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⭐️ Wolf Crypto ICO review sheet UPDATE: https://tinyurl.com/y8wrhj2q

ADDED: Origo Network
REMOVED: Quadrant Protocol sale ended.
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Origo Network: platform offering private smart contracts & scaling


- Current Ethereum based smart contracts have no privacy. This means that the data, amounts and the execution conditions are visible to everyone. This also limits privacy concerned entities to use blockchain technology.

- Origo Network is a platform built on Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) framework that hides the input/output information in its smart contracts. While Zcash and Monero also offer transaction privacy by hiding sender address, receiver address and transaction amount — Origo Network in addition guards privacy of application input and output, and supports smart contracts.

- Developers can create privacy preserving DApps by writing them in the original way and then compiling and executing without leaking the information that needs to be hidden.

- A good example of a possible Origo Network platform applications are salaries where employee and employer want to keep the amount private from public. Both parties want to execute the contract locally and submit zero knowledge proof to the blockchain.

- The team is where Origo Network excels and the reason the long roadmap does not pose such an issue. Experience working in Pinterest, Google, SOHU, Aviva and finance with lots of practical and academic (Carnegie Mellon, Tsinghua, Columbia, Cornell) experience assures us that the team is more than capable of achieving what it aims to do.

- Advisers and investors such as Vincent Zhou from FBG Capital and Howard Wu from Dekrypt Capital, Polychain Capital, Kenetic, Signum Capital, Arrington XRP Capital, NEO Global Capital and Benn Godenzi ensure that this is a quality project — and that it will have an excellent post listing support.


Origo Network is a platform that offers fully private smart contracts on Solidity, implements a hybrid consensus, sharding and an enhanced virtual machine to deal with scalability and adoption and is backed by an experienced team for a reasonable hard cap of $30M. Ignore the memes and ignore the FUD regarding their crowdsale allocation process - support of FBG Capital, Polychain Capital, Kenetic, Signum Capital,… guarantee this token will do very well post listing. With the ICO happening beginning of August, this is probably the best upcoming project accessible to the public (if you manage to jump through all the hoops) and the one with most hype surrounding it.

Read More
: https://medium.com/@wolfcrypto/ico-review-origo-network-8b0a86cd71db
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⭐️ Wolf Crypto ICO review sheet UPDATE: https://tinyurl.com/y8wrhj2q

ADDED: Blockchain.io
COTI: Blockchain 3.0 Proof of Trust DAG, Internal Exchange & Payment DApp

TLDR Summary;

- Pivot from ERC20 based token and Ethereum payment DApp to Proof of Trust DAG platform with native coin, stable coin and internal exchange.

- Aggressive expansion of team to accommodate new goals.

- Additional 15M raise with equity and bonus token issuance.

- Release of AlphaNet of Proof of Trust DAG.

- Release of code to Github for peer review.

- Release of COTI Pay beta, future release of debit card and additional COTI Pay features.

- Focus on enterprise level adoption, including arbitration system for consumers and merchants, merchant tools including POS, processing dashboards and whitelabel solution for bespoke implementation.

Read More: https://medium.com/@wolfcrypto/wolf-crypto-ico-review-coti-31ebe063cffa
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On November 12th we held an AMA with the COTI team in our public Telegram channel. A full summary of the AMA is provided in the Medium link below.

🗣 Project Summary - COTI is a blockchain 3.0 Proof of Trust DAG, Internal Exchange & Payment DApp. COTI aims to be the payment platform of choice for consumers, merchants & enterprise, bridging the gap between traditional and crypto payment platforms.

The COTI Trustchain consists of three main components, the Proof of Trust (PoT) Algorithm, Double Spend Protection (DSP) and Buyer Seller Protections.

COTI-X is an internal interoperability exchange and settlement layer, enabling cross currency payments, direct transfers of one currency to another and ensuring liquidy on the COTI platform.

COTI Pay is the payment DApp built on the COTI platform. COTI Pay offers a payment app and debit card for consumers along with a POS software suite for merchants, including processing tools that allow a merchant to accept and mange payments from COTI Pay wallet holders. COTI have also built a whitelabel solution for enterprise, allowing developers and organisations to issue their own branded tokens, payments apps and tools on top of the COTI platform.

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⭐️ Wolf Crypto ICO review sheet UPDATE: https://tinyurl.com/y8wrhj2q

ADDED: LTO Network
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On December 6th we held an AMA with the LTO Network team in our public Telegram channel. A full summary of the AMA is provided in the Medium link below.

🗣 Project Summary - LTO Network formally LegalThings One, a software provider company established in 2014 focusing on digitalization of contracts and management tools, they moved into the blockchain space about 2 years ago to automate contracts on blockchain and make them legally compliant.

LTO Network is a hybrid blockchain for decentralized workflows: enabling B2B to collaborate on equal footing using trustless automated processes. Essentially any business process, any legal agreement or any inter-party process can be automated as a Live Contract: supply chain, third-party data handling, KYC, real estate lease agreements, NDA and so on. Live Contracts are completely GDPR and regulatory compliant, and are also made easy for integration.

