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$LGBTQ - Target is $5 (500% Profit)

Timescale - 7 days

Exchange - Waves Platform
Traders want coins with limited history at the moment so they can pump them against BTC value. LGBTQ coin is the perfect candidate! Massive pumping this week already! Are you ready for the next big pump? Buy on waves platform using waves as payment.
Did someone say Bitcoin to $20k?
LBGTQ Coin are doing a Waves Giveaway!

Send up to 25,000 Waves Tokens to the address below and you will receive double back into your wallet!

This is a legitimate giveaway that runs alongside the LGBTQ Coin Giveaway which is in partnership with the Waves Platform.

Giveaway Waves Address πŸ‘‡
Trade Signal

Buy - $Tel / Telcoin

Massive Pump is coming πŸ‘Œ
This is a genuine giveaway! We have confirmed this ☝️ πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³
We prefer Waves Platform as price is much cheaper the

Hurry for fantastic arbitration opportunity!
$EBTC - Buy on Kucoin

Only 18 million supply and about to pump massive!
$TEL / Telcoin is the next $XRP

Buy on Kucoin
Told you guys ☝️

$NOIA - Kucoin

Buy now and HOLD 2 Weeks
BUY $NOIA Token on Kucoin