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Argentinian Government Excludes Crypto Investors From Buying Dollars

The Argentinian Central Bank has issued a new set of restrictions that are affecting citizens and companies that have purchased cryptocurrency to use it as a hedge against currency devaluation. The bank will only sell dollars at an official rate to individuals and companies that have not purchased crypto for at least 90 days prior to the operation, with the objective of curbing the rise in the exchange rate.

Argentinian Crypto Users Excluded From Buying Dollars in Official MarketsThe Argentinian government is trying to stop the escalade that the exchange rate of the blue dollar, the price of the U.S. dollar in informal markets in the country, has had since some weeks ago. The Argentinian Central Bank has issued a resolution that excludes companies and individuals that have purchased cryptocurrencies from accessing dollars at the official rate.

The communication, identified with the number 7552, declares that access to the official dollar markets will be open to individuals and companies that:

Have not delivered funds in local currency or other local assets (except funds in foreign currency deposited in local financial entities) to any human or legal person, resident or non-resident, related or not, receiving as prior or subsequent consideration, directly or indirectly, by itself or through a related, controlled or controlling entity, foreign assets, crypto assets or securities deposited abroad.

These restrictions will have to be fulfilled 90 days prior to the purchase of dollars in the official market.

Closing the Loophole and Local ReactionsAccording to local sources, the new set of restrictions would be directed to close the loophole that some organizations use by leveraging the exchange control channels to benefit themselves, purchasing cheap dollars at an official rate, and then using these to buy cryptocurrencies to exchange them at a higher rate. The Argentinian Central Bank also introduced a new restriction that forbids buyers of these dollars to purchase any cryptocurrency in the 90 days after the operation, to avoid the situations described.

The reactions of the Argentinians were mostly negative, with some questioning the effectiveness of such a measure. Agustin Monteverde, an economist, criticized the logic behind this measure. He stated:

The measure is arbitrary and discretionary. It is not understood why whoever bought a certain merchandise (because that is what cryptos are) cannot access the exchange market.

The measure started being applied last July 22, and Argentinians are already seeking to migrate from traditional exchanges, that have to inform about crypto transactions, to peer-to-peer-based exchanges, where the transactions can be private between two parties.
Forwarded from CryptoSoul
Get a free NFT land in the new metauniverse RIGHT NOW!

Friends, last year we were actively working on our metauniverse Crypto Soul World. And now, it's time to announce the imminent launch of this ambitious project! Right now you can buy CSW token on PancakeSwap early presale. In a month this token will be added to centralized exchanges like Kucoin and Huobi, and in December we plan a listing on Binance.

CSW is a metauniverse utility token with which you can buy NFT land and NFT characters in Crypto Soul World universe. Details about the universe itself are still under wraps, but we will be publishing a Lite Paper very soon.

1. Go to
2. Find a pair BNB/CSW (CSW contract address: 0xA62106602B7F0ced0101F497F60E5Ad7AAc3DCBE)
3. Swap 10 000 CSW tokens or more and hold it at your wallet until the metauniverse launch.

When the universe is launched, each CSW token holder will receive an NFT plot of land at the rate of 10 000 tokens = 1 NFT! For example, if you buy and hold 50 000 CSW tokens, you will receive 5 NFT when the metauniverse is launched!

Hurry up, only 800,000 tokens are available for sale right now. Max 80 NFT plots will be distributed among all presale participants.

The metauniverse is scheduled to launch on September 1.
Forwarded from CryptoSoul

Less than a month remains before the public release of our metaverse Crypto Soul World. Upon release to centralized exchanges, the price of the CSW token will start at $0.5 per token. Now there is a presale of token on PancakeSwap exchange, only 800,000 tokens are sold now on special conditions for members of our community.

Everyone who buys 10,000 tokens on the PancakeSwap exchange and holds tokens by September 1 will receive 1 NFT value for every 10,000 tokens to their wallet.

Right now the price of a token is only $0.01 and continues to rise due to high demand.

1. Go to
2. Find a pair BNB/CSW (CSW contract address: 0xA62106602B7F0ced0101F497F60E5Ad7AAc3DCBE)
3. Swap 10 000 CSW tokens or more and hold it at your wallet until the project launch.
Forwarded from CryptoSoul
Get a piece of NFT land in the Crypto Soul World metaverse!

