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CEX.IO Exchange has reduced the fees for withdrawal to Visa cards to 2.5%

Currently, this is the lowest commission for withdrawal to Visa cards among all cryptocurrency exchanges. This promotion will not last long, so hurry to take advantage of this opportunity and register right now!
Bybit Is Now Offering 3% Bonuses on Deposits

Traders who have yet to join cryptocurrency exchange, Bybit can now enjoy 3% bonuses on their first time deposits, capped at $3,000 per user. In addition, traders with combined trading volumes in both Spot and Derivatives of at least $100,000 will be automatically included in an exclusive lucky draw featuring a grand prize of 0.1 BTC.To be eligible to receive the bonuses, traders must first register for Bybit’s Deposit Blast-Off event here before Nov. 18, 2021, 10AM UTC. Once registered, traders must make a minimum deposit of $500 worth of eligible assets within seven (7) days for their deposits to be considered in the calculation of their rewards. Any deposits made after this timeframe will not be considered in the calculation of their reward. Among the eligible assets include BTC, ETH, BIT, USDT, XRP, DOGE, DOT, EOS, LTC, XLM, AAVE, AXS, CHZ, COMP, DYDX, LINK, MANA, MKR, SUSHI, UNI and YFI. To qualify for the lucky draw, traders will need to hit the minimum trading volume of $100,000 in both Spot and Derivatives combined before Nov. 25, 2021, 10AM UTC.Additionally, they will also need to register for the Deposit Blast-Off event before it ends. One (1) lucky winner will win the grand prize of 0.1 BTC, and two (2) others will receive 1 ETH each. The remaining 100 lucky winners will receive either a 100 USDT bonus or a 50 USDT bonus. Terms and conditions apply. More information on this event can be found on the Bybit blog.

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Fueled by Student and Industry Demand, Higher Ed Must Pivot Towards Emerging Technologies, Including Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

The University of Southern California is laying out a blueprint to maintain relevance in a topsy-turvy world that dictates that students be able to think critically and respond to external stimuli.

I think we can all agree that it isn’t fair. Students engaging in the college experience during this pandemic have received the short end of the stick. Yet, what they’ve lost in the typical social experience, they may make up for in resiliency – perhaps the most important attribute of a new hire.
Ertha Land NFTs Achieve Incredible Milestones While On Private Sale

ERTHA, a unique P2E (play to earn) and P2L (play to learn) gaming Metaverse project has announced the attainment of several milestones even while still in its private NFT sale round.

The unique Play-to-Earn and Play-to-Learn features combine perks up the adrenaline receptors of future gamers while also triggering them to think about upcoming strategies.

Being a 3D virtual representation of a futuristic planet Earth, divided into 350,000 unique land plot NFTs that differs in resources and features, the project revealed it has achieved incredible product-market fit. This is because the project has won the interest of many as landowners are seeking to join a persistent, life-like simulation where they can build their homes, customize their environment, participate in politics, and earn real income by creating and driving the in-game economy. Erthaverse exclusively offers this, as such, investors are not willing to miss chances with the ongoing private sale.
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IMF Issues Fresh Warning To El Salvador Over Bitcoin Adoption But President Bukele Focuses On The Positives

El Salvador’s adoption of Bitcoin in September did not go down well with several organizations. The IMF in particular has repeatedly issued warnings to the government that the decision could spell economic doom for the small nation.

The Latest WarningsThe IMF has continued to voice its disapproval of El Salvador’s Bitcoin adoption but the latest warning comes with plenty of positives. The warning was contained in the concluding statement of a successful mission undertaken by the IMF staff and begins by noting the significant strides taken by the government in ensuring economic stability after the pandemic.

The report took a grim turn when it broached the issue of Bitcoin and the accompanying Chivo wallet. Although it noted that Bitcoin and Chivo can improve payments and foster financial inclusion, there are still inherent risks in such a system. The report noted the risks against consumer protection, financial integrity, and financial stability that could be the catalyst for “fiscal contingent liabilities.”
Bitcoin: El Salvador Will Make History As The Starter Of A True Revolution, President Bukele Strongly Asserts

Key Takeaways

The president expects the country’s Bitcoin adoption to usher in an economic turnaround. His response to the country’s critics comes after El Salvador added another 21 Bitcoins to its reserve. El Salvador is on its way to seeing a massive change in its economy due to the adoption of Bitcoin according to the country’s president, Nayib Bukele.

