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I'm a pretty simple dude. I like learning, educating people, and improving.

Oh, and pissing off progressives. We can't forget about that one.

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Interesting, I can't see 'veterans' on there? 🤔
Imagine that...🤦‍♂
Yup, that sounds about right 🤣
Send this to someone who needs to hear this...even after three years.
Forwarded from
JUST IN - CIA had intelligence of detailed "Ukrainian plan" to attack Nord Stream pipeline three months before it happened.

Biden admin learned from a "close ally" that the "Ukrainian military" had planned a "covert attack" on the pipeline.

I's not really 'trolling' as much as it it's he's just expressing his stance which he has every right to do.

I think Biden doesn't give a damn about abortion. He just goes with whatever they tell him. Lol.
Not this again 🤣🤣🤣
Lol, imagine that 🤷‍♂🤔
BREAKING NEWS: CNN still sucks, to this day.

Of course it is.
Yeah pretty much.
Source? Open Instagram. Open TikTok.
Juuuuust gonna leave this here for you.
Ouch 😂😂
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Not biased at all. Not at all.