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RT @SuzanneRothwel2: Dinner tonight Rick Stein's Simple fish stew from this months @deliciousmag it was just calling out for lunch in the garden with the sun eating down. February 03, 2020 at 09:35AM
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RT @cradlefish: Oven-baked meatballs with polenta and tomato sauce from this month's @deliciousmag – perfect February dinner! February 03, 2020 at 09:35AM
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#AceNewsReport – Feb.03: Detectives are appealing for information after a two-year-old girl was injured when a gun was fired at a car in Birmingham: The baby was hit by flying glass as a window of the VW Golf was smashed in Clifton Road, Balsall Heath, last night (2 February). Four people, including the toddler, got […]

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As you look back on your life, you will often realize that many of the times you thought you were being rejected from something good, you were in fact being redirected to something better. You can’t control everything. Sometimes you just need to relax and have faith that things will work out. Let go a […]The post Natural ~ appeared first on WISDOM.

#AceNewsReport – Feb.03: Headed by the directors, Anton Group generated lots of waste paper and aluminium which they sold to a recycling company between 2004 and 2012: They subsequently failed to declare the sales in order to avoid paying the necessary Corporation Tax and VAT: John Knight, 74, was the main point of contact between […]

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There will be 24 hours of presentation by House Impeachment Managers (over 3 days); 24 hours of presentation by Defense team (over 3 days); 16 hours of Senate questioning; 4 hours of closing arguments, equally divided; open Senate deliberations/speeches; and … Continue reading →

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#AceNewsReport – Feb.03: In a Monday speech to the business community, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is understood to be prepared to make it clear that Britain would rather okay tariffs than adopt European legislative regulations, and that Britain has “made our choice” in choosing a regulatory path different from EU’s, The Times reported. Vis-a-vis trade […]

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This video says about itself:Thursday, 30 January 2020Missing Mexican butterfly conservationist found deadMEXICO CITY — The body of a Mexican conservationist devoted to the protection of the monarch butterfly in Mexico was found on Wednesday, two weeks after he went missing, the authorities said. Homero Gómez González managed a butterfly sanctuary in the state of Michoacán, a violence-ravaged region but also the location of mountain forests where the butterflies settle every winter following a long and extraordinary migration from Canada and the USA.Some of the hundreds of people at the funerals of the Mexican butterfly conservationists, AFP photoTranslated from Dutch NOS radio today:In Mexico another activist who was committed to preserving the monarch butterfly has been killed. A few days ago an activist from the same butterfly sanctuary was found dead.The 44-year-old Raúl Hernandez disappeared last week after he left the butterfly sanctuary where he worked as a guide. His body was found this weekend. He had bruises and a deep head wound.Five days ago, the body of the founder of the butterfly sanctuary, Homero Gómez, was found in a well. He disappeared without a trace on January 13. An investigation has shown that Gómez had a blow to his head before he got into the well.Relatives of Gómez say he was threatened because he campaigned against illegal logging. Criminal gangs in Mexico do not hesitate to use violence against people who oppose their illegal practices.The two activists were committed to the monarch butterfly in Michoacàn state in southwestern Mexico. The insects are in danger of disappearing due to illegal logging. A sanctuary was opened in November to protect them.

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Mary South’s New Yorker short story on rape trauma and recovery, “You Will Never Be Forgotten,” is being rightly praised, but her “Frequently Asked Questions About Your Craniotomy,” published in at The White Review, is equally gripping — a different kind of pain, a different kind of recovery, but the same clarity of voice and unsparing candor and dark wit. It starts with a bang and takes you along for the ride from there.If you’re reading this page, chances are you’ve recently heard that you need to have a craniotomy. Try not to worry. Although, yes, this is brain surgery, you’re more likely to die from the underlying condition itself, such as a malignant tumour or subdural hematoma. Think of it this way: insomuch as being alive is safe, which it is not, having a craniotomy is safe. We fill our days with doing laundry, replacing our brake pads at the auto shop, or making a teeth-cleaning appointment with the dentist, in the expectation that everything will be fine. But it won’t. There will be a day that kills you or someone you love. Such a perspective is actually quite comforting. Taken in that light, a craniotomy can be a relaxing experience, rather than one of abject terror.Read the story

