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​​Incentive traffic

Today we will tell you about the pros and cons of incentive traffic for channel promotion.

Incentive traffic - traffic attracted through direct reward (monetary in most cases) for performing an action (for example, subscribing to a channel).

• It is cheap.
It’s possible to get a subscriber for a few cents. It is significantly cheaper than direct advertising. 💰

• Security.
Subscribers are real people who came to the channel for a reward.

• Users may not be interested in the content of the channel, they came there only for a reward 🥱
• Subscribers can quickly unsubscribe and mess up channel statistics. 📉

To minimize risks, it is best to attract an audience that is initially interested in your channel's topic.

It is up to you to buy motivated traffic or not but remember that it is important to evaluate the effectiveness of your investments in advance considering all the pros and cons.
​​4 useful services for managing channels and chats

ControllerBot is one of the most popular bots for posting, it allows you to create scheduled posts for the time you need, edit sent messages, set a timer for deleting posts, view statistics.

Combot is a group management service that can provide detailed analytics, reports, moderation settings, various alerts, antispam, reports and much more.

ChatKeeperBot is a chat moderation platform that can customize a greeting message, add antispam, provide statistics and much more.

PuzzleBot is a bot constructor in Telegram that allows you to connect your channels and chats to the created bot for multiposting, sending multiple messages in one post, scheduled posting, editing sent messages, collecting statistics, adding buttons and more.

Choose what is convenient for you and we hope that this list was useful to you.

AdGram team
​​We continue our regular section #quiz where you can test your knowledge or discover something new and useful in Telegram advertising.
What targeting options are available for an advertising post in Telegram channels? 🎯
Anonymous Quiz
Age and gender
Language and interests
​​How to protect your Telegram channel from hacking?

As you know, Telegram is one of the safest and most secure messengers, but the possibility that your account can be hacked is not 100% excluded.

Today we will tell you about several ways to make your channel as secure as possible🔐

1. Two-Step Verification 🔏
It can be enabled through Settings - Privacy - Two-Step Verification. Also you will need to create and remember a password, which you enter every time you use the messenger from a new device. You do not need to enter an email address for the password recovery.

2. Passcode Lock 🗝

You need to go to Settings – Privacy and security - Enable passcode and create a combination that you will enter every time you go to the messenger.
Important: if you forget your password, the application will have to be reinstalled and all secret chats will be lost.

3. Check "Active Sessions" 💻: (Settings – Privacy and security - Active Sessions) they list all the devices from which you logged into your Telegram account. Here you can end all other sessions, leaving authorized only session on the device you are using.

4. Disable the option of including you in groups, channels - this should not be allowed for everyone, at most - for your contacts. 🚫

5. Be careful with messages from accounts that are not in your address book, and do not click on suspicious links. 📕

6. Do not log in through the application on unfamiliar sites. 🔑

7. Do not download suspicious files via Telegram. 📩

Additional protection will require very little time and action from you, but it will really reduce the risk of your account being hacked.

Be mindful!

AdGram team
​​Secret chats in Telegram

Secret chat is a form of chat that allows you to communicate with a high level of security and privacy 💬

With the help of a special encryption algorithm and additional functions, a secret chat provides additional protection of communication where messages are not stored on the server but are passed directly to the contact 📲

What is a secret chat for?
In case when two users need completely private and secure communication that no one can see except themselves, and access to which will not be possible on other devices. It will be also not possible to forward messages from a secret chat 🚫

How to create a secret chat?
You need to click on the “pencil icon” in the main menu, then select "New secret chat", then add the contact you want to have a secret chat with. Communication will be only possible if both users are online.

How to delete a secret chat?
In the main menu find the chat you want to delete. Press and hold until the “bin icon” appears in the upper right corner. Click it and then confirm the action in the pop-up window. 🗑

You can also set a self-destruct timer for the secret chat. To do this, in the chat window you need to click on "delete by timer" and select a time range from 1 second to 1 week.

We hope this information is helpful to you.

Best wishes,
AdGram team
​​3 Telegram Features You May Not Know About

Silent messages
Silent messages can be a good choice when you do not want to distract the recipient with a loud signal about a new message, as well as if you send information early in the morning or late at night.
This is very useful feature for work correspondence.
You will be able to send silent messages even to those users who have not activated the "Silent" mode.

To do this
• Open a dialog box, print a message
• Hold down the send button and select the option "Send without sound"

Create reminders 🔔
In Telegram, you can send reminders to yourself and your contacts.
In order to send a reminder to yourself, it is convenient to use the "Saved messages" section. Messages in this chat can only be seen by the account owner.

