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The international press center reports on war crimes committed by Russia towards Ukraine.

Videos from the conflict zone, photos from the battlefield and real information from Ukraine - we're telling the truth about the war in Ukraine.

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The 3rd Separate Assault Brigade was formed in Ukraine on the basis of the SOF AZOV-Kyiv. They are currently fighting in Bakhmut.

Their symbols, a golden stylized "Idea of the Nation" sign on a blue background, the so-called "storming rune", can be seen in the video.

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Even during the war, one can find peace in beautiful landscapes of Ukrainian cities.

This street photographer, created a collection of his favorite shots from the cities he visited, available to download. The idea is to bring Ukraine to your screensavers. We had to share.

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сьогодні якось несподіванно осінній день і як на мене найкращий час почати канал з різними авторськими фото дня в гарній якості.

Прошу, не забувай відмічати в інст: @yermnko 😌
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For the military machinery geeks: the ministry of Defense of the UK demonstrated the power of Challenger, Leopard 2, Leclerc, and Abrams.

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In its fight against russian aggression Ukraine had to rely on T-72 tanks thus far. Here is a side by side comparison of modern MBTs (which are soon to come) against the Soviet tank.

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Some of you have asked for personal stories of Ukrainians, in a recent poll. A friend of our channel, who you’ve come to know as a YouTube news anchor, from a couple of videos we’ve shared in the past weeks, wrote an article back in October that we’d like to share with you as well.

We hope it provides you with a great deal of understanding on how the russian invasion creeped its way in through culture, politics, and mass media in a form of a very long con — from a perspective of an average Ukrainian. Let us know if you find this information surprising.

Read here:

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❗️The book by the founder of the Ukrainian Struggle Center is coming out.

Using all his accumulated experience, Oleksii Rains wrote a book about the history of the "Idea of the Nation" symbol, a sign used by the AZOV unit in Ukraine.

This unique journalistic research will be published on March 23, 2023, in Ukrainian and English.

📍Pre-order the English version on Amazon right now:
The long-awaited book from the founder of the Ukrainian Struggle Center is finally out! A large analytical study on the symbols of the AZOV regiment, the history of the popularization of this symbol, and whether it is related to the "Wolfsangel" is available on Amazon.

You can buy your copy of the book "History of the forbidden symbol Idea of the Nation" at the link:

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Since 2014, Russia has been actively spreading propaganda both internally and worldwide. The number of fake news today is rapidly growing. Since 2022, after the start of the full-scale invasion, Russian propaganda is used to justify war crimes through fake narratives, and to distort history in favor of the aggressor country. In this podcast, Yulia - an independent political journalist, content creator, and, most importantly of all, a concerned Ukrainian citizen
- debunks common misconceptions and answers your most frequently asked questions about Ukraine.
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Modern drone warfare: exclusive video from Andriivka, the outskirts of Bakhmut.

We got it from the fighters of the Third Assault Brigade (former SOF AZOV-Kyiv). The Russians tried to use anti-drone weapons, but they had little success.

Andriivka is now under Ukrainian control. From this video, you can understand the character of the current war in Ukraine. It is like World War I, only with drones.

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The long-awaited book "What is AZOV from Ukraine?" is finally out!

The most dangerous, most controversial, and most mysterious organization in Ukraine. The Russians are terrified of Azov, but for Ukrainians, they are national heroes. What is their secret?

Read about the internal structure and history of the Azov unit, the siege of Mariupol and the defense of the Azovstal plant, nationalism, and ideology among the military in an exclusive study by journalist and soldier Oleksii Rains “Consul”.

Get your copy in English on Amazon right now: