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Get notifications and send WordPress posts automatically to Telegram when published or updated, whether to a Telegram Channel, Group, Supergroup or private chat, with full control…
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If you face the issue of ajax widget displaying the homepage, please

Visit wp-admin > Settings > Permalinks

Then check the widget again πŸ˜‰
πŸ’‘ WP Telegram Widget 1.7.0

* Migrated from CMB2 to React for settings page (Fresh UI 😍).
* Added Guternberg block for Ajax Widget.
* Removed Widget Messages list in favour of Ajax Widget.
* Bot Token is no more required for the ajax widget to work.

πŸ› Bug Fixes
* Fixed the Google Script URL not being used.
WP Telegram has reached a new milestone today!
10k+ Installs 😍😍
Thank you everyone for being with us.
We are planning to create a Comments plugin for WordPress powered by Telegram.
Should we release it as a separate (lightweight) plugin or add the functionality to WP Telegram Login?
Final Results
Release as separate plugin
Add to WP Telegram Login
Hello Everyone!
Some users have been facing the issue of posts not being send to Telegram by WP Telegram plugin when published via WP REST API. It was a bug πŸ› in the last update which has now been fixed βœ… in the latest update.

Please update the plugin to resolve the issue.⚑️
Guys! This is the comments plugin settings page. Any other option that I should add?
Who is ready to test the new Telegram Comments plugin? πŸ’
🎊 Introducing 🎊

πŸ’‘ WP Telegram Comments πŸ’‘

✏️ Add comments to posts/pages on your WordPress website by using Telegram Comments Widget.

> Get rid of the spam
> No comments into your Database
> Authenticated Telegram Users

Install https://wordpress.org/plugins/wptelegram-comments/
Who wants to translate WP Telegram Comments?

Just 33 strings to translate 😍

Goto https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp-plugins/wptelegram-comments/ and start translating into your local language.
An update has been released for WP Telegram Comments plugin with some performance improvements and the following translations:
> Croatian
> German
> Indonesian
> Italian
> Persian
> Russian
> Spanish
> Turkish
> Ukrainian

Many thanks to the translators! πŸ‘πŸ‘
Many new users faced the issue with WP Telegram Login settings not being saved because of an error "Avatar URL Meta Key is required".

An update has been released to fix this issue.
After today's update (2.1.9) of WP Telegram, the log files (if enabled) won't be publicly accessible and will never go over 1 mb in size.

A few users using remote cloud storage had some issues with logs, that's now resolved as well.
If you think we have been able to help you, you can appreciate us by nominating WP Telegram for the plugin award at pluginawards.com
Hello folks!
βœ… An update has been released to WP Telegram to avoid double posting when using Block Editor. It also fixes the issue of sending old posts even when Send to Telegram is set to No. If you had enabled Delay in posting to avoid double posting by block editor, you can disable it now. 😊

⚠️ Please make sure to also update WordPress to the latest version.
Hello everyone :)

@MyChatInfoBot hasn't been working for some days, it has now been restored and also been made faster and smarter to support even private channels 😍
In the latest update of WP Telegram, you have all your custom taxonomies listed below Message Template. 😊
With the latest update of WP Telegram Login, you have the option to auto-generate a random email address to work for Private Notifications.
With the latest update of WP Telegram Widget, you can now add a Join Link/Button in
- Block Editor
- Widgets
- Shortcode
With the latest update of WP Telegram Widget, Join Channel link is now automatically added to posts 😊

Make sure to update both plugin and WordPress to latest version πŸš€