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Tunisian Internet Agency (ATI) and Universa Hub Africa Sign Strategic Partnership for National Blockchain

On July 7 2020, during the presentation of partnership outcomes by ATI (the leading public company in Internet services and technological solutions in Tunisia) and Universa Hub Africa, held by the top-level representatives of the involved parties, the launch of global Tunisian national blockchain network was publicly signed.

In the process of formally confirming the launch during the live video stream (available at https://lnd.im/2020TunisianNationalBlockchainLaunch), the official representatives (Moez Maaref, PDG of ATI, Omar Bouattay, head of Universa Hub Africa and Alexander Borodich, Universa CEO), have signed the Public Private Partnership (PPP) using one of the just launched blockchain-based services, MyDocuments.tn e-sig certified service, deployed in Tunisia and available to regular Tunisian citizens to sign their papers officially. The future planned developments are directed at Smart Cities, e-gov and citizen-oriented solutions.

Speaking at the ATI Meetup, CEO of Universa Blockchain Alexander Borodich stated:

“Any developers, startups, entrepreneurs will be able to create any kind of blockchain-solutions: digital ID, smart contracts for loans, insurance, supply chain management, quality label compliance”.

The national Tunisian blockchain network is based on latest Universa Blockchain technology developments, and is available to the general public in Tunisia, for end-user usage as well as for future integration with more and more government operations and business processes. The next milestones in deployment and launch are to be national DNS over blockchain, decentralized ID system, Blockchain Web services and some others, roughly expected around September 2020 – January 2021 period.

This effectively makes Tunisia the first country with national blockchain, specifying a new definition of totally decentralized Internet, and opening new opportunities in supporting e-gov and private services never possible before.

Earlier in 2018, the Tunisian Internet Agency (ATI) signed a 10-year renewable strategic partnership to provide hosting services for the platform and facilitate its further development.

Smart Cities: https://universablockchain.com/files/smartcity.pdf
Developer Central: https://kb.universablockchain.com/software_developer_central/32
Universa First Steps: https://universablockchain.com/files/faq.pdf
DMCC — the world’s flagship Free Zone and Government of Dubai Authority on commodities trade and enterprise — has announced the launch of the DigitalSugar Trading Platform (DigitalSugar.io) in partnership with the world’s largest sugar refinery, Al Khaleej Sugar, and Universa Blockchain.
Developed using Universa’s leading blockchain technology, DigitalSugar will be the first global exchange to offer traders and investors raw sugar on a spot basis, rather than the more common options or futures contracts offered by other current exchanges.

More details: https://lnd.im/DMCCSugarLaunch2020MediumEn
Al Khaleej Sugar, the world largest suger refinery, officially announced the implementation of the Universa Blockchain technology on its recently launched sugar trading platform, DigitalSugar.io.
This UAE-based platform enables the clients to trade tokenized sugar 24/7 and broker-less, and meets the Emirates-Blockchain strategical targets for 2021.
See more details in the CoinTelegraph article: https://cointelegraph.com/news/commodity-trading-gets-sweeter-with-blockchain-based-sugar-exchange
All over the world, the companies still face immense issues when deploying the new technologies, due to the complexities in comprehension of integrating the innovations into the existing business processes. We here in Universa are creating our platform to enable the companies to use the modern technologies in the real-world production environment, easily and securely.
You can read more about the worldwide cases and the digitization trends in regular life, business and on the city scale, in our article:
Recently, CBDC became the focus of attention for many countries around the world. A government-issued digital currency can transform any aspects of monetary systems and facilitate the systematic and transparent money-credit policy. Can the government-issued digital currencies solve all of these problems? You will find the answers in the speech of Alexander Borodich, Universa founder, at AIBC virtual expo on November 25.
Register at: https://events.sigma.com.mt/sigma-virtual-expo-registration
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The first days of the year are a great time for digital transformation. Enjoy the very first news of this year on this topic.

Together with the “IT, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Association of BRICS”, the new “BRICS Digital Settlements Center” task force has been launched. Elected for the chairmen roles of the task force, are Alexander Borodich (Universa Blockchain founder) and Yin Bin (member of the Board of Directors of “BRICS Digital Bank” task force).

As Alexander Borodich noticed, the hottest topics for the task force nowadays are the new innovative digital infrastructure for the smart governments, smart cities, smart factories and smart money: “We are building the protocol for the 4th industrial revolution”.

