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Forwarded from The Exposé
We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy the economy...
BREAKING NEWS RIGHT NOW with Gareth Icke Episode 8-720p.mp4
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MIDAZOLAM and the UK connection with Gareth Icke.
Forwarded from The White Rose
CALL TO ACTION - LONDON - The HMV building at Oxford st, London, next to Bond St tube has been OCCUPIED by protestors and are demanding a Live TV Debate regarding COVID and the VAX.
Please join them if you can. Thank you.

Update: support is still needed if you are interested in joining them today.
They need a steady flow to occupy it at all times. If 👮‍♀️ are guarding the front (which they was not when I left this morning) then climbing ability is needed. #LiveDebate #FactsOverFear ❤️🙏🏻❤️

For more info see comments.

Forwarded from Archaic Revival
The Covid vaccine rollout is about using the power of the state to maximize corporate profits for pharmaceutical companies. 

An ethical Covid vaccine policy would begin with TCell screening for all patients before any vaccinations are even deemed necessary. But that would imply a responsible medical system that is not driven by the profit motive. If you already have natural immunity you don't need the vaccine.

Let's begin by discussing cross reactive immunity. Millions of people have cross reactive immunity to SarsCov2 because of previous infections with related coronaviruses.  That puts the Herd Immunity Threshold at between 50 and 25% because so many are already incapable of contracting Covid.

Next the Millions of Covid recovered people don't need a vaccine.  They have durable, long term TCell,  Antibody, Bcell, Cd4, Cd8, Bone marrow immunity, etc.  In fact it has been shown that vaccinating Covid recovered patients diminishes their innate immune response and is therefore contraindicated.  Why are there no exemptions for natural immunity? Because natural immunity doesn't benefit corporate profits. 

Most young people are not at risk of dying from Covid. Excluding people with pre existing conditions, cancer and the immune compromised. The CDC statistics are very clear in this regard. Therefore forcing an experimental medical intervention on them is particularly aggregious.  Especially when you take into account the tsunami of Covid vaccine injuries and deaths that we are presently beginning to experience.  Keep in mind that the VAERS system generally only reports between 1% and 10% of adverse reactions. 

I have treated an unacceptable number of adverse reactions to the experimental Covid vaccines.  I've seen more adverse reactions in the past 4 months than I've seen in the past 15 years of practicing medicine. Capitalism in the Vaccine Industry and the lack of corporate liability is deeply disturbing to me.  Safety and efficacy are not taken into consideration,  only profit. 💰💰💰

So far I've witnessed 3 cases of Bell's Palsy,  1 Parotitis,  1 Trigeminal Neuralgia,  3 cases of Shingles,  1 stroke, 2 Guillan Barre,  1 runaway high blood pressure spike,  1 miscarriage. Etc...  Disaster.

Of course all of the adverse reactions I've seen are acute. We aren't even talking about the long term implications.  We are definitely already seeing Antibody Dependent Enhancement and Pathogenic Priming in the vaccinated. We won't see the cancers, autoimmune disease or inflammatory conditions for a few weeks to years after the injection as it takes some time for cell signaling to mount an inflammatory response.  The biggest concern is long term neuro degenerative issues like prion disease.  Only time will tell.  But I'm certain that the Vaccine Aftermarket will be primed to rake in astronomical profits. Orders of magnitude greater than profits from direct Vaccine sales.

Next,  let's consider the warnings of Nobel Prize winning immunologist Luc Montagnier that the mass vaccination campaign is causing Antibody Dependent Enhancement which is driving immune escape mutations and creating the variants.  This mass vaccination strategy might be beneficial for Pharma in that it will drive the booster shot market. But it will not end the Pandemic. 

The most disturbing part of this medical malpractice fiasco is the latest Lancet study that shows the Pfizer as being 0.84% effective, Moderna at 1.2% effective, J&J 1.2% effective. How useless.

People need to stop mistaking a marketing campaign for a health campaign. 💸💸💸

And finally it's important to remember that using government force to push a corporate profit agenda is fascism. 
YouTube has censored SkyNews

My interview from last night with Alan Jones on Sky has been censored 🤐 and deleted - straight down the memory hole.

Big Tech don’t want you to know what was discussed 🙉🙈🙊

But here’s an uncensored link from Freedom Tube.

It’s time the Google/YouTube monopoly was smashed into pieces as Standard Oil was last century.

Forwarded from Lawyers of Light
This is outrageous and inhumane, are there any lawyers on this case?
Forwarded from Protect Natural Rights
In previous Clinical Trials, if 25 to 50 people died in the Clinical Trial, the trial would be stopped. There are 13, 867 deaths and 1.48 million injured from these 4 injections in Clinical Trials in the European Union up until 5th June 2021.

If everyone in the EU was injected, (which is not the case) the Harm of these injections is
1.48 million people per 445 million in the EU, including Ireland.
This works out at a Harm of
1 person in 299 in the EU, including Ireland.
In reality, say 20% are injected in the EU and as these are all in Clinical Trials, 10% get the injection and 10% get the placebo... then
the Harm is 1.45 million out of 44 million people in the EU (not 440 million)
or a Harm of 1 in 29.9 people. Since there are preventions available (see below), these injections are unnecessary and should be stopped.
Also, we know the reporting of adverse events is underreported, and the adverse events can take months to show, such as ADE and Cytokine Storm, so the Harm could be much higher. Also the Harm by Infertility and integration into DNA, could be multigenerational and lead to a huge loss of fertility in women, men and in children, if injected.

The Law is pivotal as any man or woman who is in a role to stop this Harm is required under the Law to Stop them. If they do not Stop these trials, by their Omission to investigate the harm, injury and death being caused, they are guilty of an offence under the Law, ‘He who does not prevent what he is able to prevent, is considered as committing the thing’ Black’s Law Dictionary 2nd Edition.
In Law, it is an offence to not give medical preventions and treatments, and an offence to misrepresent or authorise a medical intervention such as these Clinical Trials, which are unnecessary, and which cause Harm.

These Clinical Trials should be stopped immediately as they are causing Harm in Ireland and the EU. See the Notices of Liability, I and the World Freedom Alliance sent to the Standing Committee on Vaccinations, STIKO, Germany. They are now not recommending injecting Children.

I, Dolores Cahill, in my opinion, am stating that these injections should be stopped in Ireland for pregnant mothers, children and unborn children immediately.

And preventions and treatments available should be made available, such as Nobel Prize winning Vitamin D, Vitamin C and Ivermectin which treat safely and effectively the illness, suffering and prevent death from SARS-CoV2. Hydroxychloroquine and zinc is an effective prevention and treatment and on the World Health Organisation Essential Medicine of the World List 2017, so safe it is given safely for decades to pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. The Lockdowns cause Harm and are not necessary, as prevention and treatments are available. Under the Law, in Ireland, and in every Nation, the men and women responsible, such as the Regulator in Each County, the Prime Minister, the Chair of the Committee making Recommendations to Inject, the Chair of the Medical Council not giving preventions and treatments all have the ability to Stop this Harm and are accountable under the Law in their Private and in their Public Capacity.

EudraVigilance European Medicine Agency Adverse Event Reports on 5th June 2021 (see slide above)

Dolores Cahill 7th June 2021
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