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Welcome to the official Telegram channel of ZUBR digital asset derivatives exchange for experienced traders. We thrive to provide our clients with the industry top standard trading experience and infrastructure. We will be using this platform to communicate key milestones, release news and address your questions.
Markets have adapted to better price discovery even on days of extreme price volatility, making arbitrage strategies no longer the ‘go-to’.

ZUBR’s report, covering data from 2017 to 2019, examines price discovery, market development and the relationship between volatility and liquidity based on trading volumes across regulated exchanges under a macro and micro lens.

Opportunities from price swings have halved in three years

You can read the full report, ‘Examination of Bitcoin liquidity, price discovery and market place development’, in our blog
here: https://blog.zubr.io/examination-of-bitcoin-liquidity-price-discovery-and-market-place-development/
Markets are very orderly. While the price of bitcoin makes for a roller coaster, the opportunity for the price to go up is just as much as it can go down. And trading volumes across exchanges globally react in the same way. Nobody is sleeping.

US markets pushing bitcoin price daily highs gives it more velocity to continue going up. Asia, on the other hand, shows a 7 in10 chance it will fall.

You can read the full report, ‘US Bitcoin Price Highs Drives Staying Power as Asian Attempts Sputter’, in our blog
Our CEO, Ilgar Alekperov, spoke to Anna Reitman from Securities Finance Monitor, highlighting our commitment to follow strict regulatory processes, and how we will be fighting against crypto wash trades. He also spoke about the findings of our latest reports: the disappearance of arbitrage opportunities from the crypto market, and divergence between the way the US and Asia trade off price movements. You can read the full article here: https://finadium.com/taming-the-wild-east-whats-happening-for-institutional-crypto/
Hi everyone! We launched ZUBR to give you easy access to professional trading services for crypto derivatives market. Here you can trade fast and cheap with a flat one basis point (0.01%) fee for ALL clients. Execute your strategies taking advantage of our infrastructure and compete with large algorithmic trading firms and individual traders. Trade on fair terms. Please follow the link to start trading. https://zubr.io
Our CEO, Ilgar Alekperov spoke to Wendy Lisney from Global Investor about our ongoing commitment to achieving regulated status in Europe. We have already set our own strict pre-regulation standards so that our clients receive a highly secure and professional service that they are used to from traditional market platforms. You can read the full article here (but please note, it is behind a paywall) :
ZUBR to become the first live digital derivatives platform to have been successfully tested by Exactpro
A report on Bitcoin “maker-taker” pricing models, published today by digital assets derivatives exchange ZUBR, reveals that best execution practices are being smothered while disadvantaging long-term investors.
ZUBR’s report, covering data from 2010 to 2020, examines asymmetric fees, current and future implications for traders and the effect the maker-taker pricing model has had on Bitcoin and market maturity.