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Reminder that the travel-sized #WanderLightTarot is now available & ships internationally from my studio 👁 The 96-card mini #TarotDeck is very easy to take on the go whereever your journey takes you. I absolutely love the small size of the #TarotCards , more so that they are given a linen-air finish for such a smooth shuffle any #Tarot reader would enjoy 🌿 It features the artwork that derives from its companion deck, #ShadowLightTarot - as it was an added stretch goal that was apart of the #TarotDecks Kickstarter 🌞 For more info & a peak at all the #inkdrawing #illustration #artwork check out the shop page in the bio 🌿
Development of the hand-illustrated #AstroLightOracle & Star Map is being actively posted on my Studio Patreon with exclusive #Art & Timelapses of all the #Constellations as they are completed. 👁 The upcoming #OracleDeck merges the understanding of our Night Sky, #Mythology , and #Astrology into a unified #Divination deck. The #artwork features a more refined styled compared to what has been seen in my previous #TarotDecks based off the traditional #Tarot archetypes. The new #illustration style, previewed in the Timelapse clip above, utilizes both the addition of light & shadows to truly bring each Constellation's depiction to it's truest potential. This method allows myself to create in a more traditional #inkdrawing fashion without alienating the #darkillustration #occultart aesthetic seen in previous works. As a long time traditional #FineArtist , this excites me to establish a more flexible #darkart approach to how I create without the sacrifice of soul & #magick that makes art special. 👁 If you resonate & wish to assist this passion project, consider supporting the studio through the Patreon. By becoming a Patron, you will gain exclusive access to the latest art & videos while also having the option to have update notifications delivered right to your email's inbox. It is a pleasure to BE & look forward to creating Astro Light Oracle & Star Map - something this Eclipse season will certainly help manifest into our Waking Reality. 🌞