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Mobile application for wellbeing. We aim to make a successful fundraising through initial token offering - ITO.
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On FoundICO we got the second highest rating (8,6) among upcoming projets in the field of Artificial intelligence ! these feedbacks are promising !
We are happy to inform you that our rating at @FindICO was increased to the maxim of 5 ! Wellmee token sale is coming, only nine days left ! #TokenSale #Wellbeing #Stellar
We just reached 2000 followers here on Telegram channel ! thank you all for your participation and helping us to spread a word about our amazing Wellmee project !
Great news to all Wellmee fans! We received an exclusive rating 4,6 from one of the most significant rating platforms @ICObench. It is the best rating from all of their published token sales in this week ! Thank you all for your support ! Eight days left to #tokensale
A brief reminder to all Wellmee airdrop participants: 340 WLME tokens will be sent after the token sale to those who performed all their tasks according to our official offer here: https://eu.jotform.com/build/82924627584367 . It means all from 1) to 6) where the 5) was optional. We track many more form submissions than we have Twitter and FB members for instance. Thank you for understanding, your Wellmee team.
With only 6 days left to the token sale, at Wellmee we are very happy to welcome thousands of our supporters in our community. Thank you all! We are close to creating the unique mobile app which will be helpful worldwide. Feel free to spread a word about this amazing Wellmee project and stay in touch!
Another promising rating for our Wellmee project 8.5 – this time @ICOmarks . The final score is supported by 9.2 for our ICO Profile and 10 for the Wellmee Team ! These are great numbers. Only five days left to the start of our #TokenSale
Hi to all Wellmee Fans! To summarize for you the upcoming Wellmee token sale we published a Token Sale Summary here: https://medium.com/@wellmeeapp/wellmee-token-sale-summary-31ba6b08b2f4 . Soon we will publish a guide on how to take part in the token sale and a link to a KYC form, so you can get ready even before the Wellmee token sale starts!
Hi to all Wellmee Fans! With only 2 days left to the start of our token sale we bring you a chance to submit your KYC form and whitelist here: https://form.jotformeu.com/82922634284360. The token sale starts on 1st of November at 2pm (GMT)! Let’s make the world a happier place!
#Wellmee's Token Sale is now LIVE -- https://www.wellmee.com/token-sale/

Get WLME tokens at a discount of 20% during the first week!

How to participate -- https://medium.com/wellmee/how-to-participate-in-the-wellmee-token-sale-457bb7f76b4c

Token Sale Summary -- https://medium.com/wellmee/wellmee-token-sale-summary-31ba6b08b2f4

We accept ether (ETH) or lumens (XLM)
Min Contribution: 0.5 ETH
or 400 XLM

Wellmee :: Rewarding For Well Being :: On #Stellar XLM
Welcome to Wellmee's Bounty Campaign!

15 million WLME tokens are allocated to Wellmee's Bounty Campaign

Bounty Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5061529

Signature campaign: 24% :: http://bit.ly/wellmee_signature_join
Article Campaign: 15% :: http://bit.ly/Wellmee_article_join
YouTube campaign: 17% :: http://bit.ly/wellmee_youtube_join
Twitter campaign: 10% :: http://bit.ly/wellmee_twitter_join
Facebook campaign: 8% :: http://bit.ly/wellmee_facebook_join
Reddit campaign: 8% :: http://bit.ly/wellmee_reddit_join
LinkedIn campaign: 8% :: http://bit.ly/wellmee_linkedin_join
Translation: 5% :: http://bit.ly/wellmee_translation_join
Telegram campaign: 5% :: http://bit.ly/wellmee_telegram_join

Spreadsheet: http://bit.ly/wellmee_bounty_spreadsheet

Bounty runs for 4 weeks until 28 Nov!

About Wellmee: Happier people are up to 20% more productive at work. We present the unique Wellmee mobile application, which enhances the overall wellbeing of its users through mentoring, engaging and entertaining!
ICOmarks @ICO_marks has upgraded #Wellmee’s rating to 8.7!
#TokenSale is now LIVE -- https://www.wellmee.com/token-sale/

Get #WLME tokens at 20% OFF during the 1st week
#Stellar #ArtificialIntelligence #blockchain
Dear all Wellmee supporters, as you see the crypto market is struggling & we are open to you confirming that it is unlikely that we reach the soft cap. Nevertheless the development of the project carries on so stay tuned. We will come back stronger, thank you all for your support!
Hi to all Wellmee followers, we are sorry but the soft cap was not reached in November 2018 as we informed and therefore no tokens had been distributed. Let’s see in the future if we enter the cryptomarket again. Thank you for understanding.