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Update: In the process of returning the moving truck, the tire blew out! Then another tire blew out. We ask for your assistance raising $110 for the tow and $150 for two tires, which makes a total of $260. Help protect the safety of our community members by donating what you can here. Donors receive prioritized Intuitive community consultations, facilitation, and knowledgebase assistance, including Embodied Practice sessions offered by Michon and Emergent Income Facilitation sessions offered by Max. https://Intuitive.community/channel/poetry
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Intuitive Public Media works to coordinate common denominator situational solutions that center Black, Indigenous, Jewish, & all People of Color who are severely disabled, violently intersectionalized, multiply-marginalized, & cannot find help anywhere else.

We build active, daily community relationships that include both severely affected survivors and our able-bodied, intersectionally privileged allies.

Thank you for joining us on this community journey!

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Donate to Emergencies Fund:
https://paypal.me/IntuitiveInvisibles (serves urgent present need. thankyou!)

Help: @IntuitivePublicHelpers

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We are coordinating a group to restore life-saving medication access to a beloved organizer and support professional in our community who is in crisis.

We need your help!

Please comment on this post or send a private message to this page. We will include you in whatever way you need so that you can most fully participate.

Please share this post prolifically.

Thank you for your kindness, courage, and collaboration in the amazing resilience of this community.

More about the group that is working now, in need of participants:

We are helping one another learn how to engage diplomatic outreach to businesses and organizations producing resources (such as medications) that are needed at intersections of violent multi-marginalization where they are immediately life-saving and provide substantial community relief.

Our process is focused to catalyse greater awareness, build trust, and establish ongoing relationships so that support and resourcing can flow more easily through all our communities.

Our efforts employ marketing professionalism and human-centric networking expertise where it occupies the same space as sustainable community nourishment and respect for living beings.

These skill sets directly benefit ANY and ALL income-generating projects.

If you want to practice professional skills of any kind (hit us up with your brainstorm, bet we'll say yes), this is an excellent opportunity to volunteer on behalf of a community member in need and simultaneously increase your own inherent capacities to achieve goals like these.


* Please share this post widely and repeatedly in every way, including multimedia versions as needed and copy+paste.

* We crucially need people on Telegram messenger, our network disability aid. If you can install and use it, you do us a profound service by communicating with us there.

* We crucially need EXISTING PROFESSIONALS in and around our networks to recognize and get involved with these efforts, as all our active members currently are severely disabled and experiencing physical extremity.

* We need people able to type; think in numbers; use a business brain; make simple phone calls with scripts; send emails; make web pages; express their support in their own authentic way; cheer us on; signal boost with stickers and emoticons; other needs also, not yet included on this list (do suggest).

* We need people to care that this is happening, to engage with this effort consistently, to know that when we work together none of us are helpless, and to center the fact that we have known solutions --- right now, immediately.

Please help us implement these solutions right away by reaching out to us.

Email volunteer@intuitive.pub, comment on this post, or send this page a private message.

You might also friend or private message @MaxMorris, whose info will also be here (in the original IPR facebook post) in the comments.

You rock so hard for reading all of this.

Thank you for following up. Blessings!

Evan Jacques writes,

' 1. Volunteers wanted for quick summaries / transcribing (your choice) to make our survivor-created audio content accessible to people who require text access.

2. Volunteers wanted to create quick verbatim or summary audio (your choice) to make our survivor-created text content accessible to people who require audio access.

3. Volunteers wanted to co-host Intuitive digital gatherings and hold supportive space for survivor workgroups, helping to connect community members with access opportunities.

Please contact volunteer@intuitive.pub if you can spare a few minutes! '

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This is a report from Intuitive Social Living (Intuitive.social/living) and Intuitive Social Travel (Intuitive.social/travel), where survivor-led groups are coordinating to create and reach safe living spaces that resolve emergency situations.

Many of our friends and colleagues surviving multiple marginalization and violent intersections (Intuitive.pub/intersections) cannot share their details publicly, to protect their safety.

In order to coordinate aid for them, our task is still the same: Safe living spaces are needed as destinations for highly sensitized, severely affected individuals who are isolated, mischaracterized, and suffering compounded abuse in their current locations. 

Intuitive community living space and travel support resources prioritize emergent community solutions and interpersonal care. 

Our approaches immediately reestablish lost cultural competency in participating locations. 

When we provide and develop spaces like these, we eliminate health disparities by putting living environments fully in the service of those taking refuge there.

When members of our communities fear for their lives and do not know what details they could share in order to get help without coming to harm, we must create better ways of solving problems together.

These tried-and-true survivor-led methodologies, compiled by our most greatly intersectionalized and severely affected colleagues, give us our best means of effective problem solving.

Right now, today, we need immediate assistance in arranging safe travel for individual refugees from their current locations to the next most possible safe space we can identify and prepare.

Multiple pressing circumstances require that we organize safety companions and travel by boat, in addition to other specific emergency needs.

All those working on this are severely affected.

So far, we have not been able to reach any organization that would help us.

How about yourself?

Please share your insights or offer to assist us by emailing helpline@intuitive.pub, or contact Max at Intuitive.social/hello/max

Please make a financial contribution to support this effort and the safety of our community members at Intuitive.community/donations
Hello, blessings to all.

I am in need of courageous, kind, patient, respectful, caring star seeds with whom to verbally process my experiences of having been sex trafficked.

I need at first brief introductory conversations in private, then coordinate public conversations in order to get my friends and colleagues who are being trafficked now to safety.

Other trafficking survivors in our network are also in need of this kind of support, preferably in a small group context.

It is important for us to have starseeds and lightworkers involved in this process, as members of our network have been extensively submitted to violent entrapment based on spiritual persecution.

To restore spiritually resonant community interactions significantly restores each survivor's capacity to communicate.

We are in need of people to hold strong, brave space for these conversations for myself and for others in private and in public.

This is the most effective and immediate way to stop the sex trafficking we know is ongoing presently.

More information can be found at https://intuitive.social/traffic and https://intuitive.pub/intersections.

Please contact me privately on Telegram or by emailing me at max@intuitive.pub.

Thank you for your assistance and thank you for widely sharing, copy-pasting, and forwarding this message.