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Shared economy of most profitable crypto-currency business models.
πŸ‘¨β€πŸŒΎ Yield Farming
βš’ Liquidity Mining
πŸ”€ Decentralized Exchange
πŸ”₯ Buy-back & burn
πŸ› Governance
🌟 Dividends

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Wolfage Finance Announcements pinned Β«https://twitter.com/WolfageFinance/status/1305474150673203200?s=20 It was a busy week for the team at Wolfage Finance as we pushed hard towards our Wolf Farm Beta launch. Finally, we have the most anticipated announcement for our community. The WolfFarm…»
Wolfage Finance Announcements pinned Β«https://twitter.com/WolfageFinance/status/1305506574434095106?s=20 πŸΊπŸ‘¨β€πŸŒΎ WolfFarm Beta is now live!!! Get these tools and head to WolfFarm to start farming! Wallet: 🦊 Metamask Asset: DAI Token Farm: http://farm.wolfage.finance Note: This is a beta launch.…»

We are rebranding "WolfTap" to "WolfHub".

Also, we will soon be making WolfHub initial designs public to enable the community to collaborate and give feedback.


Official Wolfage Finance Bitcointalk ANN launched

Spread it more and more, comment, increase activity on our BitcoinTalk ANN.
Let's take our project marketing in our own hands.
Share the same across your social media network.

In response to all the SCAM accusations, we have provided answers in the same thread.

There was no need to clarify those accusations, but we feel obliged to do it because of our responsibilities toward our community and project supporters.

Keeping our commitment to our roadmap. We are soon going to launch a campaign to decide the Wolfage Finance's new identity.


Campaign will be launched soon. Make sure to take part in this decisive step.


How are you all alpha wolves!

We have a great news, so this should make us all thrilled for more exciting upcoming updates!

Wolfage Finance gasless governess is live!

Now, anyone who holds at least 1 WEFI can create new proposals and vote on existing proposals.

Aligning with our roadmap, we have created our first proposal:
Click here β€” Wolfage Finance's new identity proposal

Review the choices...
Connect your wallet...
At least 1 WEFI is required to vote...
Number of WEFI tokens in your wallet decides your voting power...

Proposal details:
Start date: Sep 30, 2020, 11 AM
End date: Oct 2, 2020, 11 AM
Snapshot: 10,963,000 (This block number will be used as snapshot for WEFI balance).
Channel photo updated

Wolfage Finance WEFI token holders has chosen its new identity through Governance.

Wolfage Finance's new identity proposals:
Original proposal
Extended proposal

Wolfage Finance Announcements pinned «🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺 Wolfage Finance WEFI token holders has chosen its new identity through Governance. Wolfage Finance's new identity proposals: Original proposal Extended proposal https://twitter.com/WolfageFinance/status/1312330112394686464?s=20»
Wolfage Weekly Development Update #2 will be sent out today!
Wolfage WolfDEX will be launched after two days!!!
WolfDEX launch was on track until some final tests failed and we decided not to go with launch. We are trying to resolve them from last two days. But we ensure the community that the WolfDEX launch is imminent and the team is working hard for it.
The team has finally resolved all the issues and ensured that WolfDEX is good to be launched on mainnet.

We cannot make any excuses, but the Wolfage Development team has been severely affected by the pandemic. But we are still making sure that we deliver all of our promises and get the project back on track.
The WolfDEX is live at dex.wolfage.finance