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Are you guys ready for the up and coming nfts from Scott with attached fight memorabilia? 👀👀

Tomorrow the migration will commence and there will be maintaince throughout the day but we will have as many devs online as we can spare to answer any questions.

If you have provided liquidity please remove this. This will not be lost! It will be in V2 pancake pool
Gm WenFambo

As we've had many questions surrounding the token we have announced we are migrating the token.

1) This is normal we are migrating you'll receive your new tokens soon so have pulled liquidity from the original token.

2) The new tokens will be will airdropped to WenLambo holders based on the snapshot we've taken yesterday.

3) Do not transact with the original WenLambo token you will not be included in the snapshot if you are buying now.

Hope this clears any questions up.

Exciting times ahead with a new direction and better tokenomics.
WenLambo Token has now officially been Migrated!!

1) You will need to add token address:0x8b14A1d887D2F91Fe8c0C7dD31a454B64df4211c to your non custodial wallet to view your tokens.

2) if tokens are stored on a Centralised exchange they will be responsible for distributing your new token.

3) Our liquidity has been moved to match and the price will be higher but you will receive less tokens to balance it out.

4) We have migrated to change our tokenomics and secure the future of our Token.

5) We are very happy to share this news with you all!

Team will be available in chat to answer any questions 😎

Team WenLambo 🔥🔥🔥
All snapshots of wallets were taken sunday just before we migrated wenlambo,so rest assured all airdrops of new token were correct and any further drop after the snapshot is not taken into consideration,thank you from all the wenlambo team👍👍
🕋🕋Trading of old token has been halted to avoid confusion,if you are wanting to purchase Wenlambo please use the new contract adress below,thank you from all the team at Wenlambo🕋🕋


Team WenLambo
Please all be aware of the scammers out there. We will never message you first ❤️
Good afternoon wenfambo ❤️

I just want to clear a few things up in regards to the influx of applications and services being offered to ourselves.

1. We do not wish to purchase any CG or CMC upvotes, trends or stars or any other service where we would buy false ratings.

2. We do not accept people applying to be moderators in the community. How we have picked most of our moderators in the past is by recognizing them. This I mean by people off their own backs getting involved with the community and being noticed by us Devs.

3. Please stop trying to scam us with fake listing applications. We have a team that cross check everything.

4. We are not looking to take on anymore developer's at this time.

Thank you all for the recent support and we continue to drive towards success ❤️🍺
Well community it seems these little rats just come in droves 🙄 we have 2 groups imitating us one of which has its own announcements pages. Please feel free to spam and abuse these pages they have been reported to telegram 🤘😎



These are the scam groups with scam admins !!!⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️
Who is UK based give me a hhhoooooolllllaaaaaa ❤️

My god have we got a little treat for you guys in the coming weeks. We have 5 tickets for the next fight of one of our sponsored fighters THE MUTE McHugh as he defends his 3 belts against a legend in the sport tony Lafferty. If you haven't seen their first fight FFS get onit!

Not only that Scott has donated his wraps, shorts and robe from his last title fight we plan to nft and sell them to help fund his future fight camps ❤️ we hope nothing but the best for him
We have an amazing prize available to our community! Scott McHugh defends his British titles again the infamous tony Lafferty.

Join our telegram group https://t.me/WenLambo_Finance to get in the draw for 5 tickets worth £250 for BKB 28 ON 3RD OF SEPTEMBER.

All money made will be reinvested into his up and coming fight camps 😎❤️
Channel photo updated
There will be many giveaways and bigger and better than this rolling through the next few weeks 👀

Get involved 👇



Click the below link and start staking your WENLAMBO to earn 💰💰

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Farming is now live!

We are happy to share this fantastic update with you all today!

If you need any help we are always here on telegram.


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