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If you are delegating to ADV please consider a move to ADV2 or 3, as it is saturated. The other pools have plenty of room. Thanks, ADAVault Ops
If there are any delegators to ADV4 please move to ADV3, as we want to consolidate all stake in this pool until it hits critical mass. ADV4 will be reserved for future use.
ADV has 58 blocks for E255 (102% luck)
ADV2 has 58 blocks for E255 (112% luck)
ADV3 will likely mint blocks from E256/257
Thanks for staking with us
ADV has 59 blocks for E256 (97% luck)
ADV2 has 54 blocks for E256 (98% luck)
ADV3 has 10 blocks for E256 (210% luck)
When we registered ADAvault on 30th July 2020 this seemed an impossible goal. Thanks for helping us reach it! In that time we've helped our delegators to ADV earn nearly 1M₳ in rewards
ADV has 60 blocks for E257 (107% luck)
ADV2 has 59 blocks for E257 (97% luck)
ADV3 has 9 blocks for E257 (160% luck)
Thanks for staking with us
ADV has 60 blocks for E258 (98% luck), ADV2 has 60 blocks for E258 (113% luck), ADV3 has 15 blocks for E258 (153% luck). Thanks for staking with us.
ADV has 85 blocks for E259 (140% luck), ADV2 has 62 blocks (119% luck), and ADV3 has 10 blocks (87% luck). Thanks for continuing to stake with us.
All nodes upgraded to 1.26.1 with significant reductions in CPU utilisation. Good news for the coming Smart Contract era when Alonzo goes live later this year
ADV has 64 blocks for E260 (104% luck), ADV2 has 57 blocks (114% luck), and ADV3 has 15 blocks (127% luck)
ADAvault nodes are now upgraded to 1.26.2, which ensures that block producing nodes do not unnecessarily re-evaluate the stake distribution at the epoch boundary. Kudos again for fast work from the Cardano Dev Team