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Conscious Content, Podcasts, & Illustrations. Creator of Divinitive Decks my artist Eric Tecce.

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Magick is the essence of Creation ✨
You may now purchase Stickers of many of my Illustrations that include #Mushrooms , #Constellations , and maybe even your #SpiritAnimal 🌙 Check out Stickers.WakingCamvas.com for details 🍄
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Wonderful news as the promised Magnetic Boxes are now in the Studio! Now to continue performing life’s juggling act as I prepare by hand 500+ Shipments that include both Shadow Light Tarot & Wander Light Tarot 👁 Above I share the #9ofSwords card from my illustrated Divinitive Deck ✨ Head on over to the website for a free Tarot Reading & browse time lapses of all the Illustrated artwork that went into this hand crafted creation 🌿 Look forward to sending these beauties out into the world very soon! 🌞
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003 - Divine Design of the Human Experience feat. ARON GOCHIN

Waking Canvas Podcast Episode 3 dive s into how our True Self plays a role in this Divine Design of Waking Reality. With the ever Present allowing potential to BE and the series of events that brought us to BE, the path each of us walk is all connected. The very nature of bridging the full circle understanding allows for aligned soul growth to take place. Find out more as we explore the 'What If' of the True Self & the purpose of the Human Experience.
Super Wolf Blood Red Moon 👁 Couldn’t help but capture this beautiful Lunar Eclipse occurring directly above us during such a chilly winter night here on the east coast
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Come take a walk through the looking glass with me…
The world of light & dark provide the polarity in which the Waking Reality takes form. 👁 Day 4 of assembling #ShadowLightTarot Kickstarter rewards & orders. Taking longer than imagined. Looking to send out all domestic shipments tomorrow. All in good time fellow wanderers. For those interested, you can now purchase the #TarotDeck from the link in the bio 👁
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New Artwork for Lighting the Void Radio
When the world beautifully blossoms into Waking Reality ✨👁✨ #ShadowLightTarot is now starting to arrive & I am seeing lots of excitement. It warms my soul to witness such experiences manifest. Thank you everyone for making it all possible! 🌿🌞🌿 Orders will continue to roll out with the #TarotDecks as International Rewards are prepared, following by Shop Preorders. 🌿 You can discover more & order your very own #Tarot deck from the link in the bio 🌙
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Looking to gift your loved one a special Crystal Valentine? 🔮 Taurian Spirits just updated her Etsy shop with these handmade Crystal Macrame Heart Basket Bohemian Wall Hangings - they truly capture the Nature & Resonance of a true love. Pictured above is ‘LOVE’ piece featuring a Rose Quartz. Visit http://etsy.TaurianSpirits.com 👁

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The crow seeks the light of the sun, the heart of the moon, the winds of the valor, the sights of infinite nature. Speaker of passing, providing & asking. His spirit is quick to relish curiosity in things that truly shine. 🌞 #WakingCanvas #BioLightOracle
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Remember there is peace in the calmness 🌞
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Winds carry by the swift change of waves in motion. To stand in sensational bliss will set stones for ages in eyes of the growing. Inspire the world beyond and set the unknown into BEing 👁 #WakingCanvas