The president reiterated his confidence in the direction he is leading his country in. El Salvador under his leadership adopted Bitcoin as legal tender in September after months of planning and a majority vote in the country’s parliament. In a tweet yesterday, he stated that while the world had tagged El Salvador’s move as “The Bitcoin Experiment”, he expects that the country will prove to the world that mass adoption can change a country’s economy. 
IRS Special Agent on Crypto: ‘We See Mountains of Fraud in This Area’

A special agent with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) says the tax agency is “seeing mountains and mountains of fraud” in the cryptocurrency space. The IRS criminal investigation unit is trying to train all of its agents on crypto and non-fungible token (NFT) issues because “this space is the future,” he stressed.

IRS Special Agent Says Crypto Is Rife With ‘Mountains and Mountains of Fraud’A special agent in charge of the IRS’ criminal investigation division in Los Angeles, Ryan Korner, talked about cryptocurrency at a virtual event hosted by the USC Gould School of Law Tuesday. He was quoted by Bloomberg as saying:

We’re just seeing mountains and mountains of fraud in this area.
Token of rewards launchpad BSCBay (BSCB) listed on Pancakeswap 

BSCBay, a new Binance Smart Chain (BSC)-based decentralized launchpad that automatically rewards its users in USDT, announced its native token is now available on Pancakeswap.

DEXPad, BSCBay’s rewards launchpad is at the core of the ecosystem. It offers a platform for token developers to showcase their products and attract new investors.
Terra’s Bitcoin Stash Just Smashed Past $1.4 Billion

The latest BTC inflows to the bitcoin address affiliated with the Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) have confirmed the acquisition of an additional 2,940 BTC worth nearly $140 million according to the current BTC/USD rate.

According to WuBlockchain, prior to the transaction, the Luna Foundation purchased around $140 million USDT as a purchase fund, via its Binance address. The blockchain information provided by BitInfoCharts shows accumulated BTC worth over $1.44 billion with a total number of 69 transactions made during the period from January 21st, 2022-March 30th, 2022.
Bitcoin Could Hit $1M and Gold $10k to $20k by 2030 – Former Bitmex CEO


Arthur Hayes has forecasted that Bitcoin could get to $1 million and Gold to $10,000 to $20,000 by the end of the decadeMr. Hayes’ forecast of Bitcoin and Gold is based on an event he describes as ‘the Doom Loop’The Doom Loop is when the US Federal Reserve starts to pay ‘more in interest on its debt than it receives in tax receipts’Accommodating the Doom Loop will involve the Fed easing its measures in fighting inflationThe Co-founder and former CEO of Bitmex, Arthur Hayes, has forecasted that Bitcoin could get to $1 million and Gold to $10,000 to $20,000 by the end of the decade.

Bitcoin to hit $1M Due to The US Federal Reserve Heading Towards a Doom LoopMr. Hayes’ forecast of Bitcoin and Gold was shared in his most recent Medium blog post where he explained that the values he quoted are hinged upon what he called ‘the Doom Loop’ happening in the United States. The Doom Loop will occur due to the Federal Reserve starting to pay more interest on its debt than it receives in tax receipts. He said:

The Federal government will soon pay more in interest on its debt than it receives in tax receipts if it’s forced to pay an interest rate that is much higher than today’s.
Coinweb is one of the most promising projects

Now the price of CWEB token on exchanges and Kucoin grows against the market. The project is the killer of DOT and similar services. Now its price is only $0.02, although at the start of trading a few months ago it was worth more than $0.2. Analysts agree that the token could be worth more than $0.5 by the fall, and will reach $1 in 2023.
Japan exchange Coincheck lists SAND, the crypto asset of The Sandbox metaverse

Animoca Brands, the company advancing digital property rights for gaming and the metaverse, and its subsidiary The Sandbox, a leading decentralized virtual world, today announced the listing of SAND on Coincheck, the largest crypto trading exchange in Japan.

Coincheck users can now access SAND on Coincheck in the markets of SAND/JPY and SAND/BTC.
Crypto payment processor CoinsPaid increases capital reserves to 5M EUR

CoinsPaid, an Estonia-based crypto payment processor, today announced that it has raised its capital reserves to 5 million euros. Operating from tech-savvy Estonia, CoinsPaid increased its capital due to new compliance requirements for cryptocurrency companies.

The 5 million euro capital raise was made organically and did not require any external funding. Furthermore, this capital increase is twenty times more than the new regulation’s requirements.
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Argentinian Government Excludes Crypto Investors From Buying Dollars

The Argentinian Central Bank has issued a new set of restrictions that are affecting citizens and companies that have purchased cryptocurrency to use it as a hedge against currency devaluation. The bank will only sell dollars at an official rate to individuals and companies that have not purchased crypto for at least 90 days prior to the operation, with the objective of curbing the rise in the exchange rate.