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Matt Parsons ditched his job as an IT engineer and jumped on a boat to see the shores of Canada, America and Mexico while living for less than £300-a-month.Media

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Alex Head, 34, spoke to Fabulous Digital for our #BOSSINGIT series about ordinary women who have launched extraordinary businesses.MediaDespite being excluded from school, Alex still managed to get 8 GCSEs and did a cooking course at Ballymaloe cooking school in Ireland when she was 18 before going on to study Hospitality at Oxford Brookes university.After graduation, Alex worked for two London restaurants – but had to think fast when the pizzeria she was working in when bust.With just £350 to spare, Alex set up her own catering business from her friend’s laptop.Any extra profit she made from her first events, Alex re-invested in additional kitchen equipment to keep the cost as low as possible – and only paid herself enough to get by living in London.“The first few years were all consuming, I was organising the events, cooking, driving to the events, waitressing, doing the finances and managing all the health and safety,” she explained. “Looking back now I am not totally sure how I managed it all!”After a few months of working small events in the capital, Alex bagged an managed to bag an impressive contract for Brentford Football Club – which meant she turned over a whopping £75k in her first year of business.She added: “It allowed me to hire some space in a commercial kitchen and once I was settled, I slowly started employing part-time staff when I needed help. Everything grew very organically from there.”In 2016, Alex started employing ex-offenders through charities such as Novus (a scheme which trains people while they’re still in custody), prison prevention programme Key4Life and London-based Bad Boys Bakery.What’s more, 10 per cent of Alex’s employees are now ex-offenders – including Kiel who she met when he was serving time in Brixton prison last year.

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Anti Big Pharma Expert Guest Scientists and Doctors Weigh in on Coronavirus – Helpful and practical advice on how to protect yourself from viruses and bacteria.— .🇦🇺 Mike Spike 🇦🇺 (@ZubSpike) February 3, 2020GW: Good old fashioned advice about isolation & sanitation – use of bleach to clean doorknobs, wash hands, don’t put fingers on your face near mouth, nose, eyes, ears, etc, stop shaking hands but use the elbows touch greeting instead.

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#AceNewsReport – Feb.03: “ The aircraft, a Boeing 767-300, is designed to operate on one engine and our pilots are fully trained for this eventuality. Nonetheless, an emergency was declared in order to obtain landing priority,” Air Canada said in a statement: It said one of the aircraft’s 10 tires reportedly ruptured during takeoff from […]

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#AceNewsReport – Feb.03: Two people are facing numerous weapons charges after they were allegedly found with handguns, an assault rifle and ammunition shortly after gunfire was reported in a central Brampton park on Saturday: Peel Regional Police say that on Saturday at about 1:37 a.m., a man and woman entered English Street Park, west of […]

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#AceNewsReport – Feb.03: Several streets in London’s central Soho district have been evacuated after an unexploded World War Two bomb was found: Police were called to Dean Street at about 13:50 GMT after the ordnance was discovered during building work: Soho Hotel, the Soho Theatre and the Groucho Club have all been evacuated: A police […]

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Sun 2 Feb 2020 4
posted by Tapestry
In his 31 January 2020 show, Alex Jones pointed out the similarities between the Wuhan laboratory’s logo and that of the evil corporation in Resident Evil.
Looking at the logos through night vision lenses, they are exactly the same.
That also looks like the Nazi iron cross.
Plus CORONA is an anagram of RACOONMediaThere is a 2002 movie called Resident Evil, Raccoon City…City_(Anderson)Quote: Raccoon City was a city located somewhere in the midwestern United States. It was a huge metropolis built by the Umbrella Corporation, … and was used for conducting scientific research and experimentation. The city was destroyed after a viral outbreak, prompting a nuclear missile being fired into the city.  And there’s a 2012 video game Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, known in Japan as Biohazard: Operation Raccoon City…n_Raccoon_CityQuote: The story focuses on two separate special forces teams – Delta Team and Echo Six …. Delta Team, an Umbrella Secret Service unit, is assigned by USS Command with the destruction of digital data incriminating Umbrella to the biological outbreak, as well as destroying facilities and killing witnesses to prevent the US government obtaining further data.I’ve transcribed the relevant part of the Alex Jones show at looks like this coronavirus outbreak may be used as the explanation for people keeling over in the streets when 5G is introduced, if only because Facebook censors everyone who posts the url of the article about the introduction of 5G in Wuhan.Here’s the link of said article: was switched on during Halloween, 2019…_138517734.htmAlex Jones points out:
“the globalists are obsessed with putting their fingerprints on it.
… US special forces in Vietnam – they leave the ace of spades when they kill somebody in the mouth so you know who did it”
Parent PostWuhan – the globalist connection3 Feb 2020
tapnewswiremember says:
Meh! Got censored again 🙁
Someone has got it in for me.3 Feb 2020
TommyAtkins says:
Alex Jones doesn’t say anything about this below does he? Shabbos Goy. He is a shill, employed to promote discord and to deflect attention from what’s really happening, take a look around and watch your country, people and culture disappearing.  Or would you rather be distracted by distractions created to deflect your attention. Feb 2020
sharphelix says:
sharphelix says:
Secret Militarised Armaments in Residential Technologies

