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We puzzled whether to take the Cottage pie or the Mousakas, the waitress advised us to take her favorite – the Mousakas. The Mousakas was served in a steamy clay pot, it looked great and tasted even b
This wonderful vegan shakshuka from cherry tomatoes Confie. We licked the plate clean!
We’ve celebrated Christmas at a friends house on several occasions. But Last year we wanted to do it in Israel. S
Whole roasted eggplant served hot from the stone oven with 2 types of tahini, roasted sweet pepper.
So We’ve celebrated last Christmas at Nazareth. we always wanted to see how Christians celebrate it,
This dish amazed me how much it reflects the medium rear texture and taste of an egg. Plus it has great flavors and texture from the other ingredients. that is a hell of a great sandwich, if you cross
This simple dish that looks strangerthan most things. was the surprise of L.A. it had so many flavors, the avocado was just right, the black powder didn’t felt like ash just gave a punch to the dish.
Sprinkles Cupcaks at the Grove L.A. offers a vegan twist on their classic red velvet cupcake. My wife loves it :)
We couldn’t say it is nondairy by the taste look or texture.
So the salad is vegan and it is a great salad by chef Or Ginsberg with cherry tomatoes, purple potatoes, Green beans, onions, lettuce, and other leaves. served with amazing dressing.
The Garnish bar i
House Miso Soup – Wakame, tofu, green onion – very well-made starter just as I like.
As I landed in #SanFransisco My friend @maya_and_her_pups took me for lunch at 762 Valencia St. This #Cha-Ya restau
At the Sunflower Garden Authentic restaurant Me and @maya_and_her_pups just spook about raw young coconut as a dessert and she told me about a nice place that serves them. But when we found out they a
Smoked Sage Seitan Burger: Sage marinated ancho chili burger topped with sage seitan sausage baked ziti, with marinated kale, smoked chili coconut bacon, and roasted garlic aioli on a toasted pretzel
Tag your favorite Vegan friendly place in Berlin, and help us decide where should we visit, dine, take pictures, and review the food :)
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El Techo located on the roof of Lolinda restaurant offers Latin American street food, with a rooftop view, and great cocktails in a young atmosphere. They have some vegan options and as a place to dri
Open Invitation - pumpkin tempura, spiced burdock, shredded tofu, tapioca, avocado crema, renkon chips. The first thing we noticed was the amazingly elegant presentation with the renkon chips. And the