See the details (in Russian) at https://lnd.im/2021Proto4thIndRev.
Universa goes DeFi to create the global DeFi bank.

We have been asked numerous times about DeFi projects on top of Universa. Even though we fully believed in the digital finances (which should make the existing banks redundant), it was still too early to answer the questions like these.

But now Universa has got such an answer.

Welcome: United.FI (NANCE), the DeFi based on Universa (and enjoying all the Universa features and benefits), backed by the real world profitable assets.

We are inviting you to participate in the DeFi revolution, finally merging the profitability of the real live businesses and the technical benefits of blockchain. To join, write a message to ab@universa.co or at defi@universa.co. Or ask our chat admins for the invitation code.
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The Universa technologies will be utilized in the BRICS Settlement Center when using digital assets and currencies issued by BRICS and BRICS+ member states, in addition to trade and logistics transactions.

This is the reasonable continuation of [our previous announcement https://t.me/UniversaNews/274] about the “BRICS Digital Settlements Center” (co-headed by Alexander Borodich) and “BRICS Digital Bank” task forces launched together with the “IT, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Association of BRICS”.

See more: https://medium.com/universablockchain/brics-digital-bank-will-use-universa-blockchain-technologies-8f3034edb325
On February 15, 2021, the conference “Islam during the digitalization age” was held in Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia, jointly organized by Universa Blockchain, autonomous non-commercial organization “Kind world for everyone” and Islamic legal center.
Later, these parties altogether will create the republic-wide “Digital Ecosystem Halal” project, and the system to digitally trace the history of the halal products (from the farmer to the counter), on top of Universa Blockchain technologies.
See more details here (in Russian): https://www.kazan.kp.ru/daily/27239.5/4367706/
One of the largest Internet providers in Tunisia, Topnet, announced it will provide Universa Blockchain technologies in the Blockchain-as-a-Service, and host them in Topnet data centers. It was announced on “awareness day” on March 10, 2021, organized in Laico hotel as part of the promotion of the use of online services for businesses and citizens by the Ministry of Communication Technologies in partnership with the Ministry of the Civil Service. From product digital passports to the logistic supply chain management, the blockchain-based services will now be provided by new strong and reliable Tunisian partner of Universa.

Read more at https://lnd.im/2021UniTopnet
On April 6–9, the Russia Creates Forum is held in Dubai (UAE); and on April 7, the Universa founder and CEO Alexander Borodich will be speaking on the forum, covering the digitalization of assets, NFT and gold.
Russia Creates collects the best projects, use cases and idea, and helps the authors and creators to present them to the world and attract potential partners, opening up the unique opportunities in the dynamically developing markets of the Middle East and Asia.
The online broadcast will be provided by the organizers of the event.
More details: http://russiacreates.com/
Russian State Geological Holding Rosgeologiya and Universa Blockchain signed a cooperation agreement for development of platform-based solutions on the basis of blockchain technology, as well as in the purposes of tokenization and application of modern blockchain technologies by junior companies specializing in geological exploration.
Read more at https://rosgeo.com/en/press/news/rosgeo-will-introduce-application-digital-platforms-using-blockchain-technology/
Today, during the XII International Economic Summit “Russia - Islamic World: KazanSummit 2021”, the Digital Blockchain Halal ecosystem and the digital passport for Halal products were presented and officially launched. Created in collaboration with the Islamic Legal Center and using the advanced smart contract mechanisms provided by the Universa Blockchain platform, the Halal Blockchain Ecosystem provides quality control and anti-counterfeit measures for Halal products throughout all the stages, from farm to retail.

See the details (in Russian):
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We have been building the Universa blockchain for 4 years long. Welcome to the fifth year of Universa – and to the first year of the United Assets financial metaverse!
See: https://lnd.im/UnitedAssets2021
The fourth industrial revolution is a way of breaking down the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds.
– January 19, 2022 – WISeKey International Holding Ltd (“WISeKey “) (SIX: WIHN, NASDAQ: WKEY), a leading global cybersecurity, AI, Blockchain and IoT company, announces the signing of a strategic partnership with Universa Blockchain.
Joint efforts aim to develop the cities of the future ecosystem: national blockchain, supply chain control automation, product lifecycle tracking, IoT security, digital passports, smart city management, digital coupons, tokenisation of in-game items, art and metaverse payments
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