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This is Group XimBlock telegram, please note that we only exchange civilizations in the project. Website: https://ximblock.io
Channel Link : https://t.me/XimBlockProject
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Welcome to the XimBlock Project #XIM, to find out the best details about this great project, please visit our :
website: https://ximblock.io
Some links for you to refer to here:
Github: https://github.com/XimBlockProject
Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5059538.0
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ximblockproject
XimBlock #XIM will definitely be a great project in the future .
Name Coin : XimBlock
Symbol : XIM .
PoS (Proof - of - Stake) .
With XimBlock you can make money right on your
"Wallet Masternode" .
Running Staking requires a minimum of 2000XIM in
your wallet .
Block reward: 300 XIM to miner, 300 XIM to masternode owner , all block .
Blocktime: 1minute .
Transfer completion time: 30s - 2minute .
Minimum number of transfer: 0.00003 XIM .
Maximum number of transfer: 4,000,000,000 XIM .
Transfer cost: 0.00003 XIM is minimum 0.0001 XIM per kB .

Max Supply : 18,818,000,000.000000 XIM .
Circulating Supply : 12,818,000,000.000000 XIM .
Dev hold and Promotion : 2,818,000,000 XIM = 15% .
Community hold : 10,000,000,000XIM = 52,8% .
Proof-Of-Stake (Masternode and Miner ) : 6,000,000,000 XIM =32,2% .
Telegram talk group :
Why XimBlock was born?

Start from unreasonable things, it makes us think headache, anxious, complaining . We can mention : You are spent more time for standard payment, service cost is too high, stolen information, personal needs are revealed ... The trend of society is impossible to avoid, with the creativity of mankind: Blockchain really solved those problems. Reach the pinnacle of technology, XimBLock was born, bringing a perfect payment solution. Fast payment speed, low cost, absolute security with few touches on smart phone.

XimBlock Decentralized Exchange:
XimBlock develops trading platforms that have leverage to buy LONG and sell SHORT , used for both Bitcoin and Altcoin , XIM plays the role of receiving intermediary fees. XimBlock technology development called RuPE (RuPE - a simple, fast, private, and fair technology in business transactions). RuPE is used in the decentralized exchange of XimBlock.