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*Our Late Registration AIrdrop Has Begun*

We will now begin allocating tokens for airdrop participants who had completed social tasks but not downloaded our application in time. This also includes users who had to register with different emails or encountered problems on their end.

The Airdrop will occur in stages over the next 7 days with groups of members being done at specific times. If you do not receive your tokens right away please do not be alarmed. Our team is busy at work ensuring you receive them.

*If you do not receive tokens within 7 days then you did not meet late registration airdrop requirements. Your registration for the mobile application had to be complete by March 12, 2019 at 12pm EST. Your Email from the airdrop campaign on our page and the email used to register in app also have to match! (Unless you made a change request).

*We will not be answering questions about the airdrop at this time in support. Please stay tuned for updates.

*We reserve the right to change airdrop specifications at anytime as laid out in the agreement when you first signed up
A peak at the trading health of our VGW Token On

Users can sign up and trade VGW against BTC here:
🚨 Notice 🚨

We have finished Airdrops for all participants who registered through VegaWallet in time for late the late VGW Token Airdrop we had held on -

The Airdrop was done in Two phases - Main & Late

All participants who did not sign up in time for the main drop were given a chance to register in application to receive their tokens during the late airdrop.

If you did not receive your tokens then you:
-Did not register in time
-Did not complete airdrop requirements
-Did not use the same contact information between gleam and VegaWallet

We thank all of our community who participated in this event and we have a lot more in store for you guys coming up!

*VegaWallet reserved all rights to make decisions or changes to their airdrop at last minute without notice. We actually extended the airdrop to accommodate more users. We apologize if you did not receive tokens however the rules were finalized. If you put in a contact change request with support then your tokens will be sent out early this week after confirmations.

Please do not ask us why you did not receive your tokens. The only three reasons are listed above!

Stay tuned for Airdrop Round 2 and More new from the team as we get ready to release more of our platform!
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What are some things you would love to see in the wallet or upcoming exchange launch? We have some amazing features coming but love to hear from our supporters!
VegaWallet Is Currently Undergoing Maintenance In Order To Fix Some Connectivity Issues Our Users Have Been Experiencing. Server Maintenance & Upgrades May Last A Few Hours. We Apologize For The Short Notice. During This Time You May Not Be Able To Login, Press Forgot Password, Our Change Your Password.
Server upgraded and maintenance have been completed. Sorry for the elongated response. Services are back to normal.