blocko will play towards achieving true enterprise adoption.
Releasing LiteTree: A blazing-fast, branchable database engine:

Opening blockchain development up to over 8.5M SQL engineers. See this post to learn more about the tool developed by AERGO that went viral on GitHub even before its official release
Releasing StateTrie: A hash tree built for high-performance interoperability

Following our first major open-source project release, LiteTree, we're now shipping out our second project: the AERGO StateTrie. AERGO StateTrie improves the standard sparse Merkle tree to enable faster and more efficient blockchain state authentication.
Releasing the AERGO Chain Alpha and Launching the AERGO Pre-Testnet

Releasing the Alpha codebase including BFT consensus, AERGOSQL, client frameworks, a browser wallet, and various developer tools. See the status of the network on the AERGOSCAN Block Explorer (
Blocko to build real estate consortium chain for the Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport

Blocko, AERGO’s strategic technology partner, announced that it will provide a blockchain-based distributed storage platform to connect real estate to the government network data with a blockchain ledger for MOLIT.
📰 Samsung-backed Blocko, a well-funded commercial blockchain startup that supports, builds, and subsequently plans to use AERGO to offer new IT solutions to clients, was just nominated as one of five most innovative startups in Korea by the Korea Herald.
Blocko, AERGO's strategic technology partner, runs blockchain-based micro-payments for Korea's central bank, Bank of Korea. Details:
Blocko partners with Cyworld in building a distributed social media platform for 25,000,000 users on AERGO. Details: