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Ways to Make Your Binge-Watch as Comfortable as Possible | The Walking Dead Locations

If we have learned anything from this year, it is that we need to be comfortable with our own company and have to understand the importance of self-love. We have also learned new facts about ourselves as well. One thing that has left us in awe and has been our number one survival instinct throughout…

Season 11 Walking Dead: The Wait Is Almost Over! | The Walking Dead Locations

The concept that the universe will vanish one day used to be the worst nightmare for folks all around the world. However, in the coming time, it is something to worry about. But all it takes is a glance at the headlines to comprehend the apocalypse is way too nearer than we believed. Perhaps this…

Cast Of Aquaman – Is Amber Heard Still There? | The Walking Dead Locations

Many people will remember the excellent blockbuster hit Aquaman from a few years back. It became the third DC Comics movie to surpass the one-billion-dollar mark in 2019 as it became the highest-grossing movie in the same year. It is the second most successful DC superhero film and the eighth highest-grossing live-action superhero movie. It…

How to Edit Memes the Right Way | The Walking Dead Locations

Memes have conquered the internet with their bizarre and provocative humor – to the point that they’re a second language to millennials and Generation Z. And whether it’s Reddit, 9Gag, your Insta, or your Facebook page, you won’t make it to the front page unless you edit memes like a pro. Keep reading to find…

Games You Thought Were A Distraction That Are Actually Good For Our Mental Health (And Why) | The Walking Dead Locations

Humans have been playing games for centuries, but today, games are often viewed simply as a distraction or a child-only activity. In reality, not only can games be fun for adults as well, but playing games provide important mental health benefits you may not have considered. Whether it’s board games, virtual reality, in-person role-playing games,…

The Golden Age of Television: 5 Great Old Comedy TV Shows | The Walking Dead Locations

According to Guinness World Records, the first-ever television sitcom was the British show Pinwright’s Progress in 1946. Since then, comedy has gone on to dominate airwaves around the world. And while there are a lot of great modern comedy shows out there, nothing can beat the top old comedy TV shows out there. If you’d…

Alan Menken, Brad Bird, and Rich Moore Join Skydance Animation | The Walking Dead Locations

The John Lasseter-led Skydance Animation has added former Disney all-star team members including Rich Moore, Brad Bird, and Alan Menken to their team. The coming together of these legendary filmmakers and animation gurus is bound to generate interest among fans of animated movies around the world. Here’s a brief introduction to some of the new…