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Our Group updates and Ecosystem information for the Water 2 the World 2020
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To celebrate the launch of our website, we are giving away 3 Ledger Nano x hardware wallets or the equivalent in Bitcoin. All you have to do is like our post on Facebook to enter, that is all. https://medium.com/@trustedcryptoalliance/ledger-nano-x-give-away-competition-aa5594d9809
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DEX 5000 BTC & 20 000 ETH Competition
More info: https://dexbnb.org
Official group: https://t.me/binance_dex_chat
Dear All Exciting News is coming soon, W2TW will be trading in the next few weeks
Channel name was changed to «Water2 The World 2020»
This is our sister group here find out all the latest information
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Good Day Community! We will have our AMA with Jonathan Lane - CEO Blockvisory

📆Date: 2nd September 2020
Time: 2:00PM UTC
🏨 Venue: @Generalscommunity

🏅$100 W2TW token Rewards

👉 5($10 each) winners from google form.
👉 5($10each) winners during live questions.
Google Form : https://forms.gle/ZxK2sr3pyYLmLw7c6

🖥 Research: http://water2theworld.io/

📋 Requirements
Must Join:
A&Q Community X W2TW

on September 10, 2020 we held an AMA with W2TW and this is a Recap from the AMA for those of you who didn’t have the chance to participate.