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Huge Congratulations to Alibaba Malaysia Office Opening from ADD. A great honor to be the neighbour of Alibaba!


本月2018年6月23日12:00(GMT+8)开始一星期时间 ADD Token 与 满币网(Coinbene)季度清算通知!



在此为了安全起见官方促请所有在满币网账户ADD Token 提回自己的钱包避免丢失的问题出现。



Official Notice!

Dear Users,

From June 23, 2018, at 12:00 (GMT+8) for 1 week, ADD Token and Coinbene will carry out their quarterly audit.

We will be doing financial audit summary. After the calculation, the audit report will be published on the official website and the communities.

Please pay attention! During the audit period, NO transactions are allowed!

For security reasons, we urge all ADD Token members to move their tokens to their ADD wallets to prevent any potential loss.

Thank you for your kind understanding and patience through out the journey!  

For more information visit:
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We would love to apology for the long wait!

ADD will be launching its own Trading Exchange Platform, we will be able to trade on our OWN platform! Stay tune for the announcement when we are ready for Open trade!

Beside that, we are also having the other online mall
除此之外,我们也会推出电商 12Save,让会员能享有更大的优惠!

Kindly be patient while we are doing the test run and be sure all are happy investors/shoppers 😉
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Bank of America continues stocking up on blockchain patents with new filing on private key storage
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The chairman of Korea's financial regulator has affirmed that crypto exchanges should face no issues with banking provisions, provided they apply AML and KYC measures
区块链是停不了的趋势, 马来西亚政治筹款平台首度使用 卡立沙末:推出希望币
(吉隆坡13日讯)联邦直辖区部长卡立沙末透露,一份关于利用加密货币和区块链技术的希望币(Harapan Coin)文件与介绍经已编写,并会在不久后提交国家银行及首相敦马哈迪。
Forwarded from Ivy Henebrey
We are glad to be listed in ADDex crypto trading exchange platform! They are arranging a meetup event and we are thrilled to invite you to join us this Satuday event to get to know more about us!

Click the link to to secure your attendance to this FIRST meetup event! hashtag#meetup hashtag#crypto hashtag#trading
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