Everyone who buys 10,000 tokens CSW on the PancakeSwap exchange and holds tokens till the 1st of September will receive 1 NFT value for every 10,000 tokens to their wallet.

Right now the price of a token is only $0.01 and continues to rise due to high demand.

1. Go to
2. Find a pair BNB/CSW (CSW contract address: 0xA62106602B7F0ced0101F497F60E5Ad7AAc3DCBE)
3. Swap 10 000 CSW tokens or more and hold it at your wallet until the project launch.
Here’s the Worst Case Scenario for Bitcoin and Crypto Markets, According to Analyst Benjamin Cowen

Analyst Benjamin Cowen is detailing a potential worst case scenario for Bitcoin and the crypto markets at large.

In a new video to his 765,000 YouTube subscribers, Cowen looks at the dot-com bubble’s infamous burst for clues on where digital asset markets may end up.

Looking at the total market cap of all crypto assets, the analyst says the current pullback could continue to drop to about the $760 billion mark.

At that point, Cowen says a 60% bounce would be proportional to a bounce witnessed in the dot-com era, bringing the total market cap back to the $1 trillion level.
Gala Games Announces Launch Date for Spider Tanks

PRESS RELEASE. Jackson, Wyoming (August 29, 2022) – Gala Games, the leading pioneer in web3 entertainment and blockchain gaming, today announced that Spider Tanks, the first Web3 PvP esports brawler, will launch on October 31, 2022 as the debut game on Project GYRI, Gala Games’ proprietary games-first blockchain. In anticipation of the launch, starting today Gala is kicking off a limited time sale for its Spider Tanks Planetary Nodes.

Planetary Nodes will be operated by community members who have purchased licenses in this sale. In return for using their computing resources to power the decentralized Spider Tanks ecosystem, Node operator-owners will earn regular rewards. More information about Planetary Nodes can be found at Gala.Games.
DOJ Joins Other Regulators in Objecting to Celsius’ Motion To Return Funds

Bankrupt lending platform Celsius Network has hit another obstacle in its bid to navigate bankruptcy proceedings, as the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) has filed an objection to a motion. The DOJ has objected to Celsius’ bid to restart withdrawals for select customers and its desire to sell its stablecoin holdings. Celsius is looking to return $48 million worth of assets to customers.

The DOJ submitted the filing to the Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York. William Harrington, the U.S. Trustee for the DOJ, said there was a lack of transparency and that any critical decisions cannot happen without some more insight into Celsius’ finances.
Payments Giant Visa Partners With for New NFT Collection

Digital payments company Visa is auctioning soccer-themed non-fungible tokens (NFT) on digital asset exchange ahead of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

The payments giant is holding the Visa Masters of Movement auction to benefit Street Child United, a charity working to change the negative perceptions of street children.

During the auction period from November 1st to 8th, fans can bid on the dynamic NFTs that feature the World Cup goals of five legendary footballers, namely Jared Borgetti of Mexico, Tim Cahill of Australia, Carli Lloyd of the US, Michael Owen of England and Maxi Rodriguez of Argentina.
Binance CEO CZ Blasts Kevin O’Leary For Supposedly Defending FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao “CZ” has criticized renowned TV personality and investor Kevin O’Leary for seemingly defending Sam Bankman-Fried, the former CEO of cash-beleaguered crypto exchange FTX.

In a thread of tweets today, CZ called out O’Leary, accusing him of promoting a scam exchange in exchange for a few bucks.
‘Most Cryptocurrencies Will Fail’, Warns SEC’s Gary Gensler

Gary Gensler, chair of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, has warned investors against dabbling with cryptocurrencies, likening the asset class to “the wild west”. 

Speaking alongside SEC commissioner Caroline Crenshaw during a Wednesday meeting with US Army on Twitter spaces, Gensler advised the soldiers against getting caught up in the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) narrative that is being driven around cryptocurrencies. According to him, the fact that cryptocurrencies were largely non-compliant with basic US financial regulations, highly speculative and volatile, disqualified them as worthy investment vehicles.
Old Fashion Research (OFR)’s Crypto Veterans Acquires Premier NFT Collection, 0N1 Force

Blockchain investment firm Old Fashion Research (OFR) has revealed that the crypto veterans it leads have joined forces with a comic-focused NFT collection, 0N1 Force.

