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Hey everyone! 😎 We just launched our new page on IG, @Trading_Stoic_Tips!

On this page, we will share more of our personal trades and make more educational posts/videos about our personal trading style.

We will also host FREE public webinars every single week! (Starting in 2/3 weeks)

Cheers, Trading Stoic
📊 Full live trade breakdown posted for our Premium members

: 21.6.2021, 4 hour timeframe

We saw a strong risk off selling last week due to FOMC rate hikes projections. Price broke important trendlines and made a new lower low. We are going to observe 132.00-132.600 level for potential shorts.
EURJPY: 28.6.2021, 4 hour timeframe

Price is respecting the area we discussed last week, looks like the market is waiting for NFP on Friday becouse of choppy price action.
EURJPY: After, 4 hour timeframe

Trade played out nicely. We personally did not take it, but some of our members did.

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GBP/JPY trade breakdown from last week 🎥
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Trading Stoic Academy 2.0 is here! 🚀

Why did we build this Trading Academy?

If you are tired of your 9-5 or you just want to build a new skill set, which could potentially serve you for the rest of your life, this is the right place for you.

If you have been trading for a while, and you feel stuck or confused, our Academy is built for you. Don't feel discouraged if you are not profitable at the moment, we've all went through the stages and that's why we've put together a structured Discord server with the right information that we've personally accumulated in our trading careers. The idea is to make your trading career much more enjoyable and successful.

Everything is simple and straight to the point. Once you will have a few months of experience with us, you will understand the WHY behind the market how everything works.

You don't have to sit behind the charts all day to make a substantial amount of money in this industry, you only need to understand what a high probability setup is, according to your plan, and take it when the opportunity is there for you.

We will share our personal setups and thought processes through the week, which will help you build patience and see how real profitable trading is done on a day-to-day basis.

Invest in your trading education, commit for at least 6 months with us and you're trading will be forever changed. You don't need capital to get started. Once you're going to achieve profitability on a demo or a small live account, all of our funding options will be unlocked for you. ($25k, $100k capital + more if needed).

If you are interested and you have any questions about the Trading Stoic Academy, feel free to send us a message!

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Hey traders. As you might know, Trading Stoic Academy got completely refined and upgraded. Here's what our Discord server includes

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#euraud buy position from this morning. First trade of the week, 7.9.2021. Confluence: 3rd retest of the 1.5900 level alongside HTF daily EMA’s alignment & fundamental imbalance. 50% of the position secured at the 3rd TL touch against us, stops rolled to BE. Risk free trade, aiming for the next H4 sell area of confluence as our next TP target. Let’s see what the market gives us 🧘🏻‍♂️
Hey traders. We hope that y'all are having a great one! EUR/AUD trade update: We've just secured our TP2, clean and stress-free swing trade. We will keep you all updated on how this position develops.

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Trading_Stoic pinned «Hey traders. As you might know, Trading Stoic Academy got completely refined and upgraded. Here's what our Discord server includes 🎥 Complete Fundamental & technical course 12 + hours of high-quality videos 👽 Access to our live trading room 📝 Downloadable…»

3 lucky winners will receive a 3 month free access to the Trading Stoic Academy!

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1. Tag 3 friends/traders in the comment section
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Winners will be selected randomly! Please note, you will also receive a 50% bonus from VT Markets on your first deposit! Up to $500, with a regulated broker 🤯

You will also be entitled to all of the Trading Stoic Academy services for this 3 month period! After you complete both steps, please send us a message on Instagram at @Trading_Stoic !

Winners will be announced through our Instagram story this Friday, 17.9.2021, 12:00 PM CET.

Good luck 🥂
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Good evening traders!

EUR/JPY 16,9.2021, video trade breakdown.

Enjoy :)