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Forwarded from Laura S
We have a TRO temporary restraining order that has been granted by the court for the CVRs!!!!!!!

A hearing on a Preliminary Injunction shall be held within ten days of the date of this
Order. Specifically, the hearing will be held on September 7, 2022 at 9:30 am at the Richland
County Courthouse before the Honorable Alison Renee Lee.

Motion for Temporary Restraining Order is GRANTED. Plaintiffs shall serve Defendants with a
copy of this Order.
"One of the most American things I’ve ever seen. Veteran, shirtless, sandals, big gun, protecting his property. It checks all the boxes" - Youtube Commenter

There was a firefight in a suburban neighborhood in Jonesboro, Georgia, where Whitfield Smith, a US Navy veteran who served in Afghanistan, fended off 3 gunmen on foot and two in a vehicle. Whitfield fired a warning shot with his Hi-Point 995 then braved the theater shirtless with pajama bottoms and a pair of flip flops. He was met with gun fire, so he dropped back for cover and to grab his AR-15. The thugs took off before Whitfield returned and secured the area- there were no casualties.

Whitfield's bravery and Americanist example gives us the honor to present to him the title of "2A For Today Modern Militiaman!"

I'm a pro war pacifist 👌🏿
"All it takes for evil to triumph..."
If a cast ballôt is not public, but is considered private (so not subject to FOIA) then give me mine back

If you don't know which one is mine then what's the problem?

Give them all to us if you can't identify mine.
Somebody create a FOIA document quick, so every individual in SC who voted in the 2020 ęləctiəns can FOIA their private ballot held by the SEC
Someone has counterfeited my channel. Looks like I have finally arrived on Telegram lol

Do not accept an "Add Contact" request from me, because I am not sending those to anyone.

Be sure to use the "Block User" tools and report that account. That picture of me is ONLY used for my Telegram Broadcast channel.
Hats off to Governor "Ron the Don" DeSantis!!
Molon Labe suckas...
Case law giving more power to bureaucrats to execute tyranny than citizens to defend against it is the real threat to our Republic

Click the following link and join us in this strategy to fix it!
Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!
Family, Inheritance, Parental Authority, God Given Liberties, National Identity, Natural Law...

These are labeled FAR RIGHT values by their opponents 🤔
"When you tell one lie, it leads to another
So you tell two lies to cover each other
Then you tell three lies and, Oh Brother,
You're in trouble up to your ears!

So you tell four lies to try to protect you
Then you tell five lies so folks won't suspect you
Then you tell six lies and you'll collect
A life filled with worries and fears

'Cause you can't remember how many lies you've told
And half the things you say aren't true
And sometime you'll slip up, you'll trip up and then
Whatever will become of you?

So you lie and lie without even trying
And each lie you tell will keep multiplying
'Till the whole wide world will know you're lying
Then you'll be
And you should!

When you lie, you're closing the door
On everything good" - When You Tell One Lie by Inside Out
Absolutely honored to be elected First Vice Chair of the Lexington County Republican Party tonight 🇺🇲

My wife and Chairman Craig Caldwell swore me in and my kids were there to witness it ❤️