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🚨Volunteers required for Project supporting Cardboard Collectors🚨⁣⁣
Border Mission is looking for volunteers to support our new initiative to enhance the lives of vulnerable cardboard collectors here in Singapore. ⁣⁣
We need our volunteers to - ⁣⁣
Map out the local cardboard collectors in your residential / work area ⁣⁣
Interact with cardboard collectors to better understand their lives and their trade⁣⁣
Distribute brand new trolleys (provided by Border Mission) to the cardboard collectors⁣⁣
Organise or join in our outreach walks to help the cardboard collector⁣⁣
Join us on our upcoming online session to find out more about our mission plan. ⁣⁣⁣⁣
Sign up as a Border Mission Volunteer at ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
Please help to spread the word! Thank you so much!

We're having our project briefing for assisting cardboard collectors on 3rd December 2020 at 8PM, so mark your calendars! 😆

Join the briefing to learn about the project's objectives and all other relevant information you will need for the mission📑

From all of us here at Border Mission, thank you for being a part of the project. See you on Zoom!🌟🙏🏼

Sign up to be a volunteer with this link today!⁣

Location: Zoom (Volunteers will receive the link to join via email)⁣
Date: 3rd December 2020 (Thursday)⁣
Time: 8PM⁣
Duration: 30-45 minutes⁣
Please refer to the deck for your reference on this project.

For easier submission or queries to be answered, please refer to the following links and email -

* Cardboard Collector Sighting Entry

* Recycling Company Sighting Entry

* Sign up as a key coordinator to organise outreach walks for the month of December

* For Volunteers sign up

For any questions about today's session or project, please direct those queries to me at -
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Dear Lovely Volunteers,

We hope you are all keeping yourselves safe and healthy in these uncertain times.

Meanwhile, we would like to give you an update. We are happy to announce that we have started a new project to assist the 0.1% from our pool of Urban Recyclers Community, the project called "Customised Care." Do follow us on BM Facebook page to be notified and get more details in due time.

Thank you!