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Mon 3 Feb 2020 2
posted by Gordon<strong>Our Leaders Are Psychopaths</strong>
Corbett Report
SHOW NOTES AND MP3: <a href=""></a>
They walk among us. <strong>On the outside. they’re just like you and me, but on the inside they are unfeeling automatons who care only for themselves.</strong> They are the psychopaths, and they are in control of our governments, our corporations, our military and all of the positions of power. Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we delve into Political Ponerology, a diagnosis of our politicians and a brief look at the bigger picture.See also:Psychopaths Rule Our World
— Paul Craig Roberts<a href="">Media</a>“We are ruled by mindless, insane psychopaths,” Paul Craig Roberts tells us in a recent article. “These dumbshits are likely to get us all blown off the face of the earth. Don’t expect to live much longer.”The word “psychopath” has been tossed around so liberally nowadays that it has almost lost its ability to shock us any longer. Thus we learn that the two most powerful men in the world, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, are both incorrigible psychopaths. Curiously enough, both these “psychopaths” are adored by large numbers of people in their respective countries, though Trump considerably less so than Putin.Reportedly Donald Trump, in true psychopathic mode, is right now planning a first strike nuclear attack on Russia:At a recent Moscow security conference. Lt. Gen. Viktor Poznihir, Deputy Chief of the Main Operations Directorate of the Russian Armed Forces, stated at the Moscow International Security Conference that the Operations Command of the Russian General Staff has concluded that Washington is preparing a nuclear first strike on Russia.Another deeply disturbing report indicative of incendiary psychopathic behavior emanating from America is the news that:“the US is collecting Russian DNA for the US Air Force weapons laboratory, the implication being that the US intends to research if a bio-weapon can be created that only targets Russians. Neither of these startling developments were reported in the US media.One would think that the White House would have been on the telephone to Putin giving reassurances that the US is not planning a surprise nuclear attack on Russia. One would think that the publication of US contracts for Russian DNA and Putin’s public statement about it would have immediately resulted in President Trump ordering a halt to the Russian DNA project. But not a peep.Instead, the morons ruling us are content to send two back-to-back messages to Russia that we intend to wipe out Russia. Can you imagine anything more reckless and irresponsible than to convince a nuclear power that you have targeted them for destruction?<a href="">Psychopaths Rule Our World</a>And:<strong>Why Do Psychopaths Dominate Politics?</strong>
A while back, your intrepid philosopher – webmaster here had the opportunity to engage in a political discussion with a highly uninformed acquaintance named Ron. He was telling me of <strong>his inside knowledge of how corrupt the Mayor of his small town is.</strong> His serious allegations didn’t surprise me at all. Always trying to steer people towards the “big picture,” your tireless activist here stated to Ron that at least half of the people who enter politics are actual psychopaths to begin with. And the worst of the worst inevitably reach the higher levels of government (Congress, Senate, Governors etc) — with at least 80% of the high climbers being hard core psychopaths. Not in the metaphorical sense — I mean true clinical psychopaths, albeit officially undiagnosed. These are the type of individuals who should either be straight-jacketed and institutionalized in lunatic asylums, or locked away…
#AceNewsReport – Feb.03: The government will introduce emergency legislation to prevent terrorists from automatically being released from prison before serving all of their sentence: Justice secretary Robert Buckland also said those jailed for terror offences will have to appear before the parole board before they can be released @SkyNews reports. Boris Admits ‘Really Very Few’ […]

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