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Buena conciencia de marca para YAAAS ☺️

🤩 Another amazing creator Vinnie Hacker (Tiktok/Twitch/Instagram/Youtube) - now on board of the YEAY app and starting to earn $WOM 🤑 for recommending products he really likes!

Check out his first video:

🔥 WOM Protocol‘s founder & CEO, Melanie Mohr, will also speak at the Gulf Blockchain Week in Dubai! Check out this top speaker line up! Justin Sun / CEO Tron & Bittorent - Mance Harmon / CEO Hedera Hashgraph - Tone Vays / top crypto analyst and trader - to name just a few 🔥

World Blockchain Summit from Trescon is coming back to #Dubai and WOM Protocol’s founder and CEO, Melanie Mohr, is one of many top speakers!

Check out who else is coming: Serguei Popov, Alexander Hoeptner, Alex Mashinsky, Stephen Stonberg, Richard Wang, Marwan Alzarouni, Nick Spanos, Tone Vays, Irina ₿ Heaver, Jocelyn Chang...and many more!


Each participant plays a unique and valuable role in the WOM Ecosystem. Let’s dive a bit more in-depth into each participant and explore what they do and why they are important!

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WOM Protocol’s new NFT marketplace YAAAS X famous TikToker (20m+ followers + 6.6m on Instagram) and music artist Tayler Holder seem to be cooking on some NFTs 🤩🤔🚀 - official press announcement coming! 🔥

Check out this vid for social proof!
We are super excited to share the latest tech development update with our community!

🔥 this team is rocking it 🔥

Check out the incredible progress and what‘s coming next! 🚀

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Great new partnership with Ivendpay executed in Dubai today.
$WOM will be soon available in vending machines in 60 public locations in Asia and soon even in electro charging stations and more vending machines in Europe and Middle East.
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Love coffee ☕️ and $WOM🤑?!

Thanks to our partnership with Ivendpay you can use $WOM to pay for your coffee!

Ivendpay will be also having vending machines in Dubai around Expo 2020/21!

WOM will be presented on these and more machines with little video presentations! 🚀
🔥 WOM Protocol‘s founder and CEO, Melanie Mohr, is one of the amazing speakers at the WORLD OF WEB3 SUMMIT in Dubai next week.🔥

👉 https://wowsummit.net
October is a networking 🚀 month for the founder and CEO of WOM Protocol, Melanie Mohr!
5 conferences in a row to represent WOM and the great products that are built and about to launch. The top global Blockchain community is gathering in Dubai and WOM gets exposure on the highest level. 🔥


Another announcement NEWS BOMB 💣 and the next one already in the pipeline!

The years of hard work are now visible in this crazy amount of products WOM Protocol is launching now!

Super thrilled about the marketing tool kit any social network and any affiliate and any e-com company can use!

More $WOM adoption is coming now! 🤑🤑🤑

Stay tuned! 🤜💥🤛

Pretty cool shout out from Darryl Boo - YouTuber and also on TikTok. He is quiet hyped about BULLZ and the $WOM integration! 🚀🔥🚀