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Pay ANYWHERE with your card or cryptocurrency using One time credit card number and NFC integration! All without leaving VegaWallet!

VegaPay - Coming Soon!
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The Game Is Changing!

Version 3 of VegaWallet is releasing for Consensus 2019!

Downloads on The App Store and Google Play will be available this weekend, make sure to stop by booth 353 for demonstrations of our complete cryptocurrency platform!

Learn more at
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VegaWallet is bringing the 🔥🔥🔥 to New York Blockchain Week! Come see us - Stop by Booth 353 at Consensus 2019!

We have a glowing astronaut, Bitcoin ATM, merchandise handouts, special guests, a version 3 sneak peak, and more!
Final Day of Consensus 2019 Starts Now! Thank you for all of your support during this wonderful event! We can't wait to make further announcements regarding our system updates, exchange, and point of sale launch!
The VegaWallet team has had to postpone launch of our new wallet upgrade until next week pending a slight bug found in one of the third party api integrations codes (related to our new XRP wallet). We plan to have this issue solved as soon as possible for a release next week!
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The @VegaWallet team met up with Dash Core Group's CEO, Ryan Taylor, at Consensus 2019. VegaWallet and Dash are working together on improved real-world applications for cryptocurrency payments and platform integrations for the upcoming Evolution blockchain upgrade!

We also spent some time with Dash business development and some internal development leaders that helped us at our booth!
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*Please Be Advised*
VGW Token Deposits & Withdraw have been opened back up on - We have noticed large price differences from this exchange in comparison with other exchanges where VGW trading is featured. As always we advise our community to trade with intelligence and appreciate the full cooperation of Crex24's staff during this investigation. 👍

Our team was able to recover a large number of tokens in the aftermath of this event and urge users to always use Multi-Sig wallets with 2FA and other security features enabled (💎 Like VegaWallet!💎 )

If you are leaving funds on an exchange always ensure that you check for phishing sites and never download third-party software from the internet with promises of better trading performance.

--🔹 Original Message🔹 --
Due to recent breach activity within a third-party market maker wallet, we have requested all withdraws and deposits to be suspended from Crex24 while our team handles any problem. The third party operator's personal accounts were breached and critically affected during this event.

This is the main cause for all major price fluctuation on the VGW/BTC pair maintained on Crex24 and is the result of malicious behavior.

Our team looks to handle the problem with transparency and will remain open about the ripple effects of this event. We expect price, volume, and natural trading behavior to return to our Crex24 trading pairs shortly as we clear the matter with authorities and track the stolen funds.

We will inform the community when withdraws and deposits are open again, until then please do not be alarmed.

*It is noted the third-party was NOT using VegaWallet and that if the funds were to have been stored using our Multi-Sig and proven immutable coin storage environment that this event would not have occurred. - Food For Thought
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VegaWallet's payment system will allow retail locations and e-commerce portals everywhere to start accepting cryptocurrency payments.

With the lowest fees and highest security options available we are here to change the game.