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VegaWallet's payment system will allow retail locations and e-commerce portals everywhere to start accepting cryptocurrency payments.

With the lowest fees and highest security options available we are here to change the game.
VegaWallet Joins Forces With Wyre, Inc. For An Easier Way To Purchase Bitcoin And Ethereum.

VegaWallet has been working to extend their ecosystem with improved ways for users to purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital assets with traditional debit cards. One of the largest difficulties when incorporating these services can be banking issues and guidelines. With the introduction of Wyre’s regulated payment infrastructure, VegaWallet can now provide trusted fiat onramps. These new options will open for VegaWallet users with the launch of their version 3 update, scheduled for release this week.... (Learn More In The Article Link Above)
Announcing The VegaPay: Rewards & Loyalty Program for all participating businesses using our upcoming open-source cryptocurrency payments engine. We are allocating up to 25,000,000 VGW tokens in order to boost utility surrounding our ecosystem.

This system will automatically be accessible to any user buying products or services at VegaWallet merchants. With each purchase made through our system, they will receive VGW tokens through smart contracts instead of using an outdated rewards platform.

“Loyalty and rewards programs help to retain customers and provide an essential marketing tool in today’s world. However, most of these programs can cost thousands of dollars to implement making them out of reach for most small retailers.” — Jacob Ballou, Co-Founder of VegaWallet

A portion of the rewards and loyalty allocation will also be used for upcoming airdrops and bounties in order to spread VGW into international territories in celebration of our payments system and upgraded wallet release. In order to claim these tokens users must:

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Congratulations to our partners, DASH, for successfully activating "ChainLocks" which protect against 51% Attacks. When combined with #InstantSend and Low Fees, DASH is a no brainer for everyday transactions. Keep it up, team!

@DashpayNews #CryptoNews #Cryptocurrency #DASH
Forwarded from VegaWallet
Version 3 of VegaWallet drops today for All Android Devices Via The Google Play Store!
Version 3 of VegaWallet Has Rolled Out For Android!
💎 Welcome To Version 3 of VegaWallet
🔐 Simple & Secure
Built With Every Day Transactions In Mind
💱 Exchange Assets Right In Your Wallet
🏧 Find Local Bitcoin ATM's
💳 Buy Bitcoin & Ethereum
📫 Contacts / Address Book
📊 Advanced Market Trends
📨 Transaction History / Block Explorer Links
🔆 3 News Assets : ZEC, XLM, XRP
& Plenty More To Be Excited About!