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🎤🎧 Seed Group Interviews Phil Zamani and Won Beom Kim

Aergo CEO Phil Zamani and Blocko CEO, Won-Beom Kim discuss Aergo & Blocko in an exclusive interview with SEED Group.

Watch the video below to learn more about Aergo's growing ecosystem, our expansion strategy and role that SEED Group will play in advancing our Aergo ecosystem!
🔴 Aergo 2-Way Native Token Swap to ERC-20 is LIVE

Dear Aergo Community,

We have officially launched our 2-way token swap for exchanging between Aergo native tokens to Aergo ERC-20.

This is a key upgrade from our previous 1 way swap. This is not to be confused with the Binance DEX BEP2 Swap!

Be sure to read the following article before starting. Happy Swapping!

Swap here 👇

Read our full article here 👇
Aergo Announcements pinned «🔴 Aergo 2-Way Native Token Swap to ERC-20 is LIVE Dear Aergo Community, We have officially launched our 2-way token swap for exchanging between Aergo native tokens to Aergo ERC-20. This is a key upgrade from our previous 1 way swap. This is not to be…»
🗺 Dear Aergo Community,

We are thrilled to release the updated version of Aergo Roadmap!

In order to nurture the ecosystem and enlarge our enterprise customer base further, we’re in the midst of preparing a diverse range of products built based on the Aergo platform to be used on the mainnet.

These changes are imperative for our step further into hitting the core of our milestones. Our developers are working hard to ensure platform stability, scalability, and security is achieved in tandem with our schedules as we touch base with the development process of the Aergo platform with significant prudence.

In other words, these steps are crucial in catering towards our enterprise clients on our public network.

The product details will be released as we launch the products itself, so stay tuned.

We would like to thank you, our community for your ongoing support. These are some BIG initiatives coming ahead.

Remember, watch this space!

Aergo team
🗞️📰 Our Monthly Newsletter #6 Edition is OUT!
Incoming: Road To Mainnet 2.0, September 2019

Read all about it HERE 👇
📣 BLOCKO will be exhibiting at the 2019 Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo, the World’s largest Enterprise IT conference

To share the insights into the most comprehensive enterprise blockchain architecture and numerous real-world deployments.

BLOCKO will demonstrate how enterprises can integrate Time-Stamping Authority (TSA) solutions, Decentralized Identification (DID) solutions, and other enterprise solutions.

Demonstrating the advantage of working with the Aergo platform, specifically created for the enterprise public and hybrid blockchain environments.

Catch us at the 2019 Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo on October 20 – 24, 2019

For those planning to join us, you can register here
Blocko will be exhibiting at Samsung Developer Conference 2019 on Oct 29-30th, San Jose California

What's happening in SDC 2019?

Beyond the updates of the tech giant, we'll get to see Samsung unveilling its blockchain development as well as plan to build a blockchain ecosystem.

What we'll Demo:

▨ AergoLite - Blockchain-based IoT Solution for a Hyper-connected Society

▨ Gotchu
- Blockchain-based Crowdfunding Platform that connects content creators and their fans

We're honoured that Blocko has been invited to participate in this exclusive event, where participating companies have been carefully selected based on its ability to contribute to Samsung's blockchain ecosystem.

Find out more about SDC 2019 here 👇
Blocko Officially Launches a Stablecoin on the Aergo Blockchain — The Aergo Gem 💎

Blocko has official launched the Aergo Gem, a stablecoin that has been deployed on the Aergo mainnet.

The newly issued token is designed with an algorithmic mechanism to ensure a significantly stable value that is to be used for accessing various services within the Aergo ecosystem and beyond its network.

Some quick pointers

♢ The Aergo Gem will be used as a form of payments reward for more than 10 applications.

♢ Users can earn Aergo Gem and use them in other applications & external affiliated services.

♢ The Aergo Gem can be transferred via a smart contract and is set to debut trading on Btrade, a cryptocurrency exchange operated by Blockchain Company.

♢ The relationship between Aergo and Aergo GEM is similar to that of Steem Dollar and Steem.

♢ Blocko will launch its Reward Infrastructures As A Service (RIaaS), a service that will allow organizations to build & introduce a built-in rewards infrastructure.

Find out more in our latest article HERE 👇
📣 Exciting news as Aergo has been added to a very popular blockchain wallet.

Can you guess which one it is from the screenshot below?

Place your best guess below by tagging the wallet you think this is!
Some of you have guessed it right! 📣
Aergo has officially been added on the Samsung Blockchain Keystore!

In cooperation with Samsung, Aergo has laid a strong foundation for dApps and services. Aergo will actively contribute to the open multi-party blockchain ecosystem that Samsung aims to achieve.

The first step begins with the upcoming Samsung Developer Conference (SDC19) held in San Jose, California from October 29th to 30th. The Aergo team will demonstrate two development at SDC with the Gotchu team.


A Blockchain-based IoT Solution for a hyper-connected society.
AERGOLite is an embedded blockchain solution that provides interoperability with SQLite, a database engine with more than 1 trillion instances. AERGOLite provides innovation to various sectors of industries including smart grids, connected mobility, and smart factories.


Gotchu is a Blockchain-based Crowdfunding Platform that connects content Creators with their Fans.
Gotchu provides a ‘Super Chat as a Service’ which connects fans and creators and this is where content creators can extend their target audiences and ecosystems that support them based on the value of their content. Gotchu endorses micro-influencers to go beyond the overly saturated video platforms and into the growing trend of blockchain based platforms.
We're excited to be exhibiting at #WBSDubai from October 23 - 24, 2019.

For those around, why not take a break from the office and head down to meet the #Blocko team at stand F2?

Book your tickets here 👉
BLOCKO is currently attending Gartner IT Xpo being the only blockchain company among 188 exhibitors

Thousands of CIOs and IT executives will come together in Orlando to discuss key topics, including data and analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, culture, customer experience, cybersecurity and more.

BLOCKO is the only blockchain based company exhibiting at the Gartner IT Symposium Xpo in Orlando, FL this week.

During the event, we will be sharing exciting information about the expo along with media content we are able to share.

Here's sneak peek at the BLOCKO booth where AERGO and it's advantages for enterprise public and hybrid blockchain environments will be showcased.

It's a Conference Fiesta 🎉 Stay tuned to find out more folks!
🎬 Check out our latest Interview with CTO Won Beom Kim in Seoul Blockchain Week 👀

BLOCKO and AERGO are running an exhibit booth at the Samsung Developer Conference 2019 (SDC19) 💼

At the booth, we're showcasing two AERGO-based applications: AERGOLite and Gotchu.

Visit us over at SDC19, and claim yourselves an AERGO token card! 💌

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