To create a reminder to yourself
• in the main menu, open the "Saved messages" section
• print the reminder text
• Hold the “Send button” and select "Set a reminder"
• Choose date and time
At the set time you will receive a notification reminder from Telegram.

Personalized notifications 📢
In Telegram, you can set specific notification settings for each chat, group or channel.

For this
- Go to Telegram "Settings" and select the "Notifications and sounds" option.
- Select the "Private Chats", "Channels" or "Groups" section and then "Add an exception"
- Choose sound ringtone, vibration and other options for messages and calls and click “Done
Are you already using these Telegram features?
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Some of them
No but will probably try
​​Why can Telegram block the channel?

Despite the fact that Telegram is one of the most democratic messengers, it also has its own rules.
Most of them are unspoken, and some can be found in the messenger's FAQ.
Let's look into the reasons why Telegram channel can be blocked 🔒

• Pirate content 🏴‍☠️
The sanctions cover distributors of films, music, computer programs.

• Channels that violate the law are subject to blocking.
These include selling drugs, propaganda of violence and terrorism. 🚫

• Excessive distribution of ads to too many users 📩

• Inviting too many users to the channel. 🗳

• The channel can also be blocked if a large number of users subscribe to a new group or channel, this can be regarded as the use of dishonest promotion methods. 📣

Most often, the ban period depends on how often and how serious the violations are.
If the channel is banned for several messages, the ban can last up to one week.
If the sending of spam effected a lot of users, then the ban can be for a longer period.
If the channel was promoting violence, then it will be banned forever.

How to unblock the channel?

If you believe that the channel didn’t deserve a ban, then you can do the following:
• Write to @spambot, the bot will inform you for how long the restriction will last. Describe your case and explain why you believe the channel shouldn’t be blocked.
• Write to Telegram support and describe the situation in as much detail as possible.

Follow the rules of the messenger, it is not difficult, but it will help to avoid the ban and other restrictions on your channel!
​​Telegram updates

The new version of Telegram brings tools to protect content in groups and channels, manage connected devices, post anonymously in public groups and other updates

Protecting content in groups and channels
Channel and group admins can now restrict saving photos and videos, forwarding messages, and taking screenshots. You can turn on copy and forward protection in your chat profile by choosing Group or Channel Info page > Group / Channel Type > Restrict Saving Content.

Delete messages by date
The new option allows Telegram users to delete messages in one-on-one chat for all participants from a specific day to date range.
Open the calendar by clicking on the date bar visible when scrolling through chat messages and select the period to delete.
Messages in any chat can be set to auto-delete one day, week, or month after sending.

Manage connected devices ⚙️
A visually updated menu of active sessions has appeared in the "Devices" section.
The new "Link Desktop Device" button in this section will help you instantly connect to Telegram on your computer or through a browser.
You can also now set other devices to automatically log out after a certain period of inactivity. By clicking on a device in the list, you can set whether this device can accept calls or new Secret Chats.

Anonymous posting in public groups 💬
Tap the profile picture next to the message bar and choose one of the channels – the messages you send after that will be displayed with the name and photo of the channel instead of the personal account.

Text Recognition on iOS 13+ 📄
For devices with iOS 13 and higher, the recognition of English text on received or sent photos is supported - it saves a lot of time if you need to copy parts of the text.

New ways to log in via call, text formatting in media captions on iOS, an updated design of profiles, and more have also been added.
Read in details here

If you have questions about advertising in Telegram, AdGram is always ready to help.
Visit our platform and send your requests to
​​Telegram is #1 messenger with the fastest growing audience in 2021 🎊

The analytical company App Annie Intelligence has published the results of 2021 where Telegram is recognised as leading messenger with the largest monthly increase in active audience in 2021 📈

Telegram is also among Top-7 applications in terms of the number of downloads in 2021.

This growth was facilitated by both the stable operation of the messenger and the privacy policy that differentiates it from others.

Excellent results of the year! 👏

For advertising on Telegram send your requests to and visit platform
​​How to create a folder in Telegram?

Telegram is considered one of the most convenient messengers for many reasons.
Today we'll tell you how to create folders and organize your contacts, channels and chats.
Folders can be divided into work, personal, by interests, or whatever you prefer.

To create a folder on Android:
• In the left corner of the menu, click on the 3-bar icon and click on "Settings".
• In the "Settings" section go to the "Folders" button and then "Create new folder".
The created folders will appear at the top of the application.

To remove folders:
Go to "Settings", then "Folders" and then select the icon with three dots, select "Delete folder".
Here you can also edit and exclude unnecessary chats or add new ones.

To create a folder on IOS
• Click on your profile
• In the menu, click on "Chat folders" and click on "Create new folder";
• Name the folder and configure it as it is convenient for you.