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⭐️ Wolf Crypto ICO review sheet UPDATE: https://tinyurl.com/y8wrhj2q

ADDED: Resistance, Contents Protocol
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Resistance: The First Anonymous Decentralized Exchange (DEX) & Privacy Coin with CPU Mining & Masternodes

TLDR Summary;

- Fully decentralised (in the true sense of the word) client based DEX

- Forked Zcash blockchain inclusive of ZK-Snarks technology

- Privacy coin (RES) allowing for private and anonymous transactions

- Tor integration enabling communication privacy when using ResDEX

- ResDEX powered by Proof of Work CPU mining (yescrypt) and Masternodes (10K RES token stake required)

- Atomic Swap and InstantSwap technology allowing for direct blockchain to blockchain transfers/trading of cryptocurrencies

- Peer to Peer non custodial trading engine

- Hidden order book allowing for pool based private trading

- Proof of Research via BOINC. Token rewards given for giving back

- Strong team of InfoSec and Linux/FOSS luminaries

- Short roadmap delivering a finished product sooner rather than later

Read More: https://medium.com/@wolfcrypto/wolf-crypto-ico-review-resistance-d76a2a27fb1b
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⭐️ Wolf Crypto ICO review sheet UPDATE: https://tinyurl.com/y8wrhj2q

ADDED: Vanta Network
REMOVED: Contents Protocol ICO concluded
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VANTA Network: A P2P Decentralised Network for Real-time, Secure and Private Connectivity.


TLDR Summary;

- Decentralised P2P real-time communication network built on the blockchain
- Bespoke Proof of Network (PoN-VRBFT) consensus algorithm
- Backed by existing South Korean communications company, Voiceloco
- Existing (centralised) MVP — https://ciao.voiceloco.com/
- Will be launched as an IEO in early January
- South Korean IEO’s have proven to be more resilient to the bear market
- VNT token will be available for trading immediately after the IEO with a KRW pair
- Platform includes nodes and staking
- Partnership with Allbit, a subsidiary of UPbit
- Corporate partnerships with Microsoft and Oracle
- Research agreement with Hanyang University
- Advisors include VP of Microsoft Korea, Regional Head of Oracle & MD of Draper Athena Fund
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On January 10th we held an AMA with VANTA Network in our public Telegram channel. A full summary of the AMA is provided in the Medium link below.

🗣 Project Summary - The VANTA Network is a decentralized and permissionless network that ensures real-time, secure and private connectivity. Through the VANTA Network, both individuals and corporations will be able to develop real-time data transmission services and commercialize those services at low costs. The VANTA Network will eventually aim to allow infinite connectivity among all devices regardless of location.

The VANTA Network’s aim is to allow individuals to create decentralized networks that perform real-time data transmissions as well as process and store that data by selecting intelligent peers, collaborating, and evaluating each other using the VANTA Network protocol and the consensus algorithm.

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ECOMI Collect: A Digital Collectible Ecosystem Built on Blockchain Technology

TLDR Summary;

- Funding being raised in BTC not ETH
- Hardcap of 1500 BTC, resulting in a 4.5m (at $3K BTC), 6m (at $4K BTC) and 7.5m (at 5K BTC) USD hardcap
- OMI token issued as GO-20 tokens on GoChain
- OMI Non Fungible Tokens (digital collectibles) issued as GO-721 tokens
- OMI GO-20 tokens are “burnt” when traded for GO-721 NFT tokens
- Token price is one Satoshi and will only be paired to BTC. In theory, this means the token price cannot go any lower than the initial issuing price
- Public sale via use of an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) with the issuing exchange unknown at this point in time
- All private and public sale tokens will be immediately unlocked and available for trading post IEO
- Head of Global Licensing is Alfred Kahn, responsible for some of the biggest releases in the licensing industry, including Pokémon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Cabbage Patch Kids
- Strong advisory team including Benn “GoChain” Godenzi and Andrew “Chromaway” Lee
- 15 major content licensing partnerships already signed, with a further 20 in the works (the team states these deals are 90%+ completed)
- Beta version of dApp due out in Q1 2019, v1 in Q2 2019
- Hardware wallets (Secure Wallet & ECOMI Collect Wallet) will support the storage of NFT collectables. ECOMI Collect Wallets will be sold at 4000+ retail channels for $29.99 USD RRP

Read More: https://medium.com/@wolfcrypto/wolf-crypto-ieo-review-ecomi-collect-fa9878bd8a26
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⭐️ Wolf Crypto Blockchain Review Sheet

UPDATE: https://tinyurl.com/y8wrhj2q

Added: Lition
Upgraded: Resistance - Reduced Hardcap
Downgraded: Hypernet - Roadmap timeline unfulfilled and minimal updates
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ICO Review - Lition: The Blockchain Standard Infrastructure for Business

TLDR Summary;

