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Ripple: regulators do not use approach blockchai is good, but digital assets are bad

In an interview for CNBC Markets, Jarpl Sagar Sarbhai said that the technology of blockchain and digital assets, now, are being addressed more politically. Note that Sarbhai is the head of regulatory relations in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as in the Middle East in the company Ripple. His view is based on the fact that regulators no longer support a split approach using distributed ledger technology, apart from the cryptccurrency assets themselves. He also believes that blockchain technology can bring more benefits to outdated systems in different industries, as well as in the world of finance.

Top News Daily 17.09.2018

- Ex-developer SpaceX launches crypto exchange LXDX

- Ripple: Regulators no longer use blockchain approach

- Ethereum-wallet MyEtherWallet (MEW) is subjected to hacker attacks more often than banks from the Fortune 500 list

- Zimbabwe's finance minister: Digital assets can solve the problem of shortage of cash

- The launch of the Tezos mainnet took place today

- Bitfinex launched the launch of the decentralized exchange Ethfinex Trustless


Hello! When was the last time you thought about security on the network? It would seem that official sites that don't cause suspicion. These are official government websites in India, where scripts for hidden mining were discovered. If you have already forgotten about Coinhive, then he again decided to remind himself. Malicious scripts are placed by hackers on government resources not by chance - these are sites with high traffic, which, as a rule, don't arouse suspicion among ordinary Internet visitors. The problem was discovered on September 10, but was it solved?

While in India people are afraid of hidden mining, in China investors are urged to be cautious when working with cryptocurrencies, and also by ICOs. The Shanghai branch of the Central Bank of China (PBoC) published an official public statement, in which the authorities once again "remind" of the possible risks in trading the cryptocurrencies or conducting ICO through foreign companies. Also in the statement was noted and the positive dynamics of fraudulent transactions in the cryptocurrency field, because last year the ICO in the country was banned. But how are things really in fact? Something suggests that the cryptocurrency activity through offshore companies only grows stronger, is it so?

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So, we have scooping up 6300, it is now relevant to return to 6500 to finish the expanding triangle.

In case of a breakdown of 6300, we fall to 6070 and it will be possible to examine the flag on a larger hourly interval, which is formed from September 6 (indicated by yellow lines).
If we take into account the length of the flagpole, then at the breakdown of 6070, +- 5400 becomes quite real, as well as the accompanying drop in capitalization to 160 billion.

1-d on the indicators in flat. #BTC
Top News Daily 18.09.2018

- The founders of the $1-billion blockchain fund plan to create a stablecoin pegged to Japanese yen

- Scripts for hidden mining found on the websites of local Indian authorities

- Stablecoin Tether was frozen

- Central Bank of China warns of risks of cryptocurrency and ICO

- The new botnet fights with hidden miners


Announcement of the events on 19.09.2018

Binance Coin (BNB) — Blockchain Fest'18 in Istanbul
Bitcoin (BTC) — Cboe XBT Expiration Date
NEO (NEO) — Meetup in Singapore
Waves (WAVES) — Q&A with CEO

British lawmakers called for an end to the "Wild West" in the market of cryptocurrency

The UK Treasury Committee called for strengthening the regulation of the cryptocurrency sector in order to protect investors. It should be noted that the committee includes members of parliament from the House of Commons. They believe that it is necessary to solve a number of issues related to cryptocurrencies. First of all, we are talking about the volatility of prices, addressing the issue of weak consumer protection, the risk of hacker attacks, as well as money laundering. The Committee called for the assignment of the digital assets control function to the Financial Supervisory Authority (FCA). At the same time, this agency doesn't yet have the authority to regulate issuers of digital assets and crypto exchanges.

The new report, which was published by the Attorney General's Office of New York, states that crypto exchanges are vulnerable to manipulation, conflicts of interest and other consumer risks. The report presented the results of the "Initiative to ensure the integrity of virtual risks", which were launched in April this year. Then the Attorney General of New York Eric T. Schneiderman sent letters to thirteen crypto exchanges. In particular, information was requested, about their activities, internal control and other key problems of trading platforms. This step was taken in order to give the average investors a better understanding of the risks and protections associated with the cryptocurrency trade. In addition, the main goal was to increase the level of transparency of their work.

Top manager of CME: No need to blame bitcoin futures in falling prices

Managing director and head of securities, as well as alternative investments of the CME Group - Tim McCourt believes that bitcoin futures shouldn't be associated with a decline in the digital assets market, which is observed this year. He stated this during the event Consensus Singapore 2018, noting that "We provide only a small part of the market." McCourt also noted that bitcoin futures continue to grow, especially in the context of volumes that come from the Asian market.

Top News Daily 19.09.2018

- The UK Treasury Committee called for an end of the "Wild West" in the digital assets market

- Attorney General of New York believes that crypto exchange markets are at risk of manipulation

- CME Top Manager: you do not need to blame bitcoin futures for the fall of the market

- In honor of the 10th anniversary of bitcoin, a crypto exchange exhibition will be held in Paris

- Bithumb Exchange has listed tokens Waves and ChainLink

- The US authorities confiscated millions of dollars in cryptocurrency, which belonged to the ex-owner AlphaBay


Nearly 6,000 BTCs were stolen from the Japanese crypto exchange

Another Japanese crypto exchange was hacked. It's about the trading platform Zaif, with which 5996 bitcoins were stolen. It should be noted that the technical division of the company, noticed on Thursday a large outflow of funds. As a result, a decision was made to suspend deposits and withdraw funds. To further investigate the incident, the company's management filed an application to the local law enforcement agencies. It is worth saying that this is not an isolated case. So, the Coincheck cryptocurrency exchange this year was also attacked by hackers, which resulted in the theft of $520 million in cryptocurrency.

Crypto exchanges have responded to statements of the New York City Prosecutor's Office

A report recently published by the New York Office of the Attorney General (NYAG), which stated that several of the trading platforms they were studying were vulnerable to market manipulation, triggered a response from industry players. In particular, Mike Lempres, chief legal and relations specialist with Coinbase's regulators, said that NYAG's statements in the report contributed to distorting the image of the exchange in the media. Negative feedback is understandable. The matter is that the majority of the trading platforms which activity has been checked up by the public prosecutor, don't work on territory of the state. In turn, the financial regulator of New York has recently opposed "regulatory sandboxes" for fintech-companies. As a result, once again he confirmed that the activities of cryptocompanies in the region - they are not happy.

In hacker attacks in the first half of 2018, Japan lost $540 million in crypto assets

After the latest news about hacking one of the Japanese crypto exchanges, the law enforcement agencies of the country decided to publish information that confirms the increase in the number of hacker attacks in Japan. The report was named "The Asahi Shimbun" and was presented by the National Police Agency (NPA). It says that in the first six months of this year, the number of attacks on crypto wallets and platforms has increased compared to the same time period of 2017. In particular, 158 hacker attacks allowed them to obtain a cryptocurrency of the equivalent of $540 million. Out of this amount, only 22 million dollars were stolen from crypto wallet.

Top News Daily 20.09.2018

- From the cryptocurrency exchange Zaif, 60 million US dollars were stolen in cryptocurrency

- Coinbase refuted information from the report of the New York City Prosecutor's Office

- For the first half of 2018 Japan lost 540 million US dollars in the cryptocurrency

- PNC launches cross-border payments based on Ripple technology

- In Venezuela, launched a Dash-wallet, which allows you to poison transactions using SMS-messages

- ICON and the telecommunications giant SKPlanet signed a memorandum of understanding


Announcement of the events on 21.09.2018

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) World Digital Mining Summit in Tbilisi
Monero (XMR) Cobinhood Exchange Listing
Zcash (ZEC) Cobinhood Exchange Listing

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