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Ultra partners with Kardomance, a fantasy free-to-play NFT card game offering a unique gameplay experience and innovative game mechanics⚔️

The game will be available on Ultra Games and are expected to drop a Uniq NFT card collection on the Uniq Marketplace soon.

Read more: https://bit.ly/3EtAyxK
New Uniq NFT collection dropping on October 17th at 12PM UTC on the Uniq Marketplace🔥

These Uniqs give you the chance to enter the Gather the Banners Raffle. The more Uniqs entries you hold, the better your chances of winning!

Gather the Banners is an Ultra exclusive collection built from the winning entry of the Ultra Discord Banner competition🏆

We’ll take regular snapshots of your Uniqs to calculate the raffle entries. The raffles vary in prizes every time, so keep an eye out for what’s to come!🎁

💚 Emerald Banner: 1 Entry into Gather the Banners Raffle
❤️ Ruby Banner: 3 Entries into Gather the Banners Raffle
💛 Gold Banner: 5 Entries into Gather the Banners Raffle
🤍 Platinum Banner: 10 Entries into Gather the Banners Raffle
It’s time for you to become a Highlord Disciple in the play-and-earn MMO-ARPG Koakuma. ⚔️

The game’s first Uniq collection, Summon of the Highlord, will drop exclusively on the Uniq Marketplace next week!

This collection features 6 distinct Uniqs from 3 different classes (Monster, Scourge, and Hero) with varying supply, pricing, utility, and rewards 🦁

Learn more: https://bit.ly/3CGIlWv

Download Ultra: https://ultra.io/download
Unlock the secrets of the Kardomance chests.

There are 3 distinct chests with varying supply, pricing & rewards. Players will find several Uniq NFT cards and goodies when opening the chests that can be used in-game!

🟩 Founder’s Chests: Priced at $160 with a max supply of 999
🟦 Ogre’s Chests: Priced at $370 with a max supply of 99
🟥 Immortal’s Chests: Priced at $980 with a max supply of only 9

Learn more about the collection: https://bit.ly/3EUxUkJ
Get ready before they drop: https://ultra.io/download
Want your NFT project listed exclusively on the Uniq Marketplace?

The creator application form is now officially open!

Submit your application to be considered: https://bit.ly/3gbUURZ
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Travel back in time to the 70s arcade era with the newest collection coming to the Uniq Marketplace! 👾

Ultra Retro Club Access Passes are dropping on November 1st at 12pm UTC and include 7 different Uniqs.

Each Access Pass grants you 1 of 7 retro games, free access to exclusive tournaments, monthly rewards, and more!

Each Uniq in this collection has a total supply of 100 and is priced at $85 on the launchpad.

Learn more: https://bit.ly/3Nce3Qm
Download Ultra: https://ultra.io/download
There's one week left for the Uniq Hackathon to close applications

Create and submit a collection of at least five unique images (no more than 10k) to get the chance to win up to $10k and get your collection published on the Uniq Marketplace.

Join now: https://ultrauniqhackathon.devpost.com
A haunting collection is dropping on the 8th & 22nd of November exclusively on the Uniq Marketplace!

Moon Eyed Mermaids is an independent project that chose the Uniq Marketplace to release their Uniq NFT collection of 666 unique hand-drawn zombie mermaids.

To learn more about the collection, the raffles, and their partnership with Seeturtles.org check the thread we shared: https://bit.ly/3DQcnI7 and their blog: https://bit.ly/3sPURP0
The Ultra client just received an update!

Version 2.0.0 includes the following updates and improvements:

✉️ REDEEM CODE: Users will be able to redeem Uniqs directly into their inventory. Codes will be obtained through competitions, campaigns, and perks from owned Uniqs.

🖥 PRODUCT PAGES: The update includes another way to view Uniqs. This aims to provide a better overview of each collection. In future releases we will implement a shareable link to the product pages, allowing everyone to access them freely.