- ICO launches on the 18th of March
- Hardcap of $8m USD, softcap of $2m USD which has already been reached. Raising funds in ETH & BTC
- Partnership with SAP. SAP is partly funding development of the Lition blockchain along with offering it to their over 400 000 customers
- Partnership with GASAG. GASAG is one of Germanies larger energy suppliers with over $1.4b annual revenue and has 7 of their energy plants already connected to the Lition energy trading application
- Upcoming partnerships with a leading bank with over $1t USD in total assets and a real estate development company with over $100m USD in assets to be announced
- Team has strong connections in the energy and finance sectors in Germany
- Layer 2 blockchain solution built on top of ETH using a public/private model that allows for the creation of public or private sidechains with deletable data
- PoS Algorithm that includes staking and nodes, a network transaction cost of max 0.01c USD and a three second block confirmation time
- Testnet recently launched. Private Mainnet in Q2 2019. Public Mainnet in Q3 2019
- Intends to be a fully fledged App ecosystem, allowing for easy deployment of dApps on the Lition chain/sidechains
- Energy Trading MVP live
- Licensed Energy Supplier in Germany via Lition Energie GmbH
- LITION token is recognised by the Liechtenstein government as a utility token
- Ability to host STO offerings on the platform
- Banking/Syndicated Loan MVP soon to be live
- Small supply of circulating tokens for the first three months (approx $2.5m USD), prior to seed, private sale and advisor unlocks at the three and six month marks
- HODL Highway program incentivises public sale contributors to hold tokens for up to six months for additional bonuses up to 30%
- Guaranteed Refund Parachute program reduces investment downside risk to 50% of invested funds, guaranteeing a 50% return on initial USD investment (secured by DAI stable coin), claimable six months after the date of the TGE

Read More: https://medium.com/@wolfcrypto/wolf-crypto-ico-review-lition-c06d445d9b33
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⭐️ Wolf Crypto Blockchain Review Sheet

UPDATE: https://tinyurl.com/y8wrhj2q

Added: Linix - IEO to be hosted on PROBIT March 15th

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On March 14th we held an AMA with Lition in our public Telegram channel. A full summary of the AMA is provided in the Medium link below.

🗣 Project Summary - Lition is developing the only scalable public-private blockchain with deletable data features, made for commercial products. Designed with Lition’s live P2P trading use case, and co-innovated with SAP. Lition, in co-innovation with SAP, is a foundation that develops the next generation blockchain infrastructure designed for businesses to bring blockchain applications from their currently predominant Proof-of-Concept stage into commercial products with mass-market adoption in a legally compliant way.

The Lition infrastructure is the only scalable public-private blockchain with deletable data features. SAP, a company with >400.000 customers and the power of >10.000 developers, is developing the decentral ledger and smart contract layer, with Lition providing the open consensus layer.

Lition are holding an ICO on the 18th of March.

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On March 25th we held an AMA with BOLT in our public Telegram channel. A full summary of the AMA is provided in the Medium link below.

🗣 Project Summary -

BOLT’s vision is to be the largest mobile wallet in the world, powered by content. Built on Zilliqa, the fastest public blockchain and smart contract platform, its mission is to democratise the chain between content producers and users.

BOLT has focused their efforts in building token utility partnerships, including hardware manufacturers like Hisense in South Africa (over 6M active devices), partnering with International Cricket Council to broadcast the Cricket World Cup in June 2019, exchanging tokens for mobile data plans with Digi (part of Telenor, with over 11.8M subscribers) in Malaysia, and having an ecosystem of telco network operators around Asia and Africa with a user base of almost 80M users.

BOLT has integrated with blockchain ecosystem partners such as Zilliqa, Bitmax and Switcheo for purposes of permissionless blockchain, token trading and token to telco mobile data marketplace infrastructure respectively.

The BOLT token will be listed on both Bitmax.io and Switcheo.exchange later today.

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On April 4th we held an AMA with Skrumble Network in our public Telegram channel. A full summary of the AMA is provided in the Medium link below.

🗣 Project Summary -

Skrumble Network is a completely new, innovative blockchain and application that centers on creating the most secure connections for communication possible. Skrumble's blockchain is uniquely optimised for secure communication-centric connections and transactions, a decentralized social media communication application, and a communication layer for developers to build into any application.

With no middle entity or centralized server host in between to censor, block or manipulate any data, Skrumble Network's blockchain and application is a catalyst for data privacy and allows for truly democratised communication on a global scale.

SKM recently listed on Huobi Korea and will be launching their mainnet in early April. Skrumble's first dApp, Ally, has recently achieved over 100K downloads from the Google Play and Apple App store.

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On April 8th we held an AMA with Fantom in our public Telegram channel. A full summary of the AMA is provided in the Medium link below.

🗣 Project Summary -

Fantom is a distributed ledger technology stack. At its foundation, it is a DAG-based distributed ledger incorporating new methods of scalability, combined with a high-performance virtual machine and safe, secure smart contract execution.

The FANTOM platform adopts a new protocol known as the “Lachesis Protocol” to maintain consensus. This protocol is intended to be integrated into the Fantom OPERA Chain. The aim is to allow applications built on top of the FANTOM OPERA Chain to enjoy instant transactions and near zero transaction costs for all users.

The mission of FANTOM is to provide compatibility between all transaction bodies around the world, and create an ecosystem which allows real-time transactions and data sharing with low cost.