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Last Days to Join the Controversial Bitcoin ETF Battle

Less than a week left for crypto community to tell the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) what they think of the proposed bitcoin-based exchange traded fund ETF from VanEck. Since June, almost 1,400 comments have been submitted.

The SEC recently extended the time period for which it will review comments from the public on the matter. It further went on to list 18 detailed questions about statements made in the ETF proposal that it asked to public to comment on.

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0x Surges on Coinbase Pro Listing, More Coins to Follow

As the leading exchange Binance this week showed the power of delisting a coin, another major player, Coinbase just demonstrated the opposite effect.

After Coinbase started to accept deposits of the 0x (ZRX) token on its Coinbase Pro platform yesterday, the token shot up nearly 35% on strong volume, before it started to sell off again. ZRX is up by more than 15% in the last 24 hours (UTC 06:14 AM) and is the only non-stablecoin in green among top 50 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

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GOEX Exchange Widget

Acting according to our Roadmap, today we launched a cryptocurrency exchange widget, which you can paste into your website.

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Karatcoin utilizes the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism that is the fastest, most efficient, most decentralized, and most flexible consensus model available.

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ARK Core v2: Final Testings

With ARK Core v2 taking shape as we envisioned for initial release, we will be diving into final tests by focusing some testing in different segments of the ARK Core and we need your help, our dear community and delegates.

Starting in early October we are launching a month long(minimum) testing period for our brand new Core. The actual length will depend on the participation and findings during this process. We will be testing different segments at specific times. This is the final step before we can migrate Core V2 to MainNet. We encourage anyone who would like to help to jump in, everyone is more than welcome to join.

Testing will be split into 4 periods, or more if we get additional ideas along the way. Each period will be tested thoroughly before moving into the next one. Periods are currently split like this (and are subject to change, each change will be notified upfront via appropriate channels at least 2 days before starting).

Period 1: Multisignatures (setting up multisignature wallets via CLI, different configurations of multisigs, sending multisig transactions via CLI, …).
Period 2: Dynamic Fees (configuring dynamic fees, testing different numbers, learning to send customized transactions via CLI, …).
Period 3: Stress Testing (trying to break the network by mass spam of transactions, finding limits, massive voting and unvoting aka delegate shifts, making sure AIP11 transactions are not yet accepted, …).
Period 4: Snapshots / Forking / Double Forging and miscellaneous (learning to rebuild from local snapshots, testing double forging behaviour and rebuilding after it and other tests that will be requested by the community).
Each period will be announced 2 days before it begins and be accompanied by some informational material, along with how to guides (setup, execute, …) so everyone will be able to follow and learn along the way. This is also a great opportunity for current and future delegates to get to know the different aspects of how some of the core works and get even more familiar with the code.

As some things are hard to test internally and can’t be replicated in a centralized environment, each person joining this testing phase will provide invaluable help to our team with good old fashioned real world testing. With different people joining we’re hoping to get a great diversified group that thinks differently and will try many different things.

What is still in development for initial release of Core on MainNet?The majority of code has been finished, but before migration we’d like to finish:

Local snapshot system — will take care of centralization of snapshots and further make ARK a more decentralized network as delegates and node runners won’t rely on any central point to recover ARK’s blockchain, but will only need to rely on their own setup.Rewriting transaction pool — we are in the process of making an even better transaction pool manager that will replace the current Redis implementation with a much more stable, reliable and future-proof custom in-memory + SQLite database.HD wallets — new implementation of our Hierarchical Deterministic wallets that will provide better customization for the future and for ARK based chains.Testing suite — bringing coverage of our tests up as much as possible by writing as many tests for all of the segments of ARK Core.How do I get involved?If at any point you’d like to help don’t hesitate to join our ARK Slack and #devnet channel. Our community and ARK Crew will guide you through if you are not yet familiar with ARK or just want to help or learn new things.

You can setup an ARK Core server following this guide:

After all of this we’ll be ready to migrate the new Core to MainNet, having a stable and totally fresh Core that will be a foundation for all of the awesome things yet to come.

S Korean "Alps" to Offer Digital Fiat to its 6.6m Visitors

South Korean telecom giant KT has won yet another local government convert to its blockchain platform, launched in July this year.

The county of Hadong, in South Gyeongsang Province, has become the latest local government authority to ink a deal with KT that will see it launch a digital fiat on the telecom’s platform.

Per media outlet Ilyo Seoul, Hadong will issue an initial USD 2.7 million worth of its new digital token at some point next year – allowing residents and visitors to the area to use the token to pay at local stores. Customers will be able to pay using an app and QR codes, or prepaid IC cards.

Ilyo Seoul says Hadong authorities will likely provide “0%” commission for merchants accepting payment in the fiat, and expect “a good response” from small business owners.

The mountainous county (population: 58,000), nicknamed the “Hadong Alps,” welcomes some 6.6 million visitors per year, many of whom come from abroad. Authorities are hoping to offer discounts to travelers who choose to pay in the digital fiat, which will be pegged 1:1 to the Korean won.