According to the announcement, the crypto veterans had purchased the 0N1 Force NFT collection at an undisclosed amount. Nonetheless, the team has expressed excitement about the privilege of becoming owners of the premier NFT collection, 0N1 Force, especially because of its creative narratives.
One in Three US Crypto Investors Fell Victim to Fraudulent Websites or Investment Scams: Kaspersky Study

A new survey conducted by Kaspersky indicates one in three US digital asset investors have had their crypto stolen.

The Russian cybersecurity firm surveyed 2,000 American adults about crypto last October.

Kaspersky notes that 24% of the respondents said they currently own crypto assets.
US on Rapid Path to Default, Triggering Other Countries To Dump Dollar: Former Congressman Ron Paul

Former Congressman Ron Paul says the US will inevitably be forced to default on its mountain of debt, which now amounts to more than $31 trillion.

Paul, a former presidential candidate and an icon in liberterian circles, says in a new YouTube update that the US has already been slowly defaulting on its debt for years.

He says that the effects of the US moving off the gold standard in 1971 and the subsequent endless money printing are finally beginning to manifest in practical and noticeable ways, and that the US is starting to look more and more weak to its rivals on the world stage, ultimately triggering a dump of the dollar
T-Mobile’s Parent Company Becomes Validator on Polygon (MATIC) Network

The parent company of one of the biggest cell service providers in the US is becoming a validator on layer-2 scaling network Polygon (MATIC).

In a new company announcement, Deutsche Telekom, the conglomerate that owns telecommunications giant T-Mobile, says it will begin validating nodes for Polygon, just like it’s been doing for other prominent crypto assets.
Fuck memecoins, says PSYCHO. Yep, you heard that right. Here's why it got our attention:

• Provocative? Absolutely, PSYCHO ain't afraid to challenge the status quo.
• Strong community? 100%. Bunch of defiant spirits rallying behind the coin. Our kind of crowd.
Launched? May 29th
• Results so far? 750 holders, $3.5m market cap.
• CEX listing? First listing on MEXC today at 12pm UTC.
• Next CEXs? They are in contact with Bybit, Huobi, OKX
• Tokenomics? Crystal clear. 90% for DEX liquidity, 5% for CEX, 5% for the community. No BS.

DYOR, but from my side, this might be a massive pump. Don't forget to thank me later.

🧿 Rating: coinmarketcap
💰 Buy: uniswap, mexc
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SEC Says BlackRock and Fidelity’s Spot Bitcoin ETF Filings Are Unclear and Incomprehensive: Report

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is reportedly saying that BlackRock and Fidelity’s applications for a spot Bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded fund (ETF) are unclear and incomprehensive.

According to a new report by The Wall Street Journal, the regulatory agency recently told Nasdaq and the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), who filed the applications on behalf of the firms, that the applications are inadequate.
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$262,000,000,000 in Deposits Exits JPMorgan, Wells Fargo, BofA and Citi in One Year As Government Reveals Collapse of Another US Bank

America’s biggest banks are witnessing a contraction of customer deposits as another regional bank is forced to close its doors.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) says Heartland Tri-State Bank of Elkhart, Kansas, failed on July 28th.

All customer deposits have been transferred to Dream First Bank, National Association (N.A.), also based in Kansas.
Coinbase Launches Crypto Lending Service for Institutional Investors

Digital asset exchange Coinbase will be offering cryptocurrency loans to institutions in the United States. With the new service, the leading U.S. crypto trading platform seeks to fill the market gap opened by the collapse of companies like Celsius, Genesis, and Blockfi.

Crypto Exchange Coinbase Starts Offering Crypto Loans to InstitutionsCryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has launched a crypto lending service targeted at large institutional investors in the U.S., Bloomberg reported, noting that the move is aimed at capitalizing on the void left by the bankruptcies of major platforms in this sector.

According to a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), $57 million have been invested already in the lending program by customers of Coinbase Prime, the exchange’s brokerage platform that allows institutional players to execute trades and custody assets.