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Bitcoin enters June in grand fashion and extremely strong as May closes in at the highest levels of derivative volumes and open-interest at levels seen just before peak this year. Read more in our latest state of crypto markets.
S&P 500 Futures look like they'll be kicking off to a sharp drop within the hour. #Bitcoin has dropped ahead of market open. But last week saw the #cryptocurrency correlation weaken. Will market bears tether it back to traditional markets? Read more: https://medium.com/@zubr_exchange/state-of-cryptocurrency-markets-c43b07788a41
#Bitcoin & gold are now correlated back to levels seen before global markets turned in February this year. Read more in our latest State of cryptocurrency markets. https://medium.com/@zubr_exchange/state-of-cryptocurrency-markets-23c7c39af092
Bitcoin futures trading volumes dropped to their lowest in June for the year. But a revival can be seen as the cryptocurrency has doubled the open-interest since its fall from March. Read more in our latest state of cryptocurrency markets. https://medium.com/@zubr_exchange/state-of-cryptocurrency-markets-ca120f04fd59
Only 18 days has Bitcoin been able to bob its head above the $10k line in 2020. Can it hold after staying within the $9-10k bracket for 45 days straight?
In our latest research, we look at #Bitcoin's daily movements and found a remarkable 'mirror effec𝐭' that can be useful in trading strategy. Read the full research and data from our dedicated research arm: https://blog.zubr.io/assessing-bitcoins-baseline-demand-through-trading-and-volatility/
#Bitcoin futures tradings has breached the $3 Trillion mark in 2020. This is over 30% more than all of 2019, with nearly half the year left on the calendar. More data on our Medium: https://medium.com/state-of-cryptocurrency-markets
As other cryptocurrency exchanges find trouble, we would like to let our clients know that, at ZUBR, we pride ourselves on the delivery of an institutional-grade trading environment – that’s why we are the first live digital derivatives platform to be successfully tested by ex-LSE Group testing firm, Exactpro Systems.

The ZUBR exchange, located in the same data centre as other tier 1 trading platforms, will never experience hardware outages. Not only are we capable of resetting our hardware remotely, we have 2xN back-ups and our infrastructure is self-managed, which means we are not dependent on a third party. Our high-performing digital asset derivatives exchange is aimed at experienced traders exploiting quantitative algorithmic and latency-sensitive trading strategies, and provides a robust enterprise-level service for traders seeking a fair and reliable gateway to digital asset markets.
Read our latest round-up of the arguments put forth by various blockchain analytics firms on the direciton #Bitcoin could potentially take: https://medium.com/state-of-cryptocurrency-markets/great-takes-arguments-for-bitcoins-direction-9a922cfda487
Read our latest commentary published by e-forex magazine: #Crypto & #Bitcoin Derivatives Market Evolution: Where we are, and where we need to be.

#Bitcoin arbitrage without risk? Why prime-brokers will change everything. We write our thoughts as we announce our integration with Copper ClearLoop.