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VegaWallet Is Currently Undergoing Maintenance In Order To Fix Some Connectivity Issues Our Users Have Been Experiencing. Server Maintenance & Upgrades May Last A Few Hours. We Apologize For The Short Notice. During This Time You May Not Be Able To Login, Press Forgot Password, Our Change Your Password.
Server upgraded and maintenance have been completed. Sorry for the elongated response. Services are back to normal.
Pay ANYWHERE with your card or cryptocurrency using One time credit card number and NFC integration! All without leaving VegaWallet!

VegaPay - Coming Soon!
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The Game Is Changing!

Version 3 of VegaWallet is releasing for Consensus 2019!

Downloads on The App Store and Google Play will be available this weekend, make sure to stop by booth 353 for demonstrations of our complete cryptocurrency platform!

Learn more at
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VegaWallet is bringing the 🔥🔥🔥 to New York Blockchain Week! Come see us - Stop by Booth 353 at Consensus 2019!

We have a glowing astronaut, Bitcoin ATM, merchandise handouts, special guests, a version 3 sneak peak, and more!
Final Day of Consensus 2019 Starts Now! Thank you for all of your support during this wonderful event! We can't wait to make further announcements regarding our system updates, exchange, and point of sale launch!
The VegaWallet team has had to postpone launch of our new wallet upgrade until next week pending a slight bug found in one of the third party api integrations codes (related to our new XRP wallet). We plan to have this issue solved as soon as possible for a release next week!
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The @VegaWallet team met up with Dash Core Group's CEO, Ryan Taylor, at Consensus 2019. VegaWallet and Dash are working together on improved real-world applications for cryptocurrency payments and platform integrations for the upcoming Evolution blockchain upgrade!

We also spent some time with Dash business development and some internal development leaders that helped us at our booth!