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Forwarded from Harris Brakmic
These apps have a different version SUFFIX.
Forwarded from Harris Brakmic
I've applied for registration at RightBTC exchange.
To get registered there a coin project must have a public dev team, and a WhitePaper.
v0.17.5.0-STABLE with integrated TOR is now available for download (macOS & Windows, sources Linux).
Forwarded from Harris Brakmic
HOWTOs on Pluggable Transports for TOR.
Useful if you are running Actinium in countries that completely block TOR (like China, Russia etc.).

a) OBFS4 =>
b) MEEK =>
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Here the source code of our bot + info on how to create/register your own. Have fun!
Forwarded from Harris Brakmic
Release v0.18.0.0 - Hard Fork - Mandatory Update - LWMA Diff Readjustment Algo - Going back to the original Block Reward of 50ACM

READ THE FAQ from the Release Notes!
Forwarded from Harris Brakmic
Our official Lightning Network Explorer is now online:
Forwarded from Harris Brakmic
We are now available for trading on Crex24.
Forwarded from Harris Brakmic
Our integration code for the decentralized exchange Bisq just got accepted.
A new release is now available. This is a BugFix & Stabilization Release that contains several fixes ported from Bitcoin & Litecoin. It also adapts the creation of QR-Codes to the upcoming Trezor HW Integration. The Android Mobile App was also released today, with the same fix to make it compatible with Trezor HW.
Forwarded from Harris Brakmic
A new version is now available.
With a new UI design made by our very own @cancaB , new RPC commands, and several bugfixes ported from Bitcoin and/or Litecoin.
Forwarded from Harris Brakmic
Forwarded from Harris Brakmic
A new version of our wallet is now available. This version is different from previous ones as it's based on latest Bitcoin code. It starts with version and is named Actinium-ng. Although it's running stable and uses the same wallet & blockchain data it is strongly recommended to make a backup of your wallet.dat first. Our future wallet versions will follow Bitcoin while the Litecoin-based variants will be declared legacy software and only provided necessary bugfixes. They will follow the 0.18.x version line.

You can download macOS & Windows binaries, and Linux sources here: