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Delta means change.

Here, we focus on signigicant and True change.

The change we observe and the change we bring about.

The one constant in the world is change.

Let's create these needed changes to free all of mankind!

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Henry Kissinger dies at the age of 100

Henry Kissinger, a former Secretary of State and American diplomat, who wielded unparalleled power over U.S. foreign policy throughout the administrations of Presidents Richard M. Nixon and Gerald Ford, and who for decades afterward functioned as an unofficial diplomat, has died Nov. 29 at his home in Connecticut at the age of 100.
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🇷🇺 Putin: Russia is waging battle for freedom of whole world

Russian President Vladimir Putin outlined the vision for Russia's role in the global fight for sovereignty as the old unipolar world collapses while addressing the World Russian People's Council plenary session.

"The concept of the Russian World made possible the peaceful coexistence of different ethnic groups, different religions and, in general, very different people for many centuries," Oleg Matveychev, political analyst, told Sputnik. "Not someone's dictate, which they are now trying to present to us in the West, such as hegemonism, exploitation, and so on, but a 'symphony' of different peoples and different cultures."

"The collective West is attacking traditional national, religious, cultural and spiritual values," Sergey Perevezentsev, Lomonosov Moscow State University professor, told Sputnik.

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IMF, You Got a Rival: BRICS Bank Approves $1.1+ Bln Loans for India & China

🇮🇳 🇨🇳 These funds will be allocated towards improving roads in rural areas of India and supporting sustainable infrastructure projects in China.

🏦 The NDB's Board of Directors reached these decisions during their 42nd meeting held in Dubai, which marks the first time the meeting took place outside a founding member country.

The NDB was formed in 2014 through an intergovernmental agreement signed during the Sixth BRICS Summit in Fortaleza in Brazil.

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Someone is struggling with the concept of the moral high ground…
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'If you can defeat Russia in Ukraine, where you only spend money, and you do not spend your children, isn't it a bargain of the century..?" - former head of the Joint Command of the British Armed Forces Sir Richard Barrons at a forum in Switzerland

🇺🇦 Hope Ukrainians get to hear that

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⚡️🇵🇸🇨🇦 To My Canadian Subscribers, or anyone just in the General Vicinity of Montreal, Quebec, or to anyone, really.

I have just received information that a ship by the name of LIVORNO EXPRESS, its class being Hazard A Explosive Materials, will arrive at Port Montreal soon, and then sail towards Israel.

Canadian bombs, explosives, and rounds, will help Israel in its inhumane war against the people of Gaza, it already did a supply run to Haifa on the November 12nd, and it is very likely that Canadian arms were a part of the massacres that occurred since then.

I have already contacted several Pro-Palestine organizations in Canada through a Canadian associate of mine.

Do spread the message around, if you guys, would, perhaps, organize a protest rally, ask the union trades to delay the shipment or outright cancel it, etc, I would very much appreciate it.

Much thanks.

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"A very nice little thread on today's mathematics teaching vs classical mathematics teaching." Kevin
Forwarded from Pepe Escobar
The Times, opinion of Senke Neitzel, professor of military history at the University of Potsdam and a leading academic authority on modern German military forces:

Europe is not ready for war with Russia and is in danger of being “washed away” by the conflict, just as the Holy Roman Empire was dissolved by Napoleon, a prominent German military historian has warned.

At a high-level defense conference in Berlin, several German generals also suggested that NATO may not be able to win the “first battle” of a defensive war on its eastern flank because it will have difficulty moving enough troops and equipment to the front line quickly enough.

⭐️ We evaluate such publications as follows:
▪️The EU needs more money for defense
▪️Money can be found by cutting social spending even further
▪️Don’t hold a rally, otherwise “Putin will attack”
▪️The Americans said that now Ukraine is on the shoulders of the EU

Two Majors
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NEW: Private jets getting ready to leave for a ‘Climate Change’ conference in Dubai are frozen on the runway in Munich as 60% of Europe is covered in snow.

Let me say that again: Rich people getting ready to board their gas guzzling jets to fly to a ‘Climate Change’ (formerly known as Global Warming) conference can’t leave because their planes are covered in freezing snow.
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Media is too big
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