🎮 GAME STORE ENABLERS: We also updated the Ultra Games app, preparing it for Wave 3 and beyond. These updates increase our capacity to support even more games and content in the upcoming months

Download the Ultra client: https://ultra.io/download

Stay connected on Discord: https://discord.gg/U7raPf6qZu
High quality games, solid team, and huge ambitions 🏆

We're excited to announce our partnership with Aether Games Inc.!

We've teamed up to incorporate Ultra’s tech into their titles, distribute their games on Ultra's storefront, and more 🤝

Read: http://bit.ly/3hFCdXI
Bit Hotel is opening its doors to Ultra guests!

We're happy to welcome Bit Hotel, a social-first metaverse game, to Ultra!

Bit Hotel offers a pixel-art play-and-earn experience where players can hang out with their friends, compete for rewards, and earn while playing. Players will be able to:

Use their NFTs as in-game items or avatars.
Receive unique perks and rewards.
Own virtual rooms and decorate them to their liking.
Start an in-game virtual business.

Find out more: http://bit.ly/3Ak8SZw
Hey everyone!

The final wave of Ultra Games is coming! 🏄

What does it mean? Each wave of the closed beta has meant a big step forward towards public release. Wave 3 starts on the 14th of December, bringing more games and players to the Ultra Games closed beta.

Find out more: http://bit.ly/3UfGIG6
Apply for closed beta access: http://bit.ly/3OJARro
Fulqrum Publishing is releasing their upcoming titles on Ultra Games!

We’ve partnered with Fulqrum Publishing to bring new titles to the Ultra Games platform which will begin to roll out during Wave 3 of the Ultra Games closed beta.

Formerly known as 1C Entertainment, Fulqrum Publishing was acquired Tencent earlier this year. This deal has enabled Fulqrum Publishing to accelerate its next phase of growth while keeping its team the same and retaining full creative control.

With the quality this team has produced in the past, we can’t wait to see what they bring to Ultra Games, and they’ll be available to play soon as we head into Wave 3.

Read more here: http://bit.ly/3h8iMa4
We’re giving away Infinity Pet Uniqs for the 2022 GAM3 Awards. 🤝

The inaugural GAM3 Awards has been a hit from Polkastarter Gaming, putting spotlight on some of the best web3 games on the market.

To celebrate this successful event, we’re running a raffle with Uniqs up for grabs.

Here’s how you can enter: http://bit.ly/3FtJXEC
Wave 3 has officially begun

We're thrilled to welcome all eligible Uniq holders to Ultra Games!

This marks the final step before the app's public release.

Next week, we'll start enabling access to those who applied through the form 🙌

Apply now: bit.ly/3OJARro
Introducing Ultra Arena, a next-generation web3 esports app coming to the Ultra platform!

Ultra Arena aims to be the premier application for hosting token-based tournaments for amateur to professional players 🏆

The app is being developed in conjunction with an unannounced partner and uses Ultra's blockchain technology to enable players and organizers to engage in competitive gaming and win digital assets.

Learn more: http://bit.ly/3HA6Atz

We recently teamed up with Mummy to bring their open-world MMORPG to Ultra Games.

With this partnership, Mummy will have access to Ultra's tech suite, and be able to expand its reach and engage more effectively with its growing community.

⚔️ Learn more: http://bit.ly/3uX925S
Ultra fam, we want to thank all of you for this amazing year. We’re looking forward to a massive 2023 for Ultra.

Happy holidays and happy gaming!

2022 recap here: http://bit.ly/3GbQ4yD
We're excited to announce that Mars4 a 3D survival metaverse game, is coming to Ultra Games!

With AAA quality, Mars4 will provide an immersive experience where you can own land, build, explore, and earn on an expansive map.

Learn more: http://bit.ly/3Hhs5ij
We published January's edition of Ultra Notes, a regular digest of company and development updates.

In this article, we cover the first tournament on Ultra Arena, a distribution partnership with Mars4, Chrome extension, and several more updates.

Read it here: http://bit.ly/3DRlCZd