Argentinian Crypto Users Excluded From Buying Dollars in Official MarketsThe Argentinian government is trying to stop the escalade that the exchange rate of the blue dollar, the price of the U.S. dollar in informal markets in the country, has had since some weeks ago. The Argentinian Central Bank has issued a resolution that excludes companies and individuals that have purchased cryptocurrencies from accessing dollars at the official rate.

The communication, identified with the number 7552, declares that access to the official dollar markets will be open to individuals and companies that:

Have not delivered funds in local currency or other local assets (except funds in foreign currency deposited in local financial entities) to any human or legal person, resident or non-resident, related or not, receiving as prior or subsequent consideration, directly or indirectly, by itself or through a related, controlled or controlling entity, foreign assets, crypto assets or securities deposited abroad.

These restrictions will have to be fulfilled 90 days prior to the purchase of dollars in the official market.

Closing the Loophole and Local ReactionsAccording to local sources, the new set of restrictions would be directed to close the loophole that some organizations use by leveraging the exchange control channels to benefit themselves, purchasing cheap dollars at an official rate, and then using these to buy cryptocurrencies to exchange them at a higher rate. The Argentinian Central Bank also introduced a new restriction that forbids buyers of these dollars to purchase any cryptocurrency in the 90 days after the operation, to avoid the situations described.

The reactions of the Argentinians were mostly negative, with some questioning the effectiveness of such a measure. Agustin Monteverde, an economist, criticized the logic behind this measure. He stated:

The measure is arbitrary and discretionary. It is not understood why whoever bought a certain merchandise (because that is what cryptos are) cannot access the exchange market.

The measure started being applied last July 22, and Argentinians are already seeking to migrate from traditional exchanges, that have to inform about crypto transactions, to peer-to-peer-based exchanges, where the transactions can be private between two parties.
Forwarded from CryptoSoul
Get a free NFT land in the new metauniverse RIGHT NOW!

Friends, last year we were actively working on our metauniverse Crypto Soul World. And now, it's time to announce the imminent launch of this ambitious project! Right now you can buy CSW token on PancakeSwap early presale. In a month this token will be added to centralized exchanges like Kucoin and Huobi, and in December we plan a listing on Binance.

CSW is a metauniverse utility token with which you can buy NFT land and NFT characters in Crypto Soul World universe. Details about the universe itself are still under wraps, but we will be publishing a Lite Paper very soon.

1. Go to
2. Find a pair BNB/CSW (CSW contract address: 0xA62106602B7F0ced0101F497F60E5Ad7AAc3DCBE)
3. Swap 10 000 CSW tokens or more and hold it at your wallet until the metauniverse launch.

When the universe is launched, each CSW token holder will receive an NFT plot of land at the rate of 10 000 tokens = 1 NFT! For example, if you buy and hold 50 000 CSW tokens, you will receive 5 NFT when the metauniverse is launched!

Hurry up, only 800,000 tokens are available for sale right now. Max 80 NFT plots will be distributed among all presale participants.

The metauniverse is scheduled to launch on September 1.
Forwarded from CryptoSoul

Less than a month remains before the public release of our metaverse Crypto Soul World. Upon release to centralized exchanges, the price of the CSW token will start at $0.5 per token. Now there is a presale of token on PancakeSwap exchange, only 800,000 tokens are sold now on special conditions for members of our community.

Everyone who buys 10,000 tokens on the PancakeSwap exchange and holds tokens by September 1 will receive 1 NFT value for every 10,000 tokens to their wallet.

Right now the price of a token is only $0.01 and continues to rise due to high demand.

1. Go to
2. Find a pair BNB/CSW (CSW contract address: 0xA62106602B7F0ced0101F497F60E5Ad7AAc3DCBE)
3. Swap 10 000 CSW tokens or more and hold it at your wallet until the project launch.
Forwarded from CryptoSoul
Get a piece of NFT land in the Crypto Soul World metaverse!

Everyone who buys 10,000 tokens CSW on the PancakeSwap exchange and holds tokens till the 1st of September will receive 1 NFT value for every 10,000 tokens to their wallet.

Right now the price of a token is only $0.01 and continues to rise due to high demand.

1. Go to
2. Find a pair BNB/CSW (CSW contract address: 0xA62106602B7F0ced0101F497F60E5Ad7AAc3DCBE)
3. Swap 10 000 CSW tokens or more and hold it at your wallet until the project launch.