Hadong is also set to follow the lead of Nowon, a pioneering Seoul district that is hoping to issue welfare payments such as child benefits to its residents.

KT is also hoping to launch a digital fiat on its platform in conjunction with Gumi, an industrial city in North Gyeongsang Province. Gumi says it will issue around USD 9 - USD 10 million worth of its own new token in February or March next year.

As previously reported, some 65 South Korean local authorities have either already launched or are planning to launch digital fiats – with many turning to KT’s platform.

Another notable signatory to the platform is Shinhan Bank, a major commercial bank that has maintained a keen interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency-related developments.

The telecom company has claimed it is the “world’s first to apply blockchain technology to a commercial network,” and says its platform will be able to handle 100,000 transactions/second “by 2019.”

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Dearest Community, Today we announce that LabelsCoin ICO starts on 31.10.2018 and it ends on 31.10.2019. Also next year there will be new collaborations with big guns and new partnerships as well. Thank you so much for your precious support, we are immensely grateful.

The New Partner is Coming! "Banz Capital" is a U.S. domiciled Hedge Fund formed by Capital Fund Law Group that engages in early stage blockchain investments as well as quantitative trading of digital assets.

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Crypto Billionaires Among China’s Wealthiest, Despite Bear Market

There is no question that the entire cryptocurrency sector is in a bear market, with many cryptocurrencies losing over 50% of their value.  However, this certainly hasn’t prevented individuals from becoming very wealthy through cryptocurrency-related ventures.

 Specifically, despite the decrease in market capitalizations of various cryptocurrencies, several Chinese businessmen have landed onto a list of China’s wealthiest individuals thanks to companies associated with cryptocurrency.

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Halfway Milestone: Crypto Trading App Robinhood Launches in U.S. State #25, Ohio

Robinhood is now in Ohio bringing the number of states that the cryptocurrency and stocks trading app is currently available in to 25.

In a tweeted statement, the trading startup indicated that Ohioans can now trade various cryptocurrencies commission-free on the Robinhood app. Some of the cryptocurrencies that the users of the app can trade include bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum classic and dogecoin.

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We have to draw the line somewhere and this crew of amazing and talented artists is on point! Can you find even one illustration that they have flopped in 9 months? Nope! Meet our illustrators: Nastya, Alice, and Rona - They Rock! 🤘🏼🎨🖌

GOEX Exchange Widget

Acting according to our Roadmap, today we launched a cryptocurrency exchange widget, which you can paste into your website.

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Cryptocurrencies Pose No Risk to Global Financial Stability: International Watchdog

A report published by the Financial Stability Board (FSB) on Wednesday, claimed that cryptocurrencies do not pose a risk to global financial stability at the present time while suggesting crypto markets need to be monitored.

The report, which focuses on an assessment of the likely implications of crypto-assets for financial stability is a follow-up on an initial assessment carried out in the FSB Chair’s March 2018 letter to G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors. It also serves as a follow-up to a review of work by standard-setting bodies on crypto-assets published by the FSB in July.

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EOS' Grand Governance Experiment Has a New Enemy: China's Great Firewall

Distributed though it may be, the EOS community has fought hard to remain united.

As of June, two rival groups were briefly in competition to launch the official EOS blockchain (or mainnet) using code released by the company behind the protocol, Block.One. The standoff was resolved, and the EOS community launched a unified network later that month.

However, in the time since, another rift has emerged, an East-West divide being made worse by a language barrier between Mandarin and English-speaking members, as well as differences in internet availability. Namely, Chinese internet controls – commonly known as the "Great Firewall" – make it difficult for those in China and the West to converse using the same platforms: Western EOS enthusiasts mostly gather on Telegram, while WeChat dominates in China.

The fact that two broadly separate conversations are happening in parallel has made it difficult for EOS to live up to its promise as a blockchain with built-in democratic governance. It's also had tangible effects for EOS token holders, since some have had relatively easy access to dispute resolution, while others haven't.

Dispute resolution emerged as an important theme early on in the network's existence, as many community members had lost their private keys to scams and hacks. While the main arbitration body, the EOS Core Arbitration Forum (ECAF), was a source of confusion and controversy early on, it was at least able to keep some users with compromised addresses from having their tokens stolen.

In the West, at least.

Scammers and hackers targeted EOS users all over the world, but Chinese-speaking users were often unable to access ECAF's service. None of its members spoke Mandarin, and since much of the conversation around arbitration had taken place on Telegram (and in English), many WeChat users weren't aware that arbitration was even an option.

In recent weeks, however, the EOS community has begun to focus on bridging the East-West divide. A new organization, the EOS Mandarin Arbitration Community (EMAC) is working to increase Chinese speakers' access to dispute resolution, and two of its members have joined ECAF.

"I do believe that the language barrier and cultural difference still exists," an EMAC spokesperson told CoinDesk in a statement, adding:

"But with community collaboration I'm confident that they no longer pose as serious issue and we could eventually overcome them."

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