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I have created this channel to document my training in this therapeutic approach and to share resonant healing with others. If you would like to join me on this sound journey during these turbulent times, I would love to have you on board!
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Hello T’grams!

The Acutonics® system of sound healing is an energy-based, non-invasive treatment that is similar to acupuncture using the vibration of tuning forks instead of needles.

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Hello T’grams!

In the Acutonics® sound healing system the Ohm tuning fork represents the cycle of the Earth as it orbits the Sun through the four seasons. It is the home tone in this healing system and is deeply grounding and balancing. An excellent tool for when we have too much on our minds and need to take a calming breath.

The Ohm tone is close to a C#, therefore, I am researching music in C# to create a playlist for people to listen to (in the absence of tuning forks). If you know of any tracks in C# perhaps you could let me know and I will add to the playlist for listeners to enjoy - thank you!

Use this sound to ground, balance and connect to the Earth, bringing a sense of ease and safety of feeling at home.

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Hello T’grams!

I’m preparing for an Acutonics class with a fun clip from my teacher (Joanie Solaini).

‘Cymatics is a subset of modal vibrational phenomena.’

Put your best headphones on and enjoy!

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Hello T'grams!

Autumn Equinox Wishes.

Feel free to share my mail-out with folk:

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Hello T’grams!

Exclusive to followers of this channel .... I am now qualified to offer Acutonics® (Level 1 Sound Gates to Meridian Harmonics), tuning fork sessions.

Treatments involve a gentle whole body tune-up for self-care, designed to promote balance on all levels.

Duration: 45 minutes to 1hr with integration time + PDF support notes emailed after session.

Price: £45. Telegram discount 20% £36. Offer ends 01/01/21.

If this resonates with you or you know someone who might benefit please share and direct message to arrange an appointment🙏

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