You can also delete folders if you don't need them.
To do this, select the folder from the top of the chats menu, hold it until the menu appears, and then "Delete".

Use the Telegram functionality for work or leisure, this will simplify your experience with the messenger.

AdGram team
​​AdGram team wish you a very merry Christmas! 🎄

Thank you for your continued support and partnership.
We will continue doing our best to help you achieving your goals and looking forward to continued success in 2022.

Wishing you a season of joy, take care and stay safe!

Merry Christmas! 🎉
​​2021 Results

There are only a couple of days left until the New Year 2022, which means that now is the time to wrap up this year performance.

In 2021 the number of active users on platform has doubled and has grown to 12 thousand users.
The number of channels and chats that are registered on the platform has grown to 5 thousand, which also doubles last year's results.
AdGram has run over 1200 advertising campaigns for the clients.

We officially can recognize 2021 as successful! 👏
There are a lot of plans for 2022 and we are not going to slow down the pace.

We wish that in the New Year all your goals were achieved, business objectives were met, and profits grew exponentially. AdGram will do its best to help you with this.

Happy New Year!!! 🎄

AdGram team
​​3 useful Telegram services for work

AdGram welcomes you in the New Year.
We hope you are well rested and ready for work again!
Today we will tell you about some Telegram services that will be useful for work.

Built-in translator

This is one of the newest features of Telegram. It allows you to translate any message into your language.
To activate it, please select Settings - Language - Show Translate button.
To translate the text, select the text and choose "Translate" from the pop-up menu.

Using hashtags to organize information
You can mark important information in channels and chats with hashtags.
It is very convenient to use them in work correspondence.
For example, if you add the hashtag #statistics to messages with reports, then later it will be very easy to find and view all messages with statistics.

We bet that over the previous year you joined some chats that you do not use, but they still may be needed in the future, so you do not want to delete them just yet.
In this case, we suggest using archive.
To send a chat to archive, you need to select the chat and click on the” folder with an arrow” icon in the top menu.
You can return the chat from the archive to the main list any time. And if someone writes you in the archived chat, the chat will automatically move to the active menu.

We hope you find this collection useful.
Have an easy start of your working year.

AdGram team

In 2022 AdGram will try to be more useful and stay closer to the subscribers.
We are eager to listen to what is important to you. We promise to take your needs and wishes on board
​​How to attract more clients and ad orders in your Telegram channel?

Last week we asked you about what kind of posts you would like to see in our channel.

According to the results it is clear that the majority is interested in monetizing their channel and want to attract more advertising clients.

Here's how to increase your chances of getting ad orders on our platform:

• Make sure you provide as much information about your channel as possible. Minimum description requirements: content subject, geo and language.
But the more details you fill out - the more offers you will get access to.

• Set an attractive price.
Find statistics on average prices per 1000 views in your topic, fix how much an advertising post on your channel gains in 24 hours and 48 hours and make calculations.
We advise you to reduce the price by 15-20% so that your offer is the most attractive.

• Choose several formats by which you can buy ads - CPP (Cost Per Post), CPM (Cost Per Thousand Views), CPC (Cost Per Click) and others.
The more formats available - the more potential offers.

Good luck!
Adgram Team
​​Telegram updates: Video Stickers, New Emoji, Better Reactions and More

This update brings easy-to-make video stickers, better reactions with compact animations, new emoji and more.

Video Stickers
Telegram added support for stickers converted from regular videos, so that anyone can create good quality animated stickers using any video editing program.
Like always, you can publish your packs with the @Stickers bot – or add some of the new sets made by others.

Better Reactions
Reactions now have more compact animations. To send a larger effect, press and hold on a reaction in the menu.
Reactions are now synchronized, so the recipients will see the animations in real time.

New Reactions and Interactive Emoji
5 new emoji were added 🥰🤯🤔🤬👏
These reactions can also be sent as interactive emoji.

Navigating Recent Chats
When jumping through unread channels or moving between chats, press and hold the 'Back' button to return to a specific chat.

You can read about the new updates in more details here.
Enjoy Telegram!
​​Broxus Bot will stop operating from April 1, 2022

We would like to share the news that @broxusbot will stop functioning on April 1, 2022.

From our side we have suspended all advertising campaigns in TON.

For all those who have funds in the bot, we recommend transferring them to another platform.

If you want to use @broxusbot to withdraw ADG from AdGram platform - the function will be available until April 1, 2022 as well as customer support.

Just a reminder, @broxusbot is the means of moving TON from the platform. You can convert TON to other currencies or move it out as EVER to your EVER Wallet.

If you have questions about using Broxus Bot - please contact the support chat @broxus_chat

With best wishes,
AdGram team