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new bearish pattern on NZDUSD
prediction strength: 70%
sell price: 0.6937
active pattern on GBPJPY
buy price 142.33
prediction strength: 64%
scalping using harmonic patterns
sell EURCAD at 1.4998
new Bearish Gartley pattern on USDCHF
Prediction Strength: 71%
sell price: 1.0008
bearish pattern on AUDCAD
prediction strength: 71%
sell price: 0.9418
one of our customers sent us this picture
very good trade and congrats for profits
todays total profit, all trades opened fully automated based on our AI system
soon copy trades service will be available for all
today total closed trades 11-2-2019
profit factor: 2.10
example of strong bearish pattern
prediction strength: 71%
today total trades
Profit factor: 1.64
yesterday total trades
profit factor: 2.06
total pips: 422
total profit for this week
risk percent: 0.1% and total gain 3.42 with drawdown 0.75%
profit trades: 73%
profit factor: 2.58
total profit since the beginning of trading
total pips: 3116
profit factor: 1.71
today total trades
profit pips: 206 pips
profit factor: 1.36
a very good trade when pattern appears with strong supply or demand level

prediction strength: 70%