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MiuiPro 9.5.30
- Added bahasa indonesia
- Added busybox
- Root Magisk
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MIUIPro Pie for Redmi 5 Plus (vince) Coming This Week 😍
ROM MiuiPro 9.6.5
Minovo - 9.5.30
- System
Optimized - Optimize the stability of the android system
Added - Choice of actions to hold the mobile network button in the switch panel (Settings - Notifications - Mobile Internet button action)
- Security
Fixed - Error in displaying the application password entry window for some models
Fix - Fix the problem of the new long screenshot

Optimize - Notifications and full screen settings page changes

Xiaomi Cloud Service
Optimize - Optimize the cold start time of the cloud service home page, shortening by 30%
Fix - Fix flashback issue when exiting account in some cases
Fix - Fix the problem that the cloud service stops running when you exit the Xiaomi account.
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Bluetooth Audio Devices Bugs Has Been Fixed
ROM Miui Masik X5.3
Most changes are inherited from Masik 5.2.
- Removed timer options from network automation (there is a smart network)
- Made system changes for best energy saving
- Improved device performance, fixed processor scripts
- Changed the "logic" of background processes + loggers disabled
- Official changes between the bases 9.5.30 and 9.6.15 do not list
- Fixed bug reports on previous versions of Masik
- Disabled hardware acceleration for most system applications
- Updated database of automatic settings of APN access points
- Updated application preload script (ML)
- Fixed work in the background of Low Memory Killer
- System optimization, translation and patch updates
- Updated Masik Material and copyright multimedia content
- Color scheme settings to achieve AMOLED saturation
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Miui ROS 9.6.23
Fix - Fix Wi-Fi low probability of scanning problem 
Fix - Fix the problem of the new long screen capture. 
Optimize - Updated WebView Google, Google Keyboard, Youtube Vanced 
Optimize - New base 9.6.13 except for Redmi Note 6 Pro which is: 9.5.30 
Optimize - Google API2 for Mi 6X 
Optimize - Fixed boot animation in PLATINA (Mi 8 Lite)
Fix - Eliminated "Google Health" (Digital Wellbeing) due to high battery consumption. 

Optimize - Move the dark mode to the screen settings for Android devices 9 
New - DC attenuation option for MI8 
Optimize - Added the quick response feature to open notifications of instant messaging applications using the floating window 
Optimize - Changes in the page of notifications and full screen settings. 

Optimize - Supports more audio file formats 

System UI 
Optimize - Unnecessary sound notifications were eliminated for DND mode. 
Fix - The on-screen fingerprint scanner did not work when the screen was turned off in some cases. 

Application blocking 
New - New support for facial unlocking and fingerprinting at the same time. 
Fix - Fix the display error of the password entry box of some applications 
Fix - Solve the error of the black screen when the pictorial lock of the lock screen is locked and the left slide is open. 

Lock screen, status bar, notification bar 
Optimize - Optimizes the style of the load line at the bottom. 
Optimize - Lock screen Optimize the setting of the firing area of ​​the lock screen, reduce the probability of false touch 
Optimize - Optimize the stability of the screen of interest. 
Fix - Fix the problem that the screen can not be turned on when the call 
Fix - Repair the lock screen, even now the Lunar time shows the wrong question 

New - New photographic tips towards the screen anyway. 
New - Added 18: 9 in Dipper for the camera. 

Virus scanner 
New - New configuration supports change of a button 

Security Center 
New - New adaptation of Darkmode harassment interception. 
Fix - Repairs the mobile phone reset after the double opening APP disappears the error 
Fix - Correction of the optimization acceleration function blocking the application number error error
Fix - Solve the problem of the digital screen of the Persian context progress bar 

Cloud storage service 
New - New set of services in the cloud can search the contents. 
New - The new user details page. 
Optimize - Brush optimized for the first time in the cloud registration service, the backup frequency is reduced by 1 day 
Optimize - You can configure the service start guide in the cloud at the state entry points. 
Optimize - Optimize records management 
Optimize - Optimize the handling of synchronization errors. 
Optimize - Optimize the real-time mode change the subtitle text. 
Optimize - Optimize the immediate optimization of the synchronization function, button display. 
Optimize - Optimize the timeliness of data synchronization between multiple devices. 
Optimize - Optimize the boot-up experience 
Optimize - Optimize the copy of the synchronization switch in real time 
Optimize - Optimize the space management page. 
Fix - Fix accidental accident 
Fix - Repair it when you have not logged in to cloud services, even now flash problems 
Fix - Repair the status screen of the sporadic SIM is not normal 
Fix - Repair the replacement account page incorrectly
Fix - Repair the sync button to show the unusual problem 
Fix - Solve the problem of flashing the boot configuration page in some cases. 
Fix - Repair the system even now After configuring the login account, the problem of the cloud service flashback 
Fix - Fix the problem of occasional cloud service synchronization lock 
Fix - Fix the problem of the long text screen of the interface 
Fix - Correct the search by entering the search to find the error problem of phone's open status screen 
Fix - Solve the problem of displaying the synchronization status. 
Fix - Repairing the size of the icon is an inconsistent problem 
Fix - Fix update of the appid micro-channel platform 
Optimize - When addi
ng an account, add synchronization information of the common language data in the synchronization indicator. 
Optimize - When large fonts are used, the problem of incomplete display of the lower text appears. 
Fix - Fix the occasional cloud service member feature does not work 
Fix - Fix the problem of flashback when leaving the account in some cases 
Fix - Fix the problem that the cloud service stops running when leaving the Xiaomi account. 
Optimize - Optimize the cold start time of the cloud service start page, shortening by 30%. 

Other optimizations and adjustments. 
New - Added support for Google ARCore, can be used directly to download games and AR applications (MI 9) 
Optimize - Optimize the movement of load. The effect disappears. 
Optimize - Optimize the boot copy of the lower position of the guide and the style. 
Optimize - Optimize the third-party blocking screen can not show the problems of the charging animation system 
Fix - Repair the new loading animation showing abnormal problems in the landscape. 
Optimize - Temporarily use the stock kernel in SDM845 if someone wants to use our own and download it 

Acceleration game 
Optimize - A continuous sliding movement has been added to call the secondary menu function of the game's toolbox. 
Optimize - Optimize the game's acceleration settings and add the interface display styles in the landscape